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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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51 White

"Sigh, Earth really is beautiful from up here..." mumbled Shuhang as he sat in crossed leg on the desolate rock that is the moon. Why was he here in the first place? Well... after the changes in his inner world, Shuhang felt like it was the right direction to complete its transformation before advancing to 8th Stage, Saint Monarch. As there was already a Sun in there, Shuhang felt that he should find a way to install a Moon as well.

The problem with that though... he has no idea on how to go about doing that. Hence the reason why he was up here to hopefully get some insights and useful ideas. So far... he's got nothing to go on. "Hmm... I wonder if there's anything within my memories that I could use...?" With that, Shuhang closed his eyes in meditation as he delved into his own memories from the past life. He was specifically looking for the memories from other fictional worlds.

It might sound silly but... if the world of Cultivation Chat Group existed, then why wouldn't other worlds? Heck, he even sent his lone apprentice to one of those said 'fictional' worlds for training and experience gathering. Then suddenly, an idea hit like him truck-kun did an isekai novel protagonist. Wasn't there a person that was perfect for this? "Yeah... she's a perfect person I can get insight from, but that world... Going there risks getting the attention of that vampire troll though."

The person Shuhang was thinking of was of course the True Ancestor from Tsukihime, Arcueid Brunestud. "Yeah... her marble phantasm seems like it would be a perfect study subject if I want to get one for my inner world. But again... I don't really want to deal with that damnable troll of a vampire. What a dilemma..." Putting that on hold, Shuhang continued to shift through the many 'fictional' worlds he knew of.

"Sigh, even after looking for so long, only the Type-Moon is a likely candidate to yield good results. I should just come up with counter measures against that damn troll just in case. Tch. If only he was some unpardonable evil overlord or something. That way, I would have a justifiable reason to kill the fucker. Sadly, he's only an annoying troll that is waaaaay to into magical girls..."

Even after spending some time coming up with ideas and wards to keep that stupid vampire away from this world, Shuhang only let out a sigh of depression. As a user of the kaleidoscope himself, Shuhang knows better than anyone how hard it is to stop any users of the 2nd True Magic from coming and going. "Ah crap. I should at least find the coordinate for that world first before I come up with any insurance... Sigh, looks like it'll be for awhile longer before I can reach the next stage."

"Let's see what else do I need besides the 'Moon' though. I already have the Sun/Fire, Water, Earth/Wood/Metal, Wind, and Lightning for elements. What I need now are... the laws I guess? Gravity, Space, Time, Yin, and Yang maybe? Wait, the Sun should qualify as Yang already. As for Yin, that should be solved once I get myself a moon or two. Space and Time can also be crossed out since I'm already considered a master of the Kaleidoscope. Huh, so all I really need is Gravity and Yin? Well damn, the shopping list suddenly got a whole lot shorter."

Shuhang's happiness was short lived however as he realized that he doesn't have a clue as to how to go about getting the 'Gravity'. As for the Yin, he still didn't have any good idea to deter that Vampire either. "Ah, damn it. Maybe I should just do whatever and ignore that vampire and his antics? Hm?" complained Shuhang when he suddenly noticed his phone vibrating. It wasn't actually a call but an alarm he had set some times ago.

"Oh? It seems today is the day that White comes out of Seclusion and to be piked up? Guess I should go do that..." and just like that, the figure of Shuhang faded away as if he was never there in the first place.




Back at home, Shuhang had wanted to ask if anyone wanted to come with him to go and receive Venerable White. Unfortunately, Sixteen didn't seem to want to go see White for some reason. As for Doudou on the hand, he is still glued to the computer while playing an MMO with his internet waifu. With this level of addiction, that Pekingese of Yellow Mountain's is beyond saving at this point. Shuhang could only shake his head at the sight of a dog becoming a no good gaming addict slowly degenerating into a no good shut-in...

(Well, it's not like I need them to come along with me just to pick up White anyways) thought Shuhang as he activated 'Divine Sight'. After a short time had passed, Shuhang found White's location which is in a nameless temple at Linyao Village. After confirming the coordinates, Shuhang put up an invisible spell before flying there at high speed.

With no suspense, Shuhang had arrived at the village just in time for the green flute that's used to contact White had vibrated and a soft and gentle voice resounded.

"Hello! Is this fellow daoist Dragon Emperor?" asked Venerable White.

For some reason though, his voice sounded a little... strange? As Shuhang couldn't find out what was wrong with it, he just ignored it for the time being.

"Hm. Perfect timing. Hello, fellow Daoist White. I've just arrived myself. Are you just about coming out your seclusion?" asked Shuhang in return.

"Mm. I've just ended my seclusion. I'll have to trouble fellow daoist to come receive me." said White.

"Got it. I can see where you're at. Although... there seems to be many people still crowded in there and worshiping your statue. Sigh, fellow daoist White is really popular. I think I might be a little jealous. pfft" said Shuhang as he joked around with Venerable White a little.

"Haha...." replied White in a stuff manner. Shuhang on the other hand just effortlessly laid down a simple anti crowd ward that covers the whole nameless temple. In no time at all, the worshipers went out of the temple in drove and in confusion as to why they suddenly had the 'need' to suddenly leave the area. As soon as every cleared out of the place, Shuhang flashed and appeared next to the statue of White before taking to the air and flew towards a desolate area.

Neither of those two had noticed the resonance that happened when Shuhang had gotten near White however as Luck and Charm were not visible things.


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