New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
65 Oh... SHIT...!?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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65 Oh... SHIT...!?

Within a dreary looking artificial space surrounded by blood and gore, there stood Shuhang who was nonchalantly holding a bloodied, limbless body, who was barely hanging on to life. There were of course a few glowing runic symbols all around to seal both body and mind of the robed man so that he won't try anything.

"Hm... should I use White's version of mind reading magic? Yeah. Let's go with that."


[C: ] [D: ] [E: ] [F: ]

"As expected... it's really hard to fathom the inner workings of that White fellow's head. How did he even thought to make this magic become something like this.... =.=;; "

As soon as Shuhang had activated the 'Mind Reading Magic - White's Edition', a bunch of computer terms/folders appeared in his vision. There was of course the C: folder which contains the basic functions which makes and defines what kind of being they are. In other words, it contains the Operating Software which controls the Hardware that is the physical body.

Then there was the D: folder which is where all their memories are stored. As for the additional E: and F: folders though... they are more than likely 'plugins' or external power which enable their strangely high powered abilities even though they're not cultivators.

"As expected... it was external power that allowed for his strength to be at the 5th stage. Must be the same with the other mobs as well. Why are there two 'plugins' for this guy though?"

After mumbling to himself a white, Shuhang decided to not do guess work anymore and actually start with reading his memories. C: folder can be left alone so Shuhang moved his figurative 'finger' in his mind and clicked on the D: folder.



His main objective is to of course 'open' the D: folder. What greeted his eyes after opening the folder were thousands of files which were named/ordered by the 'dates' in which they were created. Scrolling down all the way to bottom, the memories seemed to have stopped at the date about a month before the start of the zombie apocalypse. With that in mind, Shuhang chose a memory that was a couple of days before the latest.



And of course Shuhang would choose the 'view' option since the other options were useless for this particular occasion. What he saw only made Shuhang frown as they only contained what one would expect of an ordinary adult male. Deciding to look at a different memory, Shuhang picked the very latest one this time.

Again. It was all just the memories of an ordinary man's point of view doing very ordinary things. Well... if you could call this pervert who likes to put spy cams in girls' changing room 'normal' that is. (The fuck is wrong with this world...?) thought Shuhang morbidly...

When the memories ended, everything just got cut off abruptly. It's almost akin to when one is watching a MyTube video only to get cut off in the middle when their internet connection is lost.

"Hm. 'This'... is the latest memories? Strange. Why did it get cut off in the middle?" mumbled Shuhang with a frown on his face. He had an idea of why this might be so, Shuhang decided to view a few more memories from the middle of his life then a few more at the beginning, which would be the robed man's childhood.

What he saw were as expected, there were only the life of an ordinary mortal. There were nothing at all which suggests that he had any connections to the 'super-natural side of the world'.

"As expected, this guy was just an ordinary person with his body hi-jacked by someone else... My answers lay in the other 2 folders then."

Without wasting any time, Shuhang opened the E: folder and started with the very first 'memory'. Shuhang wasn't disappointed this time as just from the very first memory, he was able to find out what their race looked like. They've got humanoid shape, blood red skin, overly large fangs, protruding horn from their bald head, and eyes that were all black just like that of a 'demon'.

Going further down the memory lane - uh, list... Shuhang was able find out more things. Things like the structure of their civilization, which closely resembles that of Earth's dark age. As for their power source, it seems related to the 'God' that they worship. Apparently, the stronger their 'belief', the more 'power' they receive in turn.

As for the whole invasion thing... there were strangely a lot of missing details. The only thing Shuhang had picked up was their goal of stealing the invaded world's life force and offering it to their 'slumbering God'. As for the 'Awakened'... they seem to be the invaded world's original inhabitant that were given 'Super-natural ability' by their very world itself to resist the invasion. If the invasion fails, even the planet's life force itself would be sucked dry after all. This would naturally lead to the death of the world itself.

"Ah... fuck me side-ways. Siiiigh. A bunch of religious fanatics that spans across their whole species. It's even worse that they can travel to different worlds by proxy via body possessions. =___=. Why the fuck would losing their life force turn them into un-dead though? Wouldn't they normally just die? Also, are the memories spotty because it's only his proxy body and not the real one?"

Unable to get any other clues, Shuhang decided to check out the final F: folder. Although his cultivator's intuition is telling him to stay away, Shuhang decided to push on and open it anyways after putting up some safety measures. Or at least he tried to.




"FUCK!" yelled 'Shuhang' as he could feel his mind being sucked in by something. Looking at the source, it was actually the blood red sword wielded by the robed man! The worst part, he was actually unable to resist the suction! In just 2 breaths of time, 1/3 of his 'mind' actually was already swallowed by the sword!

"Tch. A fail safe to trace back to whoever foiled their plans?!" cursed Shuhang as he felt that he could no longer resist the suction power. Soon, all of his 'mind' was swallowed and the only thing he could see was a dark tunnel which lead to a very, very far away place.

After an unknown amount of time passed, 'Shuhang' finally exited the tunnel only to be met with a hideous, gaping maw the size of a house which swallowed him whole.


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