New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
55 Uh... Woops? Wrong Exi
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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55 Uh... Woops? Wrong Exi

After finding what he thought was the world he wanted, Shuhang returned to reality and activated the kaleidoscope. Almost immediately after, his room glowed in a beautiful multicolored light before his body faded away from existence as it transitioned from this world to the next. Sixteen who was answering some of White's questions suddenly raised her head in the direction of Shuhang's room.

"Hm? Something wrong?" asked White in wonder.

"Oh. It's nothing senior. It's just that I felt senior Song's presence disappeared just now. He must have went somewhere just now." replied Sixteen smoothly. As she had been practicing in secret lately, she has now been able to formally call Shuhang without stuttering. Of course, she would still refer to him by his name directly were it just the two of them.

White who heard her answer showed a surprised expression as he didn't feel anything at all. In fact, he hadn't been able to feel neither his presence nor cultivation level ever since Shuhang went and picked him up. White then theorized that Shuhang must have been using a secret technique to hide himself. Seeing as he, a Venerable, wasn't able to detect anything, it must have been a really powerful technique. (Should I research on a similar technique as well? Hm...🤔)

Little did he know that Shuhang is in fact not using any secret technique at all. His cultivation level and presence being hidden from others is just the effect of the Library of Heaven's Path and it's 'Heaven Concealing' ability. Putting that thought out of his mind for the time being, White continue to go through his 'modern world catching up session' with Sixteen pointing certain things out from time to time. Doudou on the other hand was using his own computer to play MMO with his waifu.





With nary a sound, Shuhang's feet touched the ground and he concluded that he made it to his destination and hopefully, it is the right world. As he had never been to the place before, Shuhang couldn't use anything as a catalyst to increase his precision. Therefore, he could only set arbitrary goals such as 'modern day', 'Japan', and 'magic'. In other words, Shuhang is playing a dimensional level of lottery right now. Hopefully, his luck is high enough that he would reach his destination in only a couple of tries at most...

Opening his eyes, Shuhang had noticed that it was currently night time. Judging by the housing style, and name plate of the house in front of him, it seemed to be modern day Japanese city. So far so good... The only problem that Shuhang can see at the moment were the mobs that he was surrounded by. There were blood splattered here and there on their clothes and their eyes were like those of a dead fish. Some parts of their flesh seem to be missing a few pieces here and there.

"Yup... no matter how I look at it, these guys are definitely zombies. 😑" said Shuhang after coming to the most natural conclusion. (Well damn. Right setting, but still the wrong world since I can't sense any presence of 'magic' in the air....) thought Shuhang before a shout in Japanese which woke him up from his contemplation. As for the zombies attacking him? Meh. At his level, what were a bunch of mere zombies?

"Wha- How did you just appear here?! Hurry and get away from here. It's dangerous!"

Looking towards the source of the voice which seems to be coming from above, Shuhang was met with the sight of Japanese youth wearing what is presumably a high school uniform. He was standing atop the house's fence/wall with a little puppy tucked into the front of his shirt. There was also a little girl being given a piggy back ride which is staring at Shuhang with an absentminded expression.

"Uh... don't mind me. Just a traveler lost in the road of life." replied Shuhang with the stupidest line possible at the moment. After hearing Shuhang's soft and soothing voice, now even the boy was feeling a little dazed. As for the little girl, well... it seemed the momentary lack of focus had caused her to douse the boy in... well... judging by the smell of ammonia... yeah... The zombies who also heard Shuhang's voice suddenly had their attention turned to him instead of the boy and little girl atop the wall.

Before the zombies could reach him however, the sound of gunshots rang out as a few zombies' heads were blown to bits which also served to wake the boy and little girl up from their daze. Off in the distance, the sound of a vehicle was approaching them from afar. Turning his head in that direction, Shuhang saw a young woman standing on both feet atop the roof of a HMMWV, a military jeep. Below her, was a... slightly round boy wearing glasses that was peeking out of the HMMWV's open roof.

"The hell? Is she... wearing nothing but her panties and an apron? A naked apron? And is that a wooden sword in her hand? 😮" said Shuhang in a dumbfounded manner. As soon as they made it near Shuhang's location, the HMMWV drifted into a stop before the young woman in the naked apron outfit jumped off and started hacking away at the zombie... with her wooden sword. As for the glasses wearing boy, he started to open fire with a shot gun.

With the intrusion of these people, the zombies had ignored Shuhang once again in favor of the new meat bags. (Hm. Are they attracted to loud noise or something? Would make sense as firing a shotgun isn't exactly 'quiet'...) thought Shuhang with a raised brow. Looking around, it seems more and more zombies were coming their way due to the loud noises they were making.

"Damn! There are too many of them!" said a girl with a pink twin-tails who popped out of the HMMWV along with another girl. (wtf? pink hair? how does that even work...?)


"We need to leave. Now!" shouted the naked apron girl after smashing the head of a nearby zombie with her wooden sword.

"Shit! We're surrounded!" yelled out a girl with light brown hair as she noticed more zombies coming behind, effectively blocking their escape route. Seems they might not be able to get away this time around...

The only thought Shuhang had at the moment is (Hm... Should I help them out a bit?)


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