New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
47 Appearing Before All Under Heaven
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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47 Appearing Before All Under Heaven

Currently sitting crossed leg while hovering in the air, is Song Shuhang whose cultivation stage is being promoted. During his transformation, Shuhang could feel both his body rapidly healing of the previous wounds accrued during the tribulation. Not only that, a piece of knowledge was mysteriously flowing into his head. From now onward, Shuhang would be able use the innate ability of all 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable, True Illusion.

Within his inner world, there was also a transformation scene taking place just like his what his body is going through. The land mass that was just the size of an island is now undergoing rapid expansion. Shuhang's nascent soul was also rapidly absorbing all of the elements that newly appeared within the inner world, with the kaleidoscopic sky being no exception.

After an unknown amount of time, Shuhang's transformation was completed. As of this moment onward, Shuhang has officially stepped into the 7th Stage, Spirit Venerable realm! Happy that he had finally surpassed this troublesome tribulation, Shuhang opened his eyes, thinking that he would be right back on top of that mountain peak he was on early. What greeted his almost scared him shitless as... he was actually still in the tribulation world!

In front of Shuhang was a floating message that is asking him to choose a 'Dao Name' out of two; 'Kaleido Sage', or 'Dragon Emperor'. Stunned at the sudden development, the gears in Shuhang's brain moved at ultra high speed before he ultimately chose one of them. The moment he chose, the kaleidoscopic sky of his inner world suddenly had a big fluctuation before a part of leaked out of his body and into the tribulation world. With that, the 'broadcast' that Shuhang was about to go through... would be not only to his world, but across all worlds throughout multiple realities!




On the outside world, every single cultivator in existence suddenly felt their heart stirred. It doesn't matter what they are doing, where they are currently, what faction they are from, or what their cultivation stage is heck, they could even be in closed door meditation or whatever form of seclusion they're in; every single person could suddenly feel as if an 'image' was appearing within the void. Immediately, the whole world was sent into a flurry of discussion.

While those that were new to the cultivation world and barely got their feet wet couldn't tell what was going on, those of the senior ranks could immediately tell that... someone was just promoted to the 8th Stage, Saint Monarch cultivation realm! This is an inconceivable piece of news! The reason why... that is because no one had actually successfully surpassed their 7th Promote 8th tribulation in about a millennia now!

Every factions out there were definitely surprised as they wished the person that just transcended be one of their's. The Buddhist faction, the Taoism faction, Shinto, the Witches and so on and so forth. Within the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group, there was also a bout of discussion taking place.

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "Fuck, which senior just promoted to 8th Stage, Saint Monarch? Does anyone have any information about this?"]

Let alone Three Waves, even the eternal online warrior, Northern River doesn't seem to have any information on who this mysterious Venerable turned Saint is.

[Su Clan's Seven: "I was just about to enter seclusion after having satisfied myself trampling the Boundless Demon Sect before I received this explosive news. @Venerable Seventh Path, did senior just have a successful promotion?"]

[Venerable Seventh Path: "😕❓, I know nothing."]

[Young Master Exterminating Phoenix: "Could senior possibly have insider news?"]

[Venerable Seventh Path: "I am unsure. Let's wait and see first. Once the 'segment' start, we'll know for sure."]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "I had just asked all the Venerable level fellow daoist, but no one said they know anything either..."]

Not one to miss an opportunity to troll someone, Three Waves immediately typed into the chat.

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "@Drunken Heaven Scholar, it isn't you that just promoted to Saint Monarch right, @Drunken Heaven Scholar?"]

[Scholar Drunken Moon: "I'll give you three opportunity to call me by my right Dao name. You won't have to die otherwise, fellow daoist Three Waves."]

Immediately replied Drunken Moon as 'Appearing Before All Under Heaven' is a dream of his. The effect of forcefully having his name be remembered for one whole year... how amazing would that be... As such, he couldn't help but turned hostile immediately as it was a sensitive topic for him. Not fearing the threat towards his life one bit, Three Waves continued to type as if it didn't even happen.

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "Come on come on! I want to see the face of which senior it is that just promoted already!"]




