New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
54 Planning a Visi
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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54 Planning a Visi

After cleaning himself up of the dirt and grime, which shouldn't have even been possible for neither he nor White to get, Shuhang went down to the living room to meet up with White. There, Shuhang found White chatting with Doudou while Sixteen was adding in her own comments every now and then. Unlike the first time that he and White appeared in the house, Doudou and Sixteen don't seem to be as uncomfortable as before. Are they building up resistance?

"Sixteen, Doudou, are you guys helping my friend catch up on the modern world?" asked Shuhang with a slight smile on his face.

"Ah, friend Shuhang. Not yet. We were just having a casual conversation." returned White with a temperate smile on his own.

"Mm. Let's do that right now then since there is something that I need to check up on in a bit. Unless you want to wait a bit more?" spoke Shuhang casually. Over the course of that one week of 'journey' with White, the two had gotten a bit closer to each other. One might even say that they really have become good friends. The only thing that still bothered Shuhang a little was that... no. Let's not get on that train of thought...

"Oh? Is it the 'good idea' that you suddenly thought of when we were stuck ins--" asked White as he remembered something. Before he could finish the question though, Shuhang hurriedly interrupted him.

"Ah aaaah stop stop! We promised never to talk about that! Ever... remember? 😓" seeing how Shuhang jumped in to interrupt White speaking, the natural prankster that is Doudou suddenly had a gleam in its eyes. It's more than likely that it's planning things to in order to trick either he or White to spill it somehow.

"Anyways. Let's help get you get up to speed on everything that is the modern world..." said Shuhang with a tired tone just from remembering 'that' happening. With a lazy wave of his hand, a laptop appeared on the table then Shuhang quickly got to work. Everything that might seem like it would be important, Shuhang would download. Things such as World History, instructions for everyday home appliances so on and so forth...

After getting everything ready, Shuhang began to explain to White on how to operate the laptop and where/how to search for things if he had further questions. "And I think that's about it. If you have any question, you could also ask for these 2 here" said Shuhang as he put a hand on each of Doudou's and Sixteen's head. The sudden contact earned Shuhang a bark from Doudou and a blush from Sixteen.

"Well then. I'll be off for a bit. Come along Little White, you have someone to meed tonight." After showing the Big White everything and setting up his account for the Nine Provinces(1) Chat Group, Shuhang gently picked up the little kitten that was trying her best to eat Big White's hair. (What a magnanimous guy to actually allowed a little kitten to do that to his hair...) thought Shuhang as he brought Little White back to his room.

With his back turned however, Shuhang had missed the Big White's expression that seemed to have turned stiff with his mouth twitching.

With Shuhang gone, White turned to Sixteen and Doudou and sent them off as well "I'll be fine from here. We'll talk more later."

Now with both of those little juniors gone as well, only the sounds of a laptop's keyboard clicks at high speed could be heard. The movement of White's fingers and the speed at which he typed made him look like he's been doing for ages even though in reality, it was actually the first time he's touched a laptop. The multiple windows that were quickly opening and closing were the many things that Shuhang had downloaded for him prior.




Out in the middle of a calm, beautiful open body of water where the gentle breeze occasionally blew by, a massive, multicolored dragon was lazily drifting afloat. Shuhang who just arrived to his inner world along with Little White happened to catch this strange sight. If one were to look from afar, Ddraig right now would resemble anything but a dragon, but a well known aquatic animal instead. Seeing that, Shuhang couldn't help but teased him a bit.

"Oi! The Heavenly Duck Emperor over there! Come over here for a bit will ya?!"

With that shout, Shuhang had easily caught the attention of Ddraig who was about to succumb to the drowsiness.

"AH!? WHO ARE YOU CALLING A DUCK!?" bellowed out Ddraig, clearly angered by Shuhang's slight just now. Then with a roar, Ddraig flapped his wings which stirred the wind into a terrifying (to normal people that is) hurricane. In no time at all, Ddraig made it to Shuhang's location and landed in a very dramatic fashion.


Other than the wind greatly picking up speed, there was surprisingly barely a tremor on the land itself despite Ddraig's massive size. Rolling his eyes at Ddraig's antics, Shuhang covered Little White in his aura and petting her to calm down the trembling kitten. These actions had an immediate effect as she no longer trembled under the presence of Ddraig's as she mewled and calmly studied the new creature that appeared before them.

"Stop that, Ddraig. I'm here this time to introduce you to someone." said Shuhang calmly as he stretched his palm that was holding up Little White's body.

"Uh. This is...?" with his momentum killed all of a sudden, Ddraig questioned Shuhang who just now noticed a little creature that was with him. If memory serves, the creature seems to be a feline...?

"Mm. This little cutie here is called Little White. I plan on bring her to this world from time to time. At those times, I just need you to look out for her and when she's hungry, feed her one of those 'Dragon Pellets'. Once a day only. As for thirst, let her drink from the 'Life Spring' water. And Little White, this Heavenly Duck Emperor here is called Ddraig. He's something like my brother which makes him your uncle."

Hearing Shuhang's introduction, Little White let out a mewl as if she understood everything that he said just now. With how high he boosted Little White's 'intelligence growth speed', Shuhang isn't surprised at all

"Oi! Stop calling me that! Even if you're my partner, I can still get angry you know?! 🐲💢"

Seeing Ddraig bellowing in anger, Shuhang just chuckled and ignored his empty threat.

"Anyways, go play with your Uncle Ddraig for now, Little White." instructed Shuhang and with a cry of acceptance?, Little White jumped on top of Ddraig's head to 'play' which made the Heavenly Dragon panic a bit. After laughing a bit at the silly dragon's antic, Shuhang flew up to the layer of the sky that has the multicolored energy flowing ceaselessly and got into a meditative pose.

"Time to go check out the 'Moon Princess'. Hopefully, that troll Zelrech isn't 'home' at the moment..."


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