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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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61 Broken

"Hm. Seems putting up my guards was wasted effort huh..." said Shuhang as he looked at Saya tackle the woman that showed up in a hug. Apparently, that is Saya's mother. Make sense though as this location is pretty close to her 'house'. Due to Shuhang clearing out the majority of the zombies and the extra manpower showing up, they were able to get rid of the rest of them without any problem.

It is oddly convenient that the HMMWV was able to start up once more as soon as they appeared however. (Was it my luck coming into play? Had the HMMWV been able to start up, 'we' might have had to 'run away' before Saya's mother had been able to come help out after all...) pondered Shuhang. Then without any further fanfare, the group plus Shuhang had joined up with Saya's parents.




*uuoohh* moaned a zombie as it useless tried to reach for Shuhang through the cell bars.

It is now the 2nd day that the group had settled into Saya's estate. Yes, it's that big. Saya had really down played it when she called the thing a 'house'. Damn rich girls and their eschewed sense of value... On another hand, Saeko had been shutting herself away and hiding from everybody. Or more specifically, she had been hiding from Shuhang.

"Hm. This is probably the most in tact zombies I've encountered yet. Interesting... This should be the perfect test dummy for my experiment." mumbled out Shuhang as he studied a zombie that was in a cage. It seems that caging this thing is the idea of Saya's father. (Does he want to do some in depth study of zombies or something? No. Can't be it. There are no proper equipment for that. Maybe...?) thought Shuhang in contemplation.

Before he could delve into anymore theories however, Shuhang had noticed a certain someone walking in his direction. Seems to have a slight hesitation in their steps however...

"Sigh, took a bit longer than I thought..." said Shuhang with a sigh. Yet, his gaze never left that of the zombie as he activated 'Divine Sight' for even more in depth study. A few moments later, Shuhang had deactivated his eyes as his guest had finally appeared in the room.


"Hm. What brings you here, Miss Saeko?" simply said Shuhang as he turned around, completely ignoring the fact that she had just locked the door to the makeshift cell room. "Oh. That kimono suits you very much. 😊" Looking at what she's wearing, Shuhang couldn't help but complimented as she looked very gorgeous at that moment. If only her expression didn't scream 'hate' and 'desperation' as she stared hard at his face...

"You. What did you do to me?" asked Saeko with a scowl as she ignored the offhand compliment of Shuhang's. Her hand went into the kimono's sleeve as if she's grabbing hold onto to something hidden. With how on guard she is, only an idiot wouldn't be able to see the mistrust and hostility she's currently exhibiting.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" replied Shuhang innocently as if he really had no clue as to what she was talking about. She didn't seem pleased at his reply however as Saeko's rage-o-meter seems about to burst and her fury explodes in full.

"Don't play dumb with me. You know exactly what I'm talking about..." said Saeko with gritted teeth and narrowed eyes.

To that, Shuhang only let out a hum as he quietly studied her features. Suddenly, there was naught but an awkward silence hanging between the two as they fell into a sort of staring contest.

"Sigh... Saeko." suddenly said Shuhang which made her jerked her body a little. She then took a deep breath as she psyched herself up in waiting for whatever answer Shuhang could possibly give her. What she heard however was not what she had expected.

"Why do you reject your true self like so?" said Shuhang as he stared straight into her eyes.

"Wha- that... that wasn't me!" Shaken up by Shuhang's unexpected statement, Saeko yelled and denied him in a trembling voice. Judging by her reaction however, it didn't seem all that convincing were anyone to see her right now.

"It was. That was all you." Shuhang denied her calmly and unperturbed.

"YOU'RE LYING!" shouted Saeko with tears now dripping on her face. Thankfully, there aren't anyone here to play witness to this scene. Shuhang would look a bad guy that's bullying a young woman otherwise. Well... no witness except for that one person hiding in the corner that is...

"Please... say that you're lying... I'm not that kind of person..." whimpered out Saeko as she fell to her knees sobbing.

(This... isn't this outburst a little too much? I mean having your darkest secret/true self revealed to everyone like that is of course not a pleasant thing but... Hm. Was my hypnotism too strong that it made emotionally vulnerable?) though Shuhang as he stared at Saeko's pitiful form. He has no intention of coddling her with honeyed words however as he continued to study her.

"Sae--" before Shuhang get to say anything further, Saeko got up and dashed out of the room. The sight a beautiful girl running away in tears is definitely going to raise some brows. At this, Shuhang just sigh to himself and decided not to give chase. (I'll talk to her again in a bit once she calms down a little...)

"Now then... eavesdropping is a pretty nasty habit. Right, Mr. Takagi?" said Shuhang after Saeko left the room. As he looked to the corner of the room, the figure of a man was revealed. The person that Shuhang called out to was of course Takagi Soichiro, Saya's dad, and the master of this mansion that the group are currently staying in.

"Apologies Mr. Song. Forgive me for asking but... is it wise to not chase after her?" responded Saya's dad with an indifferent expression. He didn't even look at all perturbed after being called out on eavesdropping. Either he's really thick skinned or he really doesn't care at all about this subject and only asking for the sake of politeness.

"Hm. No matter. I'll deal with that later. Although, you showed up at a good timing as I do have some matter to... discuss with you." said Shuhang with a grin as he temporarily put Saeko's matter on hold. Loosely holding in his hand was a multi-colored bead that for some reason is greatly agitating the caged zombie in the background.


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