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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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63 Night Raid

10 PM.

This is usually around the time that most normal people start to hit the sack after a hard day at work.

It's no different now even when humanity is facing the threat of a zombie apocalypse.

Except for the night guards, the people currently taking refuge in Saya's villa are getting ready to turn in for the night.

About a kilometer away from said villa, a dozen or so robed individuals had a different idea.

The strange thing however, none of the zombies around them seem to take notice of their presence at all.

Those zombies were in fact doing their best to avoid the area as if they were afraid of something.

"Sir! The creatures are all in place. We can begin the assault at anytime."

"Do it." said the leader with narrowed eyes and in an emotionless tone. After receiving the order, one of the robed men walked forward and extended his hand in front of him. Soon, a black, spherical orb began to take shape while the several hundreds zombies in their surrounding began to disintegrate into dust. Several seconds later, the sphere, now the size of a basketball, was condensed and shot forward into the dark night. Seeing this, the leader put on a sinister grin and began to mumble to himself.

"...with that much life force, we'll be done with this world much faster than planned."




Back at the villa, inside of Saeko Busujima's room.

Shuhang was currently sitting at the edge of the bed in a relaxed manner. On one of his lap, was the head of Saeko who's sleeping with a content smile with his hand gently stroking her hair. His eyes however, they shone with sadistic light as he narrowed his gaze in the direction of those robed men gathered.

(Hmph. About time they showed up. That massive yin energy I felt though... probably at around 3rd stage, Battle King level? Yet they don't seem to be cultivators at all... Sure saves me the trouble of rounding them all up though.)

Whatever he was thinking about was put on hold however as his free hand was suddenly changed into a hand seal. The Talismans he had been drawing since he's been in this world, and pasted all over the mansion in the two days that he's been here gained a bright glow.


As soon as the attack landed, the whole mansion began to shake. The resulting tremor woke up everyone that was currently living in the mansion. As Shuhang designed these Talismans to be able to resist a modern day nuclear strike however, that was the only thing that happened. Sadly, the same couldn't be said about the wall and gate outside. Even more unfortunate, around 1/3 of the people that camped outside perished right away from the attack.


"W-what was that..?!" shouted Saeko who was startled awake. As soon as she sat up, the bed sheets that was draped over her body fell down to reveal her flawless, creamy white skin. Looking as if this enchanting sight didn't rattle him at all, Shuhang wordlessly handed over her school uniform which he took the liberty of drawing some runes over to Saeko. Along with the uniform, there was also an enchanted katana as well.

"Shuhang?" questioned Saeko even as she received the uniform and putting them on.

"Meet up with your friends. Also, you don't need to wait for me."

As soon as his words fell, Shuhang's figure promptly disappeared from the room without a trace. His sudden disappearance of course elicited a shocked gasp from Saeko. She recovered shortly after however as she remembered the things Shuhang told her earlier and the choice she was given. Her thoughts were interrupted however when the sounds of gun fire went off outside the villa. Saeko then no longer wasted anymore time and finished suiting up and bolted out of the room with katana in hand.




In the courtyard stood several dozens of men and women fighting off the zombies that were quickly increasing in number. The number had already surpassed the thousands at this point in time and everything looked grimmer by the seconds. At the forefront of the group were Saya's mother and father. The mother was surprisingly making a Swiss cheese out of those zombies with expert ease with her hand gun.

The father on the other hand held a katana with a stone cold face as he thought back to what Shuhang had told him.

(Either to live on as an abomination or preserve our humanity but live in servitude... sigh)

"Men! Tonight, we shall rid of these monsters and avenge our fallen! With me!" shouted Soichiro Takagi as he took out a multicolored pellet from his breast pocket. His wife, Yuriko Takagi, followed suit and both swallowed the pellets with no hesitation. Seeing their actions, the men that were fighting alongside them also did the same. Although they had hesitated a little, they still took it in the end as even their leaders had done so without any qualms.




Back at the garage, a HMMWV roared to life as a group of people surrounded it. Those people were Takashi, Rei, Kohta, Saya, the nurse Shizuka, Alice, the dog Zeke, and the mechanic that fixed up vehicle. Perhaps drawn over due to the noise of the engine, a handful of zombies staggered towards the garage.

"Zs at 8 o'clock!" shouted Kohta to grab everyone's attention. Before they could bring their guns to unload some rounds though, the sounds of steel meeting flesh could be heard as a figure lithely dashed about in their midst. Every cut made, a zombie was cleanly separated in two with no resistance as a trail of light radiated off the katana. As it was happening too quickly however, everyone just ignored that tidbit and thought it was the reflection coming from the slowly spreading fire.

"Big sis Saeko!" happily shouted the only loli of the group, Alice. "Where's big bro at?"




A kilometer away from the ensuing chaos.

"These mortals are putting up a better resistance than I thought..." said the leader of the robed men with a frown. Before he could say anything further however, a soft and crisp voice was heard which completely startled the group.

"Hm. Is this all of you? I have some questions for you..."


Looking up at the source of the voice, the dozens or so robed men found a very beautiful looking youth standing atop a light pole. His eyes were glowing in multicolored light sending chills up their spine. It seemed as if all of their secrets and their entire being were seen through with just a glance. This youth... was of course the reality hopping, Song Shuhang!


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