New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
56 Sticking Around For A Bi
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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56 Sticking Around For A Bi

(Guess I'll take it as accruing some good karma by helping them out this time or something. It's going to take at least a couple more minutes before I can use kaleidoscope again anyways...) thought Shuhang as he silently brought out his sword. Zombies are gross so there is no way Shuhang would ever use his bare hand to attack them. Using spells/cultivation techniques in an 'ordinary' world like this is also a bit overkill. Who knows how the 'will of the world' aka 'God' around this part of the multiverse would react to that.

"Say, you guys mind if I help out a little? 😊" asked Shuhang with a smile before he lazily waved his sword around.


In no time at all, the zombies that were moaning and groaning while trying to bite everyone's faces off were cut down in the blink of an eye by Shuhang's beautiful sword play. Every swing of the sword was perfect and every steps he took were graceful. Shuhang's 'sword dance' was so breath taking to the group of teenagers that they were lost in a daze, completely forgetting they were surrounded by a zombie horde.

After no more than 20 seconds had passed, there were nothing but separated limbs and severed heads littering the ground. Zombies close to the triple digits were obliterated as if they were nothing but trash while the perpetrator didn't even have a blemish on his person. Shuhang could of course destroy them all with a wave of his hand using his cultivation level, but he chose not to. He had the feeling that if he used his cultivation/Qi too much, his existence might get rejected by this world and be forcibly ejected and locked out by the 'will of the world'.

Since he didn't know if he might need to come back to this world in the future, Shuhang chose to not use his Qi as much as he could. As for using more of his physical prowess? Why would he bother if only using the bare minimum is good enough? It's like if one is sitting in their kitchen and they suddenly wanted to get some ice-cream from the fridge; no one in their right mind would sprint towards the fridge when it was just a couple meters away.

The group of teenagers on the hand finally woke up from their little day dreaming and turned their heads towards the culprit of this massacre for clearer observations. What they were saw was the smiling face of Shuhang which once again caused their hearts to skip a beat. Noticing their gazes, Shuhang's smile cramped a little as he knew the reason why they're acting like so.

(Well... all that's left is to wait until I can use kaleidoscope again I guess?) thought Shuhang as he suddenly started walking in a random direction. Seeing the reaction of the whole group, Shuhang just ignored them like he usually does back in his own world. His sudden movement seemed to have brought everyone's consciousness back. It's almost as if they had just woken up from a wonderful dream.

"W-wait!" shouted the naked apron girl which brought Shuhang to a stop.

"Hm? Yeah...? 🤨" replied Shuhang with a raised brow. Did she need something? (wait a sec... what's this?) Suddenly feeling something, Shuhang cast an illusion over his eyes while activating 'Divine Sight'. What he saw definitely piqued his interest.

"I uh... " lamely responded the naked apron girl with noticeable embarrassment on her face. It seems she didn't really have anything to say, but only called out to Shuhang instinctively when Shuhang was leaving.

"Okay...?" responded Shuhang in confusion. Before he could say anything further however, the boy who was carrying the little girl suddenly jumped down and yelled out "Saeko, leave what you want to say for later! Guys! We need to get out of here now while we can!" With his voice which was full of authority (barely) which impressed Shuhang a little. He still smells like piss though...

"Hey, that was incredible! You definitely saved our bacons just now. Say, would you be willing to come with us? It would definitely be a lot safer with more of us together." After seeing all of his friends loading themselves into the HMMWV, piss boy turned to Shuhang with an invitation to join their group. He definitely wasn't influenced by this mysterious boy's charm or anything. Nope. He's definitely straight!

With a raised brow, Shuhang gave a thoughtful hum as he contemplated the whether or not to join them. In the end, he decided to join them because... why not? Not to mention that naked apron girl, Saeko?... he could barely see a really faint trace of 'karma thread' connecting them together. It was so faint that Shuhang almost couldn't see the thing until he discretely activated 'Divine Sight' hence his decision to leave earlier. (How is that even possible though...? We literally exist in different a world after all)

Once she called out to him however, the light of the 'karma thread' suddenly grew in intensity and became a tiny bit more noticeable all of a sudden. It still wasn't much but it was enough for Shuhang to finally notice it. This was the reason why he decided to join the group. It was to find out what this 'connection' thing was all about.

When she saw that Shuhang had agreed to come with them, Saeko secretly let out a sigh of relief when she thought that no one was watching. As expected however, the whole group was still occasionally falling into a daze whenever Shuhang had so much as glancing their way. Ah. Curse his really high charm. With no other choice, Shuhang chose to perch himself up on the HMMWV's roof despite the wishes of everyone.

They all for some reason really felt the strong need to 'protect' Shuhang even though they had just witnessed the might of Shuhang a mere moment ago. Maybe it was just too surreal that they couldn't accept it quite yet? In any case, the other reason why he's on the roof is because it would really be very disastrous (for everyone else that is) should their driver get distracted. This is highly likely to happen if the driver accidentally saw Shuhang in the rear view mirror or something like that.

(Hm... wonder if I should train this group in the art of cultivation? It should definitely help them out with their survival against these... zombies. The only problem though, they had already passed the optimum age to start cultivating and I'd rather not spend too much time in this world. What to do...) thought Shuhang as he tried his best to ignore the heated gaze that this Saeko girl is sending him.


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