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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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57 Intro

Currently, the group of teenagers, a loli, a puppy, and one Song Shuhang could be seen outside by a river bank with their HMMWV parked. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be any zombies around this area so the girls took this chance to change clothes while the boys, were talking about how to use the guns properly.

"I'm telling you Mr. Shuhang. You'd end up a lot safer if you use a gun instead of a sword!" said the chubby teen almost in a bellow.

More like they're trying to convince Shuhang to take up a gun because it'd be 'safer' for him that way. If only they knew... Oh yeah. The group had also introduced themselves sometimes during their 'escape' from the zombies last night.

Starting with their unofficial 'leader', the boy who got pissed on by a little girl (damn pervert...😑), is named Komuro Takashi. His preferred choice of weapon seems to be a baseball bat even though there were plenty of other deadly weapons in their arsenal. Weirdo... The only other boy, the chubby one, is called Hirano Kohta and is obviously a weapon otaku. Which also makes him the 'weapon expert' of the group. His personality changes from a wimpy nerd to a badass one if a gun is put in his hand.

As for the girls... the orange tinted brown hair one is called Miyamoto Rei and is apparently a childhood friend of 'leader-kun'. So far, she seemed pretty useless to Shuhang, but he wisely kept that to himself for now... Speaking of childhood friend, it seems that the pink hair, twin tails style, and glasses girl seems to also be a childhood friend with Takashi. Also, she seems to be acting as the 'brain' of the group due to her claim as being the smartest of them all. That just makes her sound like a brat to Shuhang though...

Speaking of a brat, the real one that is, her name is Maresato Alice and 7 years old. A sad little girl that Shuhang couldn't help but sigh in depression at when he heard her story. Apparently, a bit before Shuhang appeared, her father had been murdered right in front of her eyes. Seems it wasn't by a zombie, but by a none infected person who lived in that house Shuhang had appeared near.

Shuhang was considering really hard whether or not to go back and blow up that house when he heard that. The only reason he didn't was because he could also understand those people only did what they did due to fear influencing their decisions. If only they had told him that before they 'ran' from the zombie horde that might be showing up.

With the 'Dragon Pellet' and 'Life Spring' water, Shuhang is almost certain that he could revive any dead person (mortals and cultivators below 6th stage) so long as 'all' the parts, especially the head, are still attached to the body. Provided their time of death didn't exceed 15 minutes that is. Why 15 minutes? It was just a feeling that Shuhang has and as a cultivator, and one should always trust their 'gut feelings' as it's usually right. Oh yeah, Alice's dog is named Zeke.

Anyways, more introductions. The only adult and driver of the group, apparently the school nurse of these teenagers' school, is named Marikawa Shizuka. She's also a complete blonde ditz no matter how Shuhang look at it. It's kind of worrying that she acts as the group's medic considering her being an airhead and all -.-;;...

Oh yeah, the weapons and HMMWV that the group held in their possession currently apparently came from one of her friend's house... The hell kind of 'friends' does she have...? Seriously, that level of arsenal cannot be normal... or legal for that matter. At least not in Japan with their ridiculous 'Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law' law and all.

Last but not least is Busujima Saeko. The naked apron lady who Shuhang found out is around the same age as him. She is the close combat 'expert' of the team that specializes in sword fighting. She is also the one that interested Shuhang the most as she is the only one of the group that has a 'karma thread' connected to himself.

And although they're really.... reeeeeaaaaally faint, there were actually two threads intertwined with each other. One of them is actually a Gold Colored thread! The color that denotes one as a 'Cultivator'. But how though? Saeko clearly is just an ordinary mortal albeit slightly more talented in the arts of the sword than others.

This definitely warrant more investigation. Since they're connected by 'fate' and she has a 'Gold' threat... then she must be fated to become a cultivator one way or another. Could it be he himself that is the cause?... Or is there more to this world than he knows? And as for the other thread's color... well, let's pretend that it isn't there... Yup. Let's focus on the Gold Thread instead... That pink thread most definitely don't exist. No sir.

But now that Shuhang had some time to think about it, coming to this world itself was strange. He did include 'magic' in the search criteria after all. Yet... from what little he could learn from the teens, there doesn't seem to be anything like magic or anything similar here in this world.

(Perhaps, it was like my own world where all cultivators or mages in the 'Fate' World had all hidden themselves? Were there magical societies hidden in the background in this world and they are the actual cause of zombie outbreak?) suddenly thought Shuhang as he ignored everything Kohta seem to be saying.

Before Shuhang could delve any further on this train of thought, the girls had finished changing and called out to the boys. (Well, it doesn't matter. Since I'm led here by my own luck then that must mean there is something for me to gain here. Oh! You know... I wonder what would happen if I fed these zombies the 'Dragon Pellets'... 🤔❓) thought Shuhang with a smile and face full of interest.


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