New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
53 Finally... Made It!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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53 Finally... Made It!

In a reasonably sized house of Jiangnan City, Su Clan's Sixteen could be seen shuffling back and forth in an agitated manner. Every so often, one of her hand could be seen hovering over an intricate looking bracelet. Then she stopped as if resisting temptation before ultimately giving up then repeated the process. The demon dog Doudou who was watching the whole spectacle was started to sport a headache just looking at her.

"Woof, Su Clan's lass. What are you doing? 🐶"

Unable to hold it in anymore, Doudou finally deigned to question Sixteen's actions. Hearing Doudou's sudden question, she came to a pause for a bit before answering him.

"It's been a week and Shuhang hasn't come home yet. What if something happened on his way back?" replied Sixteen as she unconsciously traced her hands on the Moon Bracelet. Suddenly, she turned towards Doudou and asked "Should we go and see what is holding him up? With this bracelet, we can easily get to his location."

"Why? There's no need, woof. Both he and senior White are Venerables and take care of themselves. If they are really in trouble, wouldn't we instead become extra burdens if we do go, woof?"

At that, Sixteen couldn't say anything back as what he said was logical. She just couldn't help but be worried though. According to her 'Shuhang sensing' ability, his presence had suddenly gone faint sometimes after he uploaded that picture to the chat group. Since then, there had been no news or any communication from him at all. Sure, it's not the first time this happened, but all those other times, Shuhang had always informed her at least the gist of what he was doing. Not this time however. What the heck had happened after he went to pick up senior White?

With her frustrations building up again, she started to shuffle back and forth in the room once more. Even when she asked the other seniors in the chat group, they all replied that they didn't know anything either. Seeing her acting like this, Doudou only rolled its doggy eyes before turning to the computer and started playing with his in game waifu again.

In the Nine Provinces(1) Chat Group, a similar sort of conversation was also playing out as they too wondered where both Venerable Dragon Emperor and Venerable White had gone. After the rather... traumatic event of Shuhang's upload, a few brave souls that were checking out the picture again had noticed the wording on the picture's caption.

Apparently, True Monarch White had made a breakthrough and became a Venerable. No matter how many times they pinged Shuhang however, he never went online. What most speculated and agreed on was that it most likely had something to do with Venerable White and ridiculous luck. With that line of thought, everyone both felt sorry for Shuhang yet also a bit happy in their heart. This is a form of pay back for Shuhang's act of uploading... 'that'.

Back with Sixteen... she was actually getting more and agitated and was really about to use her bracelet. The only thing that stopped her from doing so was the fact that Immortal Master Copper Trigram just did a divination. According to him, Shuhang and White both encountered 'a great calamity' and that they should be prepared for any and all bad news. Of course, due to Northern River calling him out as a bogus fortune teller had sparked another argument between them.

Just as Doudou was about to say something to Sixteen, the living room suddenly shone in multiple colors as the space itself rippled like waves traveling through water's surface.

*THK! *TAP!*

Almost immediately after that, the figures of two people had appeared and the ripples had faded away. The 2 figures that just appeared were of course the Song Shuhang and White pair. Their hair were messy with debris and dust covering them. Their faces were also marred with ash and and black soot here and there. Also... they look like they could use a crap load of coffee. Or at least Shuhang did.

Even with their messy state however, their attractiveness was not decreased at all whatsoever. Both Sixteen and Doudou who thought they were 'already used to' to Shuhang's charm suddenly had both of their heart rate increased erratically and got a bit lightheaded. For what felt like an eternity for Sixteen and Doudou, they stood in a daze with glazed eyes. That is until they heard the voice of Shuhang which broke them out of their spell.

"Ugh. I should have just done that in the first place. What the hell was that? Seriously..." complained Shuhang in a very clearly irritable mood.

"Haha..." Hearing Shuhang's complaint, White only let out a stiff laugh. "At least we reaped some great benefits from our trips right? 😊" added White with a slight smile, not at all bothered by his messy state.

"My friend... I agree with you said, but that was just too ridiculous. It wasn't a trip that should have taken a week from Linyao Village and this this city. How the heck did we even discover so many hidden realms just by taking a few steps? And what was up with that last one!?"

Unable to control his frustration, Shuhang kept on complaining about everything that he and White went through. Right after the meteorite carrying the enlightenment stone hit Shuhang square in the head, the ground exploded on White. That explosion, just like Shuhang's meteorite, had also brought a treasure to White. That wasn't even the end of it however as every time they thought they were well on their way home, something would always happen to either Shuhang, White, or sometimes both of them at the same time.

One of the biggest reason that they were a whole week late were of course the hidden realms that some how found along the way. Sometimes, those realms would even trap both of them in it as well. Of course, Shuhang could have easily escaped at anytime he so please, but he stopped himself as both he and White agreed that they should explore those realms in case some incredible treasures could be discovered.

As for that last hidden realm they found... well it was the one thing that took up the majority of their time. Give or take... it took around 4 days out of the 7 that they were exploring. It was so troublesome that Shuhang decided to never talk about it again... ever. In the midst of his complaints however, Shuhang felt something uh... someone colliding into and enveloped him in a tight hug.

Looking down, Shuhang recognized the person as Sixteen to which he just smiled and patted her head. Before he could say anything to her, his little Dragon kitten had jumped up to his shoulder to snuggle up to his next while mewling. Ever since Shuhang had fed her the 'Dragon Pellet', she had actually grown really strong physically that leaping up to his shoulder from the ground is literally nothing to her.

"Haha. Did you miss me, Little White? Yosh yosh~😁" With one hand on Sixteen's head, Shuhang was happily petting Little White with the other. As he had his back facing White however, Shuhang had missed the twitching of White's lip when the words 'Little White' left his mouth. Giving Shuhang a strange gaze, White suddenly had a glint in his eyes as if he was planning the funeral of somebody.


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