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50 Tales of Tyrant ****** 1
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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50 Tales of Tyrant ****** 1

Currently, I am standing in the middle of a bustling road, inside what looked like a town from a fantasy story. From the clothes worn to the swords and daggers wielded as if it were one of those 'anime conventions', everybody was going about their business as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Heck, there were even horses and wagons passing by that fit the bill with this Victorian style town and what not. Oh right! Before I forget, my name is Joseph Guy Maupassant.

Since childhood, I've always held fascination and curiosity for martial arts. More specifically, it's authentic Chinese Martial Arts that I loved the most. In other words, Chinese Kung Fu! From books, TV shows, to even taking lessons from the so called 'experts'. Sadly, I had to slowly give up my on my passion as I grew older. Even worse, I've never been able to find a true master of the authentic arts no matter how long I searched. I even learned the art of Ninjutsu once long ago but it wasn't what I wanted, so I quickly gave up on that line of pursuit.

And just like so, my life kept moving forward. From working, getting married, to even raising a beautiful daughter who is now old enough to attend the local Jiangnan College. After such a long time, my childhood dream were slowly getting buried and forgotten under the weight of everyday life. It was now at the point where i have to accept the reality that the things I've seen on TV shows were just that... TV shows.

That all holds true until one fateful day however, when my long forgotten dream was once more brought back to life. That day, I was visiting my daughter who stayed at the college's dormitory rather than commuting from home. While on my way, I happened to have walked passed an abandoned building and for some inexplicable reason, I felt a sort of compulsion to check the place out. It felt as if I didn't... I would miss the greatest chance of my life.

The moment I set foot in the building, the sounds of metals colliding could be heard with the occasional tremor here and there. Curious as to who could be doing God knows what, I slowly moved towards the source of the noise. Using all of the skills I've cultivated in my childhood, skills as a 'Ninja' in particular, I soundlessly made my way to the epicenter of those noise.

It was the best decision I've ever made. In front of me, were two 'youths' in the middle of a confrontation as armored fist repeatedly met with saber in blinding speed. They were so fast in fact, that I would only be able to momentarily catch their figures when they paused as theirs blades clashed in a bid for dominance.

With every swing, the air vibrated and every punch, a piece of the very durable building shattered into powder. This is literally the stuff of my dream... except it's happening right before my very eyes at that moment. It's too bad that this spectacular show had come to an end so soon as one of the great masters with the most handsome of features had noticed me. As expected, he had called me out in the open.

At that moment, my passion that was about to die completely had completely revived itself. No matter what... I finally found what I was looking for. Authentic Chinese Kung Fu! Not wanting to waste even a second, I shamelessly groveled to the ground and seek for apprenticeship. Some things happened in between made me waver in my decision, but one of the Great Masters eventually accepted to taking me as a student. He refused to tell me his 'dao name' however as I've yet to meet the criteria he's set.

Why is this relevant to my current situation you may ask? Well... I'm actually not sure either. I remembered going to bed with my wife on my side and when I woke up, I was already standing in the middle of street with curious pedestrians giving me questioning glances as if I had two heads or something. All I know is, I'm still wearing the pajamas I put on before going to bed, still bare feet, and a pink bunny hand bag strapped to my waist.

I also must have been standing in the middle of the road for quite a long time due to the sudden development that the high noon had already turned into an orange twilight. Suddenly, I heard the voice of a girl shouting at the tops of her lungs to the side. The contents disturbed me so much that I almost didn't notice that I could understand their words even though I 'knew' somehow that they weren't speaking in neither the English nor Chinese language.

"I'm fine with whatever erotic plays you like! I'll show you I can even endure that slimy acts we used those frogs for!" shouted the young girl that was being given a piggy back ride on top a brown haired teenager. The three other ladies who also happened to overhear let out embarrassed shorts as expected of that of that hardcore info. (I... what? What did I just hear?) thought Joseph bitterly in his heart.

Even though unintentional, that little skit actually helped me to relax a little as I once more took stock of my situation. To start off with, I went through the contents of that Bunny shaped hand bag and found quite a few things. One of which I was really familiar with. It was a bottle of the 'Body Tempering Liquid' that Master had given to me for my training. How does this bag even so much space anyways?

Continuing to rummage through the contents, I finally found a letter that was addressed to me from Master. Happy that I finally got some sort of clue, I quickly read the contents of the letter to figure out just what is going and how did I even get here in the first place.

'Dear apprentice,

Good job finding this letter.

As you no doubt had noticed,

you are no longer in Jiangnan City, China.

Inside the bag, which will now be yours to keep,

there are many essential items which should last

you for quite a white in tempering your body.

There are also some money and clothing that are

stored inside to get you started so you don't starve or

freeze to death or something silly like that.

Keep in mind though, that the things I've given you are

only the bare minimum. Anything else, you will have to

word hard and earn them yourself.

Anyways, this shall be the first of assignment that

I'll be giving you from time to time.

Survive for the next months or so and perfect

the form I've taught you. Once you accomplish

this, I will go and take you home. Good luck.


Your Martial Master.'

"Oh my god... I... huh?" mumbled out a very confused Joseph. It was then that noticed a second page and quickly read that as well.


No need to worry about leaving home all of

a sudden. When you return, it will be as if

you never even left in the first place.


This will be the only advice to you this time.

STAY AWAY from anybody claiming to be

of the AXIS CULT.'

I didn't know it at the time, but looking back... this is definitely the starting point of which I carved my legend as 'Tyrant ******' across multiple worlds. No matter how unintentional or willing it was...


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