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42 Finally! Some Challenge For A Change...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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42 Finally! Some Challenge For A Change...


Back in the tribulation world, Shuhang who just posted his breakthrough attempt online quickly put away his phone lest it gets destroyed. Looking up, the clouds seem to be filled with flashes of lightning as thunderous booms could frequently be heard. "Ddraig, it's starting." said Shuhang before he focused in on himself and released his own pressure in order to oppose the one released by the tribulation.

As if feeling offended by Shuhang's action, the black clouds crackled even more frequently and the flashes got brighter. "It seems the first wave is a lightning tribulation..." said Shuhang with narrowed eyes. As there weren't anyone as of yet who could challenge Shuhang and forced him to put in actual effort, Shuhang was actually really looking forward to this.


Without any warning, a purple light could be seen streaking across the sky and shot towards Shuhang at a furious pace. Seeing the attack coming towards him, Shuhang actually didn't do anything at all!

[Oi, partner! What do you think you're doing?! Don't just stand there!] Ddraig shouted out in a hurry seeing as Shuhang not intending to act. Didn't he just said earlier that he needed to take this tribulation seriously? The hell is he doing now - trying to take the the damn thing head on without any protection?!

Before Ddraig could say anything else, the purple lightning streak had hit Shuhang spot on.


The moment the lightning made contact, the multicolored sky of Shuhang's inner world actually trembled a little. Strangely, there also seems to be small patches of black clouds gathering with sparks of electricity here and there. Ddraig who was too focused on Shuhang's latest act of stupidity didn't seem to notice the changes that were happening however.

Not letting up at all, 8 more consecutive purple bolts streaked across the sky and shot towards Shuhang.


[Partner! Speak to me!] yelled out Ddraig with a bit of worry. Even knowing that for him to still be there must have meant that Shuhang survived, he still couldn't help but worry.

Soon, nothing could be seen of Shuhang's body other than smoke and debris caused by the destructive might of the lightning bolts.

"Don't worry too much, Ddraig. The first attack should be the weakest and I'm taking this chance to test the might of my current physical strength." Shuhang responded shortly after the smoke and debris cleared away. Standing inside a crater about 100 meters wide, was Shuhang with black soothes on his face and clothes torn apart. Other than looking a little messy, there doesn't seem to be any injuries on him at all.

"Still though... I can't believe that was the 'weakest' one within the first wave was this powerful..." said Shuhang thoughtfully as he used his energy to disperse the remaining lightning that clung to his body. Looking at the tribulation clouds once more gathering its strength, Shuhang thought of using either treasures or formations to block the lightnings but soon waved that idea off.

This was a rare chance where he can test and strengthen his physique so Shuhang chose to use only his own body to resist. He would of course use Boosted gear and his sword to resist once it starts getting too much for his body alone. As if sensing Shuhang's decision, Shuhang's sword, the 'Severing Heaven Sword', which is impaled into the ground of the island's center-most location in his inner world vibrated as if to voice its anticipation.




By the 5th wave of the lightning tribulation, Shuhang's body began to accumulate more and more damage. Even with his ridiculous regeneration, there were still burn marks here and there. The strange thing though, Shuhang's inner world had also been accumulating clouds and lightning. It was now to the point that Ddraig would notice even if he were blind as there was a constant rumbling of thunder and lightning flashing within.

Some of lotus seeds within were even absorbing the electricity every time lightning struck down towards his nascent soul. The strange thing was, the nascent soul is not getting damaged at all and actually getting nourished instead which was why Ddraig hadn't done anything as of yet. Before they knew it, the 9th wave and the last of the lightning tribulation had come bearing down on Shuhang.

"Kuh, True Heavenly Fist!" The moment Shuhang had executed his attack, his spiritual energy moved along the path of his strike while seemingly to subjugated the rest of the nearby spiritual energy as well. Suddenly, multiple images of enormous Kaleidoscopic Dragonic Fists flew to meet the furious lightning causing the biggest explosion to date.


The resulting shock wave had actually smashed Shuhang right into the ground and actually leaving an imprint of his body. After that last wave, the tribulation cloud seemed to have lost its momentum and calmed down a bit. Shuhang wasn't fooled however as he knew that there would be more after this. Lifting himself up with some difficulty, Shuhang immediately got down and used the 'True Heavenly Way's' meditation to recover his energy and speed up the strengthening of his body.

About 99 breaths of time later, Shuhang suddenly opened his eyes and called upon his flying sword and stood up to face his next trial. Suddenly, Shuhang had felt danger as all the hair on his body stood erect. Acting on instinct, he immediately lashed out with his sword towards his right while raising the hand with the boosted gear up to his neck to block an invisible 'attack'.


"Kuh!" Feeling a cut into back, Shuhang jumped away from his current location and immediately activated his 'Divine Sight'. What greeted his vision was the sight of hundreds... no, thousands of Wind Blade coming from all directions towards him. With his back now bleeding and for some reason not healing at all, Shuhang let loose a mad grin from excitement.

"Now this is what I'm talking about! Now I can actually practice the Movement Techniques from my True Heaven series! 🤪" If there were others to hear Shuhang's shout of excitement, they would definitely think there's something with his head. How can anyone be excited about being surrounded thousands of invisible blades that BLOCKS healing abilities once they got hit?!


Not even thinking, Shuhang immediately boosted his reaction speed and defensive power as he began to play a deadly game of 'Bullet Hell, Wind Tribulation Edition'.


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