New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
44 Lvl Up, Lvl Up, LV UP!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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44 Lvl Up, Lvl Up, LV UP!

As soon as the [Balance Breaker] was invoked, an explosion of power erupted forth from Shuhang's body. The suffocating aura of power soon condensed itself into physical form, covering Shuhang's body from head to toe. It's almost as if... he is donning 'Power' itself as if it were his clothing.


What started as a lone glove on one hand, Shuhang is now clad in obsidian black armor of a dragonic design with jagged spikes coming off of both clawed hands and feet. On the back of both hands, elbows, front of the knees, and the largest one, at the center of his chest, were round crystal orbs constantly emitting the kaleidoscope's light. The brilliant light radiating off of the orbs were bright enough to light up even the darkest of abyss.

Not long after, two bone like protrusions the size of his regular forearms sprouted from Shuhang's back. Following that, transparent veils that radiates glowing particles grew from the protrusions, completing the form of what should be wings.

With the appearance of the wings, his armor also gained outlines of what looks like rune language all over. Not surprisingly, the runes were glowing in the kaleidoscope's color thus completing his transformation into the 'Balance Breaker' mode. It's a good thing he did as the descending ball of fiery doom had almost made contact with Shuhang.

With narrowed eyes and gritted teeth under his helm, Shuhang willed both his wings to envelope his whole body before boosting both his 'Fire Attribute' and 'Fire Resistance' like a man possessed. He of course had chosen not to boost his healing capabilities as they were still being hindered by the Wind Tribulation from earlier.


And just like so, Shuhang's whole body disappeared into the scorching flame that is the stronger version of the Great Sun True Fire Tribulation.





Within Shuhang's inner world, Ddraig is also facing the same trouble he's going through. As soon as Shuhang's body made contact with the Great Sun True Fire, the sky within this world started to once more fluctuate and a great sun came bearing down, threatening to destroy everything in its path. This time, Ddraig could sense that Shuhang's nascent soul wouldn't be able to withstand this attack like the previous times.

With no hesitation, Ddraig spreads his wings and flew up to meeting the descending Sun head on in order to prevent it from falling. As a dragon, a heavenly one with a big upgrade at that, there was no way this fire could actually harm him.


With a furious bellow, Ddraig spread out his energy like a net and 'caught' this ball of fire before pushing it back up towards the kaleidoscopic sky. After making it passed a certain distance, the 'Sun' stabilized itself in place and no longer planning to 'fall' anytime soon. With the 'Sun' settled in this inner world, it's 'light' continue to radiate heat and light upon the world which was once again being taken advantage of by Shuhang's nascent soul by nourishing itself with the gentle warmth of the flames.

Somehow or another, Shuhang's inner world had gained most of the basic elements that is contained within a 'world'. The island, grass, and lotuses represent the 'Earth' and 'Wood'. His 'Severing Heaven Sword' represented 'Metal'. The Spirit Lake... or more like Ocean, obviously represents 'Water'. Finally, from the tribulations so far, Shuhang had now gained 'Lightning', 'Wind', and 'Fire'.

Drawing on from his partner's knowledge, Ddraig surmises that once Shuhang began to gain mastery over the 'Laws' themselves and a few more 'Element', this place would definitely become an independent world where even life could be supported and thrive. The only thing he doesn't get is the 'kaleidoscopic' sky... just what role would it have in the future? One thing for sure though... it looks eerily similar to 'that' place.

Now that, this world was no longer in danger, Ddraig once again flew down towards the island and continue to keep watchful eyes on both this world and on Shuhang's situation on the outside. As he couldn't do much else to help out, Ddraig could only place his faith onto Shuhang to surviving this ordeal.




Back with Sixteen, her pseudo void core which had Ddraig's silhouette within in it, started to pulse akin to a heart beat as if resonating with something... or someone. With each beat, more and more energy would be transmitted to her and her Ghost Spirit thus greatly promoting its growth which in turn increases the speed of Sixteen's growth further.

Not too long after, the silhouette of a Void Core could be seen condensing into existence and super imposing over Ddraig's pseudo void core. The sky over the house had dark clouds gathering before the booming sound of thunder could be heart across Jiangnan City as bolts of after bolts struck the house, trying to reach Sixteen.

It was in vain however as it met with an obstacle that is Shuhang's protective formation, designed and empowered to withstand a Tribulation Immortal's might. With the strength of a mere 4 Stage tribulation, how could it even scratch, let alone penetrate the barrier? Soon after, the lightning clouds dissipated and Sixteen had succeeded her breakthrough just like that. Within her dantian now sits a irregular sized Void Core that has another Void Core within. A Core within a Core.




Soft Feather on the other hand didn't have a pseudo void core like Sixteen does. What she did receive was that ridiculous boost to her dantian's size from Shuhang at the battle of Blue Origin Valley. The size of it is actually almost 100x the size of a regular cultivator's, that is to say, give or take twice the size of the 'Original Shuhang's' when Venerable White used the Qi Storage Expansion Method on him.

As she had been preparing herself all this time for it, Soft Feather tackled her own tribulation with no fear or uncertainty. Surprisingly, she still had to go through the Heart Demon's tribulation even in this alternate universe. Unlike the original where she used that 'killer death metal music' to resist the Heart Demon tribulation, she was instead had the assistance of the brightly glowing Sun Bracelet. Eventually, Soft Feather had also successfully made a breakthrough to the 4th Stage.




Back with Shuhang who was still bathing in the scorching flame of the Sun... he was in fact growing more and more irritated by the seconds. Each passing seconds, he's being oppressed more and more. And with each passing seconds, his armor glowed brighter and brighter as if it was about to melt at anytime. This oppression he's facing had soon turned into anger.

"You got to be kidding me... I, Song Shuhang, one who walks the path of Domination, am being oppressed by this mere... CANDLE FLAME!? AAAAAAH!"


With this sudden outburst, even more power had erupted from body which began to counter oppress the Tribulation Flames. Before long, Shuhang had over powered it completely and dispersing it altogether! His nascent soul suddenly opened its mouth and let loose a dragon like roar which resonated throughout all of the myriad realms. This sudden 'roar' startled every cultivators in existence, but it was especially so for those that resides in the Black Dragon World.

Once it finished it's roar, as if declaring its birth to all the worlds, Shuhang's nascent soul closed its eyes, signifying that Shuhang had successfully advanced to the 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable. Just like that, Shuhang is going through another qualitative transformation, both outside and inside and becoming even stronger than before.

Unknown to Shuhang however, the 'Loli?-goddess' was watching him undergoing the Tribulation from start to finish. Seeing that Shuhang had succeeded, she breathed a sigh of relief before waving her hand to close the portal through which she was watching Shuhang. Whatever thoughts hidden inside her profound gaze was unknown to all but her.


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