New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
59 I“ve Unleashed a Monster...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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59 I“ve Unleashed a Monster...

They don't know why, but listening to Shuhang's calm and clear voice had immediate effect as they calmed down almost instantly. They felt empowered even.


Not a moment too soon, someone opened fire and claimed 'first blood'.

"HAHAHA! Kill 'em all!!!" shouted Kohta with a crazed look as he was immediately in his badass mode. Takashi also followed Kohta's example and started to open fire as well. He does still need to take advice here and there on shooting from the resident gun 'expert'.


Satisfied with their response, Shuhang gave a slight smile before he himself leaped down to a different horde of zombies himself. This is while princess carrying Saeko of course. Once his feet had soundlessly touched the ground, he put Saeko down before whispering into her ears.

"Come. Hold nothing back."

The hypnotic voice of Shuhang's brought something that deep inside of Saeko to the surface. A side of her that she had been desperately trying to hide from everyone else.

Judging by the manic look on her face, Shuhang smiled in satisfaction as the suggestive hypnosis went off without a hitch. After which, Shuhang boosted the sharpness and durability of her wooden sword to around the same level of a carbon steel sword before she jumped into the fray.





"Well shit... " said Shuhang with a dumbfounded look. All the other teens plus 1 nurse were also just as dumbfounded as him leaving only Alice whose eyes were covered by Kohta. To that, Shuhang secretly gave a thumbs up to their chubbiest member for the quick thinking.


As for why the group was at such a loss of word... so much so that they forgot there's still a horde of zombies trying to bite their faces off... it of course had something to do with Saeko. To be more precise, Saeko's going on such an incredible rampage that she herself would fit into a horror genre more than these zombies themselves.


Noticing that Takashi and the others got quickly surrounded due to their dumbfounded state, Shuhang waved his sword and cut down a reasonable chunk of their numbers in one swing.

"Less watching, more killing." said Shuhang as he focused his gaze on Saeko's current progress once more.

Only when they heard the soothing voice of Shuhang that they finally broke out of their daze and continued to do their assigned task again. That being Kohta and Takashi shooting down everything on their section while also occasionally giving cover fire for Saeko. As for the others, they're focusing their efforts on getting the HMMWV to start again while handing loaded magazines to the two boys.

"What the shit though? That's not what I meant by 'hold nothing back'... she's supposed to fight with all of strength and skills. Not... this..." said Shuhang with a sigh. The Saeko who was being surrounded by half a dozen zombies currently showed no fear what so ever. In fact, she's even enjoying herself to the fullest. Or rather... too much enjoyment.

*SMACK!* "HAHAHA~!" Laughed Saeko as she smacked open the skull of a zombie before kicking another back into their horde. With the zombies stumbling, Saeko took this chance to jump in and did a horizontal sweep. This attack easily took off the heads of no less than 3 zombies.

"Such a savage way of fighting... good thing I boosted her wooden sword's durability. Damn thing would have broken to pieces ages ago had I not." added Shuhang as observed that cracks were starting to show on her wooden sword despite the 'boosts' he's given the thing.

"Seriously though... that flushed face as if she were aroused, the crazy laugh, and not to mention the brutal way of dismembering limbs... That's not even on the same level as 'battle lust' that Sixteen often times exude when fighting. No doubt about it. She's a potential Yandere type huh?" concluded Shuhang with as the corner of his lips couldn't help but twitch.

During his observation, Shuhang was of course not just standing there like a pole doing nothing. He was also killing a considerable amount of zombies and controlling their numbers so that the group didn't get overwhelmed. He of course didn't over do it either in order to put the maximum amount of pressure on Saeko so as to get the best observations on her skills/potentials as a possible 'Sword Cultivator' in the future.

Suddenly, Shuhang paused in his steps as he noticed people coming closer to their location. (Judging by their gears and the way they're moving purposefully... are they are here for us?) thought Shuhang as he increased his vigilance a bit more just in case. Then with a step, Shuhang immediately made it to where Saeko was rampaging and put a hand on her shoulder.

This instantly got a reaction from her as Saeko immediately pulled her body lower to the floor before turning back with her wooden sword with the intention of stabbing the 'zombie' that snuck behind her. With a raised brow, Shuhang calmly the hand that was still dangling in the air and pinched the wooden sword's tip in between his fingers, halting it in place.

Having taken a better look at her 'attacker', Saeko reeled back in shock and recovered from her frenzied state.

"Saeko. Retreat back to the HMMWV. There are people coming to our location." said Shuhang while ignoring Saeko's shocked and frightened reaction. From what though... Shuhang had a few ideas. Shuhang then got a tiny bit serious this time around and cut down the vast majority of the zombies in almost an instant.

This is just in the case if the people coming to them were to have less than... noble intentions. If that were the case, there would be more rooms for the group as a whole to maneuver. Well... if the worse really does happen though, Shuhang wouldn't really mind cutting down a bunch of mortals. Even if that would leave a bad taste in his mouth later. It'd feel almost like a grown man stealing milk from a baby.

Moments later, the new group of people had made it Shuhang's and the group's location and the voice of a woman rang out over the area.

"Get the ladder! Get them out of there, now!"


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