New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
58 Almost There...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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58 Almost There...

With the addition of Shuhang into to the group, there aren't enough room to fit everyone into the HMMWV at once. This leads to Shuhang permanently taking to the roof of the vehicle which is currently cruising through the city. Oh yeah. Their current destination seems to be Saya's house as it was the closest compared to everyone else's.

Taking a spot on his laps were little the loli, Alice, and her dog Zeke. Joining him on the roof on lookout duty was Saeko along with Kohta who's situated himself in HMMWV's open hatch.

As for the reason Alice is sitting with Shuhang this time around... apparently she just wanted to know more about himself as he was one the group know the least about.

"So you're in college, big bro?" asked Alice in wonder.

"Mhm. First year of the engineering department." answered Shuhang even as his hands continued to draw low level Talismans onto a notepad.

"That's awesome!... what's en-jen... en..." exclaimed little Alice before trying to and failed to say the word. At that, both teens on the roof and Shuhang just chuckled at her. Before Shuhang could tell Alice the correct way to pronounce it however, her stomach rumbled loudly as if an ancient monster had awoken from its long slumber. This of course earned a little blush from her and a pat to the head from Shuhang.

"Hungry? Here you go." said Shuhang before a round looking 'pill' appeared in hand.

"Thanks big bro! But what is it? It looks like a jewel..." asked Alice as she stared at what Shuhang just gave her. The little dog Zeke let out a bark at the sight of the 'pill' as if it also wanted one for itself.

(Hm... animals truly does have the better intuition than humans. It can actually sense that it's something 'good' for it...) thought Shuhang in interest. Since he pretty much got a factory producing the stuff endlessly, Shuhang doesn't really mind giving one to Zeke as well.

"Hm. It's protein candy." said Shuhang as if he were one of those strange uncles trying to trick little girls with 'candy'. Then with another wave of his hand, another 'candy' appeared in Shuhang's hand which was then given to the little dog, Zeke. It barely had a chance to leave his hand before Zeke gobbled the 'candy' up as if it were the most delicious thing in the world.

Alice on the hand, didn't question it any further once she heard 'candy' as she also ate hers' as well. The 'candy' thing that Shuhang just gave out were of course the 'Dragon Pellet' produced by the lotuses in his inner world.

Once the pellet finishes transforming Alice completely... she'd be able to start cultivating almost right away considering her age. That is if she decides to come with Shuhang once he leaves this world of course. Even if she doesn't... this new bloodline of hers would definitely help her survive, maybe even thrive in this post apocalyptic world. As for giving one to Zeke... well it's so that he can become a better protector for Alice of course. Plus, Doudou version 2.0...

"Big bro. This candy is weird. It doesn't taste like anything... 🙁" said Alice with a cute frown as the 'Dragon Pellet' dissolved almost immediately once it enters her mouth. Right away, Shuhang could feel 2 new connections from Alice and Zeke. Since he had already given Zeke something like the Dragon Pellet already, he also took this chance to boost its intelligence as well.


Suddenly, Shuhang knocked on the roof the HMMWV twice to get everyone's attention.

"Zombies up ahead. About 400 meters." Hearing Shuhang's words definitely surprised everyone. Saeko who was up there with him was also surprised as she hadn't even seen anything yet even with her superb eye sight.

"Wha- No way!? Why are there so many!?" Kohta who hurriedly took out a binocular had also seen them finally.

(How did he do that?! He wasn't even looking in that direction!) thought Saeko as she glanced at Shuhang who was still talking to Alice-chan while still drawing on his note pad.




"TURN LEFT! TURN LEFT!" shouted Saya as she spotted more zombies ahead of their intended path.

"Damn! Why are there so many of 'them'!? Just when we're so close...!" shouted Takashi as he banged his hand in agitation.

"Up ahead!" shouted Saeko suddenly as she noticed more zombies even with this new path..

"Hit them!" said Saya decisively to the nurse and driver, Shizuka.


Even with all the shaking and excitement going on however, Shuhang was still as tranquil as a calm lake. He didn't even look at all perturbed at the situation they're in as he continued to do what he was doing before. Alice and Zeke were of course long since been transferred to the inside of the HMMWV for safety sake.

To be honest though, there really is no place safer on this whole planet than at Shuhang's side. Not that anyone knew that however. Not yet at least. Shuhang doesn't want to reveal himself just yet until he figured out the cause of this zombie outbreak. Whether it was by 'magical' means or simply just the result of human stupidity will decide Shuhang's next action. If it were by 'magical' means... it wouldn't do to scare them all off too soon.

"WIRES! TURN THE CAR!" Saeko suddenly shouted as she noticed something in the distance.


"Oh no... the wheels won't turn!! 😭" cried out Shizuka. "Sensei, release the break and hit the gas pedal!" noticing the problem, Kohta immediately shouted out instructions to which Shizuka immediately followed. With the problem resolved, the HMMWV was once more able to drive forward... straight into a wall that is.

"Look out!! 😱😱😱" x3 shouted everyone in a panic causing Shizuka to slam onto the brake making the HMMWV come to a hard stop. Saeko who was on the roof and not strapped down in any way was to no surprise, thrown off due to momentum. At least that's what was supposed to happen when one of Shuhang's hands suddenly shot out and pulled Saeko in, placing her right on top of his lap.

"wha-?" uttered a confused Saeko. Despite the awkward position she's currently in, Saeko had no time to be embarrassed about it at all. This is because... they are currently trapped in a corner and surrounded by a horde! To make matters worse, the car engine just died as well. Just as their future was looking more and more grim, the crisp voice of Shuhang resounded in everyone's ears loud and clear.

"Saeko, take the front. Kohta and Takashi, cover fire. Everyone else, support."


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