New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
45 Famous Shuhang deleted
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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45 Famous Shuhang deleted

For about 1 entire week, Shuhang sat quietly in meditation to finish his transformation and consolidate his new realm before he went back 'home'. During his self introspection and examining his inner world, he found out quite a few things. One of which was the 2nd usage of the many... many lotus seeds condensed within his inner world.

Other than it have a tiny fragment of his souls which he most likely produce clones out of, they can also be used Medicine Pellets. Once consumed, by someone other than Shuhang himself, their innate potential, purity of energy, and life span would be tremendously increased. With all great things however, there would always be a downside or two to balance it out.

One of side effect would be changing the bloodline of a anyone into that of a dragon's instead. Should they already have a dragon's bloodline however, they would receive an upgrade instead. It's kind of like with what happens to Sixteen taking in his essence blood except that these pellets are the less 'refined' version with an extra added side effect. That side effect would be that, the consumers and their descendant would become something like a contracted subordinate to Shuhang's.

Almost like what happens to a vampire's victim that got their blood sucked out of them, but not as severe. To differentiate the difference between the two, one could say that a vampire create slaves while Shuhang creates distant relatives. Albeit one that Shuhang could exert and force his will upon them should he choose to do so. At any rate, Shuhang doesn't plan on giving any of these pellets to people anytime soon. Although, he is very interested with what happens if he lets Xiao Bai take these pellets.

Another surprising thing he found would definitely be the 'new things' that were added into his inner world. One would normally of course notice the addition of the freaking 'Sun' in the sky and the addition of the new weather system cycles plus the rapid expansion of land mass as well. Shuhang estimates that the land mass is now around 1/2 the size of Japan. That's literally the size of some of the smaller countries out there! 😲

The only thing missing now would be a moon to have a complete night and day cycle and voila, people could actually start living here. Before he could even entertain the thought of migrating people here though, Shuhang had planted a number of herbs and even some ordinary plant life to test whether or not life could truly be supported here.




Lying contended on his lap was Xiao Bai who had just consumed the lotus which Shuhang aptly named as the 'Dragon Pellets'. As soon as the little kitten consumed the pellet, Shuhang could right away sense a growing connection forming between it and Shuhang. Looking at through the 'Divine Sight' confirms that the pellet does indeed have the capability to change one's bloodline which officially makes Xiao Bai a true Monster Beast albeit, one that hadn't cultivated yet.

"Hm... now that I made myself a 'Dragon' wearing a cat's skin... what to do next?" mumbled Shuhang as he played with the 'memory crystal' in one hand while the other was gently stroking Xiao Bai's soft, fluffy fur. Shuhang is now very bored since Sixteen is still in meditation to consolidate her own breakthrough while Doudou is busy pwning noobs on an MMO with his internet waifu.

Speaking of Doudou and his waifu... Shuhang did a favor for the Pekingese by creating a trinket to create illusions based on a Venerable's innate ability, True Illusion. What Doudou use this thing for is to of course create a 'human body' so that he can video chat with his in game waifu. With this, not only would Doudou owe Shuhang a favor, he can also avoid having his picture be used to fool the poor internet maiden.

Shuhang don't think that Doudou would really dare to do such a thing considering his status as a senior, but it's a dog. Who knows how dogs think... even if they had high intelligence and possess human speech. Back to being bored, Shuhang had in fact just came back from messing with Young Master Hai just for the heck of it. Not only did Shuhang super charged that 'Saber', he also took the chance to retrieve the stolen 'fruit' from him as well. All without being seen of course.

"Oh... guess I should upload that the things in this 'memory crystal'. I could use this chance to both showcase my prowess while serving to warn the others about future tribulations as well. I know that I tread a different path and all, but that tribulation was just too ridiculous... Not to mention the possibilities of 'modernized tribulations' that would be happening soon as well..."

Not one to waste time after making a decision, Shuhang right away converted the recorded scenes from his tribulations into digital memory before uploading it to his laptop. Opening the chat application and started typing.

[Venerable Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "Breakthrough succeeded 😎👍"]

With the sudden message from Shuhang after a week's absence along with his new title, a flurry congratulations and thumbs up emoticon immediately flooded the chat. After doing a bit of Q&A, Shuhang finally uploaded the video of his tribulation and gave out his warning and 'prediction' on future tribulations as well before signing off. This had of course started another flurry of discussions and especially more so after they had watched the video.

"Too powerful... and that form..." were the thoughts that everyone had. The more they studied Shuhang's 'Balance Breaker' form, the more they felt that it wasn't just a simple 'suit of armor'. What Shuhang hadn't realized at that time of uploading the video was that it would eventually spread like wildfire in the cultivator's community. Before long, he actually gained a fair number of fans and admirers. This is even more prominent for those with the bloodline of 'Serpents' and 'Dragons'.

This group of crazy fans would eventually turn into a cult and one of Shuhang's biggest headache in the future.


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