New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
43 F***! That“s Playing Dirty!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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43 F***! That“s Playing Dirty!

After an unknown amount of time passed, Shuhang's body now sported slash wounds all over his body. No matter how fast he could react or how good his movement techniques are, the number of things attacking him are just way too many! Even now, there are still thousands of wind blade left to go through. Every time Shuhang had gotten hit however, the same phenomenon that happened with the lightning tribulation could be seen happening inside his inner world.

Instead of just lightning cloud, there are now fierce winds blowing. Unlike with his real physical body though, Shuhang's nascent soul is actually getting purified further as it withstood the bombardment of the howling wind. It's almost as if... the wind is blowing away all the impurities of his soul and even the other lotus seeds are getting the same treatment.

There are the occasional stray wind blades that hit Ddraig as well, but he just ignored them since his defenses are so high that he couldn't even feel the 'hit'. Noticing the positive effect the wind had, Ddraig wanted to let Shuhang know but held himself back lest he distract Shuhang which is extremely dangerous considering his current situation.




Back with Sixteen at Jiangnan City, she felt her pseudo void core stirring all of a sudden when she was playing Xiao Bai. Startled at the sudden situation, she passed the little kitten to Doudou as she ran towards the house's basement, heavily fortified by Shuhang to hell and back with formations, to investigate. As soon as she got down, Sixteen sent her senses towards her core which made her miss her Moon Bracelet which started to gain a glow.




Soft Feather on the hand only felt something was happening when her Sun Bracelet started glowing. For some reason, she could feel an enormous amount of energy flowing from the bracelet towards her dantian. It almost got to the point that she couldn't handle it until her Ghost Spirit helped her absorb and refined the energy for her before sending the energy towards her dantian. Just like this, Soft Feather could feel her that her tribulation is increasingly drawing nearer. The same could be said of Sixteen as well.




Back with Shuhang, although the number of wounds is still continuing to accumulate, the frequency of it is steadily decreasing as he got more used to the omni directional attacks.


With another flurry of attacks from his sword, Shuhang finally destroyed the last of the Wind Blades thus surpassing the Wind Tribulation.

"Hu hu huuuuu.... damn that was tough. Strength wise however... it seems my physical prowess is even better than I thought... To be able to take so many attacks from 8th Stage equivalent in strength like so. Once I finally promote, wouldn't I be able to take on 9th Stage Tribulation Immortals with just my physical ability then? 😏" mumbled Shuhang to himself after finally getting some breathing room even as he continued to bleed from his wounds.

Any other person would have long died from the blood loss by now. Since Shuhang cheated and had a ludicrous amount of Life Force however, he didn't even feel like he was all that injured and only sporting rough breathing from a recently intense exercise session.

"Now then... there should at most be 1 more tribulation to go through. It would be impossible to surpass other wise since the Heaven does not close off all path after all."

And just as Shuhang had predicted, the tribulation had started once more after another 99 breaths of time passed. The whole of the Tribulation World suddenly had a spike in temperature. So hot in fact, that whatever passed a rag that Shuhang was still wearing started to smoke as if wanting to suddenly ignite in flames at any moment.

Looking upwards, Shuhang's face couldn't help but twitched as he saw a giant fire ball descending from the heaven.

"What the fuck!? Is the Heaven really throwing a goddamned 'Sun' at me? This is ridiculous! How in the hell is this even a 6th Promote 7th Tribulation anymore...!?!??! 😲" Upon witnessing the size and heat intensity of the Fire Tribulation, Shuhang couldn't help but cursed out loud as he hurried gathered energy into the 'Severing Heaven Sword'. He even boosted the accumulated energy while he was at it just to make sure it was enough.


Shouting at the top of his lungs, Shuhang swung his sword with all of his strength and unleashed the most powerful Sword Beam he could to date! This latest attack of his resulted in an enormous spiritual energy pillar that shot towards the descending ball of inferno. The color of his energy is as one would expect, had the color theme of the kaleidoscope where a myriad of colors continuously shifted in every possible colors.

Had Shuhang's attack made it towards his target as intended, he estimated that the ball of inferno would be reduced to a bare minimum of 1/2 its original size and strength intensity. It was at this moment however, that the lightning tribulation cloud which had lingered around still until now suddenly flashed.


An enormous pillar of purple lightning suddenly shot towards the sword beam and intercepted it's path! And this strength that's been accumulating since the end of the lightning tribulation... it doesn't feel any weaker than the 9th wave at all! In fact, it might actually be a little stronger...!

"Wha-!? That's playing dirty damn it!!!" shouted Shuhang in both shock and dismay.


With the two attacks colliding with each other, an enormous explosion occurred and 2 things had happened at that moment. One of which, the strength of Shuhang's attack greatly decreased even though it won against the lightning bolt. The other thing was that the path of his attack was actually altered a little off its originally intended path.


Due to that damnable lightning's intervention, Shuhang's sword beam was only able to graze the falling Sun and shaved off about 1/4 of its original size and strength. As if not wanting to give Shuhang anymore time to put up further resistance, the speed of the descent greatly increased.

"Tch. No other choice!" shouted Shuhang with gritted teeth. With a thought, he willed another ability of the Boosted Gear to come to life as Ddraig's voice resounded like an echo in this desolate Tribulation World.



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