Right at this moment, as long as a cultivator raises their head and stare into the 'void', they would be able to see a picture. The first things to immediately enter their sight, were the brightly glowing, eye catching, multicolored jewels situated all over the body of the individual that is sitting crossed leg in the air as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

The next thing everyone noticed were the spikes, horns, and overall feature that screamed 'Dragon' no how matter how one look at it. This immediately sent the cultivation into another flurry of discussion regarding the identity and origin of this newly promoted Saint. The Heavenly River's Su Clan and Flood Dragon Tyrant, a monster cultivator who controls a large portion of the sea were the ones that were the most agitated of them all.

Within the 'Mysterious Floating Island', the skeletal remains of the White Dragon otherwise known as the Primogenitor of all the dragonkin, were shocked silly. "W-what...? It's him!? Didn't he disappear for a long time now? This is just an 8th stage promotion though, but that glow, and that form... Those are something I can never forget even if I wanted to. Just who is this person?"




Back in the Nine Provinces(1) Chat Group; their reactions were pretty much the same as the many cultivators out there save for a few people. Those people are the Medicine Couples, Su Clan's Seven and Sixteen, Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather, and Doudou.

[Su Clan's Seven: "Uh...? Those jewels and that glow... they look familiar some how 😕❓"]

[Medicine Master: "same"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Seven and Medicine Master, you know who this senior is?"]

Seven's message immediately roused the interest of everyone within the chatroom. Before either could answer Northern River's question however, two new messages appeared almost simultaneously.

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "That's senior Song! 🤩"]

[Su Clan's Sixteen: "That's Shu- senior Song..."]

Reading Sixteen's and Soft Feather's messages, Seven's had a sudden epiphany.

[Su Clan's Seven: "Oh! No wonder those jewels looked so familiar. That's Senior Dragon Emperor's trademark color! I finally recognized it... so that glove that senior sometimes use was only a single piece...?"]

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "Impossible! Didn't he say that it was a 6th Promotes 7th Tribulation?!"]

Three Wave's shocked denial was met with many agreements of those in the chat group.

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Let's just wait and see. We'll soon know his true identity in a bit."]

True to Yellow Mountain's word, there was another development. In the sky above Shuhang, the 'Saint Seal' had to started to condense into existence. The strange about this 'Saint Seal' though is that it's constantly fluctuating as if it were unstable. Not too soon, more and more countless number of 'Saint Seals' also started to condense into existence and... everyone single one of were fluctuating unstably.

This sudden development had of course shocked everyone. The appearance of more than one 'Saint Seal' for a single person? How is that even possible?! Before everyone could get over their shock though, all of the 'Saint Seals' suddenly combined into one single gigantic 'Saint Seal' that was constantly shifting in different colors, not unlike when one is looking into a kaleidoscope.

A moment later, the Kaleidoscopic 'Saint Seal' changed itself into written characters which read 'Dragon Emperor'. As of this moment, myriad of cultivators across all realms and realities would firmly remember, for one whole year, the 'Thousand Years' 1st Saint, Dragon Emperor'! Not too soon after, a clear picture of Shuhang's face was shown to everyone.

Even though he still had the 'Balance Breaker' mode's helmet on, his identity was still revealed to all. Such is the Heaven's Mandate, written since ancient time. The worst part of it all... Because of the sudden shocking event while he was still in the tribulation world, Shuhang had forgotten to control his charm. To no surprise, every single person out there had their heart suddenly skip a beat!




[Mad Saber Three Waves: "HOLY SHIT! IT"S REALLY HIM! 😲❓"]

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "WTF?! What happened to the 6th Promote 7th Tribulation!?"]

[True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "GOD DAMN! Did he take a wrong turn on his flying somewhere and got the wrong tribulation or something 😲❓"]

[Fairy Lychee: "Say... doesn't fellow daoist Dragon Emperor look even more... beautiful than before?😍"]




So on and so forth, many chat group members showed their astonishment while some with the 'blushing emoticons'. Only females of course while the males would rather die than admitting that Shuhang made their heart rate increased. Soft Feather on the other hand just had her admiration for Shuhang shoot through the roof once more while Sixteen just nodded to herself in pride.

All over the world, across all realities, the people were waiting in anticipation for the 'expounding profundity' segment that all newly promoted 8th Stage, Saint Monarch must go through. The first four words that resonated in clear, bell like sound, yet domineering at the same time had shocked the people silly. Those words that clearly resounded in everyone's ears felt ancient as it exerted a mighty authority over all under heaven.


...Shuhang had cheated a little in his speech.


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