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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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62 Bai

With their talk finished, zombie safely sitting in his inner world, Shuhang left behind a very pensive and dazed looking Takagi Soichiro in the holding cell room. After spreading his senses out, Shuhang found what he was looking for and began walking towards Saeko's location. A few steps out, Shuhang came to a pause as if he had just remembered something and looked toward his shadow.

"Right. I don't know why, but I have a 'feeling' that things would get a bit... interesting soon. Make sure to stay in my shadow at all times and not cause any mischief. Understand?" said Shuhang suddenly towards his own shadow in an admonishing tone.

Were anyone to see him right at this moment, they would definitely think he has a few screws loose no matter how 'charming' he is. The most surprising thing however, his shadow actually had a reaction as wave like ripple began to appear. Not a moment too soon, a small head began to surface and looking a little embarrassed and flustered.

The most surprising thing... its face actually looked exactly like that of Soft Feather's!

Well, there's actually no surprise there as this is in fact Soft Feather's mutated ghost spirit. It's facial features had evolved to be a complete replica of Soft Feather's herself when it finished synchronizing with her. Sixteen's ghost spirit is also in the same situation as well.

As for why this ghost spirit had been living in Shuhang's shadow... Well, it actually happened during the Blue Origin Valley battle when she summoned herself to Shuhang. He had of course noticed Soft Feather's ghost spirit moving in his shadow the moment when she summoned herself with the Sun Bracelet.

As he didn't really mind, Shuhang of course chose not to say anything until now. Knowing her, Soft Feather probably did it so as to leave a kind of... 'informer' so that whenever something 'interesting' happen, she wouldn't be left out of the fun like before.

The reason why Shuhang chose to say something now is because they are currently not in their native 'reality'. Not to mention the fact that Shuhang's sixth sense had acted up once again when he took out the Dragon Pellet just before his talk with Saya's dad. The first time that it happened was when he had given them to both Alice and Zeke.

This really made Shuhang smiled as he has, in his hands, the bait to luring out the possible perpetrator of this whole zombie apocalypse situation. The fact that the zombie had reacted towards it is even more telling.

After having not said anything else for awhile, Soft Feather's ghost spirit had assumed that Shuhang was not angry at 'her' and is now happily floating circles around Shuhang.

"Just obediently return to my shadow for now. If you don't cause any trouble, I will bring your real body with me on my next trip." said Shuhang with a chuckle as he gently patted the child like ghost spirit. At the same time, Shuhang used the Kaleidoscope to connect the ghost spirit to the real Soft Feather to both send a message and to tell her not to worry about losing 'connection' while they're in another reality.

The ghost spirit's body then trembled after hearing Shuhang's words. With Soft Feather's real body most likely hearing the message, her ghost spirit happily returned to his shadow thus once more cutting off their connection temporarily. Just in time too as three figures revealed themselves from around the corner.

"Oh~! Mr. Song..." "Big bro!" "WOOF!"

These three turned out to be a dazed looking school nurse Marikawa Shizuka, Alice, and her little puppy, Zeke.

"Big bro, I just saw big sis Saeko. And she was crying!" exclaimed little Alice as she ran up to Shuhang and hugging his legs. This of course caused Shuhang's onii-chan 'instinct' to surface as his hand automatically moved to petting her tiny head.

Due to Alice's loud shout, Shizuka, the school nurse had awoken from her dreaming and blushed hard as she walked towards the two makeshift 'siblings'. Inside her mind, she was continually admonishing herself for having 'bad thoughts' towards a younger man who was still a student.

"Hm. I know. I'm on my way to talking to her." replied Shuhang to Alice's finding.

"Miss. Marikawa, I'll be troubling you to look after little Alice for the time being while I go talk to Saeko." said Shuhang with a radiant smile. This had an instant effect as Shizuka's heartbeat once more skyrocketed and her face turned crimson. She then nodded her head in a daze.

The loli Alice was in turn put on a very confused face. Ever since they have come to this big 'house', every adults that talked to her big bro Shuhang had been acting weird. (Adults are so strange...) thought the loli as Zeke had barked in the background as if understanding her thought.




After a while, Shuhang had to made to the outside of Saeko's room with the door of course being locked. How can a flimsy door lock out someone like Shuhang though?

"Saeko. I'm coming in." announced Shuhang in a loud voice which earned him a gasp from inside the room.

Then without waiting for a proper reply, Shuhang used a very tiny bit of energy to unlock the door and waltz in brazenly without its owner's permission. Before Saeko could even take stock at the sudden situation, Shuhang released the restraints on his 'charm' and continued walking toward Saeko who is sitting on her bed, eyes still damp.

Suddenly, the world around Saeko's vision lost all color and seemed to have come to a pause. Only the figure of Shuhang had retained movement and color... still vibrant and beautiful.

"We need to talk..." said Shuhang seriously. He even went as far as abusing his 'charm' to get her to talk easier. Poor Shuhang... if only he knew what trouble this action would cause him in the future...




Somewhere in the magnetic north pole.

A dozen or so figures clad in black robes stood around a glowing giant occult circle with eyes closed looking as if they were greatly concentrating on something. Suddenly, one of the figures had his eyes snap open and exclaimed "I'm definitely not mistaken! This is the 2nd time that such a powerful magic and life force had appeared. How can magical energy possibly appear in this world...?"

After a bit of pondering, the one who is assumed to be the leader of this group, ordered the rest of the black robes to prepare to move towards the source of the 'magical energy', the Island Country of Japan.

(Better be quick before this mysterious magical energy disappears like before...) thought the leader of the black robes with narrowed eyes.


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