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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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66 Wake Up Call

Looking on in sheer horror at the fate of the 'Shuhang' who got swallowed whole by an abomination on the other side, the real one was sweating buckets and shitting bricks.

"HOLY FUCK! What the shit was that!? Good thing I made a virtual construct out of sword Qi to open these folders instead of the real me..."

Feeling that the 'tunnel' was still opened, Shuhang quickly acted and operated his energy. Immediately afterward, both soul and the 'living corpse' in his hand exploded into space dust. Just to make doubly sure that the 'tunnel' was shut tight, Shuhang stomped on the ground hard. This in turn kicked the blood red sword high into the air.

Then with a flip of his hand, his 'Severing Heaven Sword' was enveloped in intense pseudo saber Qi which was soon burst into flames. This time, Shuhang doesn't want to just 'sever' the connection, he wanted to completely obliterate the damn thing. This is why he's not using his signature move, but instead is using Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven's signature move, Heaven Scorching Saber.

With another thought, 'Boosted Gear' appeared on his left hand and a series of overlapping [BOOST!] resounded in this god forsaken space.


With every resounding boost, the intensity of the flame grew to an even higher level. Even though Shuhang hadn't released the attack yet, the entire space itself was already starting to catch fire. Even though it shouldn't even be possible. But then again... the 'intent' of this attack was to burn ALL myriad things, heaven itself included. In that way, maybe it's not too big of a surprise considering all the boosts it's receiving.


Feeling that it was at the highest strength the attack could reach, Shuhang wasted no time in unleashing this devastating attack.

"HEAVEN SCORCHING SABER!!!...(sword edition)"


As soon as the attack was released, tyrannical flames that threatens to burn all the myriad existence, even the heaven itself, fully erupted and enveloped the blood red saber. Not a moment too soon as well since Shuhang could hear a soul stirring roar emitted from the sword. This voice actually sent shivers down his spine and his heart palpate in fear.


As the flames continued to spread, more of the artificial space cracked and shattered signalling the collapse of this 'world'. The flames were so intense that Shuhang's clothes started to smoke, threatening to burst into flame as well. As if just realizing something, he quickly spread his senses out and discovered that his would be prisoners were indeed affected as well.

"Aah. Yup. Not even ashes remained now... damn. And to think that 'God' of theirs is still in a weakened, slumber state. Were it to wake up..." mumbled Shuhang with narrowed eyes. For whatever reason, Shuhang suddenly recalled the memories to his first meeting with that loli-goddess.

"'Erasing dead worlds'.... was it? Could there be a link...?"

Just the thought that there might be a connection alone made Shuhang's whole body tremble for a good few seconds. Is it possible that someone as powerful as her isn't able to deal with this slumbering 'God'? Was this the thing that she was warning him about whenever he planned to travel to different worlds?

"Shit...! If... if what I think is true... my current strength is still too insignificant. Should I increase the speed of my cultivation? But how? My conjecture that I needed the 'gravity' and yin/moon aspect for my inner-world might be wrong... Ever since I stepped path onto the 5th stage, I have already deviated too far from everyone else. Now that I've reached the 7th stage, even the 'Library of Heaven's Path' is unable to determine my future path. How do I even 'speed' up at this point...?"

Were anyone to see the current Shuhang right now, they would surely think that he's lost his marbles as he kept mumbling to himself while pacing back and forth. Not even the on-going destruction of the 'world' around him wasn't enough to pull Shuhang out of this fear, confusion induced trance. Even the Ghost Spirit of Soft Feather still hiding in his shadow was starting to worry about his mental health.

As he was still in his own trance, Shuhang failed to notice the 'black karma' string slowly coming into being between himself and the 'God' across the void. Most likely, it was due to the Qi that was swallowed by the other party earlier.

Just as it was about to completely form, a ripple in the void appeared and obliterated this would be connection. This in turn instantly destroyed the still burning space and successfully 'waking' Shuhang up as he returned to the 'real world'.


"Wha-? What... who was that? So powerful...!! Why did it feel so familiar? Was that a warning for me to leave this world..?"

Taking a moment to compose himself, Shuhang finally calmed down and did a light bow towards the owner of that power just now. At his current state, he couldn't afford to offend whoever that was just now after all.

Looking towards the direction of the mansion, Shuhang could see that Saya's parents and the rest of the survivors' resistance was still on-going. With a light step, he appeared within the mansions court yard once more and spread his power.

"Huh!? What's going on!?" "Th-they all stopped moving?"

As none of them had cultivated and opened their heart aperture, they were unable to see the glowing runic symbols covering the 1000+ zombies. This was Shuhang using 'Sealing Arts' in order to get future experimental samples. Within mere seconds, multi-colored light covered all the zombies and condensed them into small beads which were then collected into his inter-spatial ring.

There was no way Shuhang would put these things into his minor world... not with the threat he just witnessed earlier. While he was at it, Shuhang had put all survivors who had taken the 'pellets' before into stasis state and stored them into his inner world.

"Hm. Can't leave without my future servants after all... Explanations can wait. Now then, where is Saeko and the rest of the group?" said Shuhang as he once more spread out his senses. After finding them, he once more disappeared from where he stood and reappeared besides the group. Afterwards, he directly turned all the Zs into space dust.

He didn't even bother questioning why these guys came out of the HMMWV and fought the Zs outside instead of focusing on escaping. The sudden disappearance of the zombies of course made the group gape in shock. Shuhang didn't give them time for any questions however as he fired off a question of his own right away.

"Saeko, Alice, I'm leaving this place for good. Are you willing to come with me?"


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