New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
67 Going Home...?! The hell!!
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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67 Going Home...?! The hell!!

"SURE!" shouted an excited voice. She didn't even appear to hesitate a bit for that matter. (Must be because of the connection she felt from taking the 'Dragon Pellet') thought Shuhang as he came to the only plausible conclusion. Saeko on the other hand was still thinking about it as unlike the others, she knew exactly what Shuhang meant when he said 'leaving'.

Seeing as he won't be getting the answer anytime soon, Shuhang looked at the others and asked them as well. Even though he didn't have any obligation to, he did met up with them by 'chance' and stayed together for a few days.

"And everyone else?"


After looking at each other for a bit, they've all reached the same conclusions.

"Sorry, Shuhang-san. But Rei and I still have to look for our parents..." replied Takashi.

"Umu. I as well." added on Kohta while pushing up his glasses. Soon, the rest of the girls save for Saeko replied in a similar way.

"...alright" was all Shuhang could really say at this point. After thinking for a second about something, he looked towards Saya. His incredibly high 'charm' and serious face caused her heart to flutter a bit. Until she heard what Shuhang said next that is.

"Saya. Both your parents are coming with me as well. Know that we won't ever return. Do you have any message you want to convey to them?"

As if she was physically struck, Saya reeled back in shock at what she just heard. Hearing him, Takashi and Kohta both frowned a little as they alternate their stares between Saya and Shuhang. Mean while, Saya continued to glare at the ground while gripping her hands the hardest she could.

So as to give her some time to think, Shuhang then looked towards Saeko once more. This time he expects nothing else except the answer from her. And as if sensing the demand from Shuhang, one could see the struggle she's facing in order to reply when she bit her lip almost hard enough to draw blood. After a moment, she finally resolved herself and looked straight into Shuhang's eyes.

"I... choose to stay. I still need to find my parents as well."

Hearing her answer, Shuhang slightly raised a brow in surprise. Of course, what surprised him wasn't the rejection itself. At this moment, Shuhang could see the karma threats connecting Saeko and him are becoming increasingly faint before disappearing completely.

(I see... what I saw wasn't something set, but only a possibility. Since she decided to stay, that possible connection was severed as well.) thought Shuhang as he arrived at the only possible he could think of. Since she's made her choice, Shuhang could do nothing else but sigh and nodded in acceptance of her answer.

Seeing as Saya still haven't given her reply even after all this time, Shuhang put both Alice and the pup Zeke into a stasis state and put into his inner world as well. Ignoring all their shocked gasp once more, Shuhang turned around and started to walk away. Until...

"WAIT!" shouted Saya in a hurry.

"Tell them... tell them to take care of themselves. I'll... be fine on my own..."

Giving Saya one last look, Shuhang nodded in acceptance and began walking away once more before disappearing completely from their views. After a few seconds passed, both Takashi and Kohta placed both their hands on her shoulders and smiled.

"You're not alone... We'll be here with you." said Takashi. "Mhm" nodded Kohta. Now with some tears in her eyes, Saya was about to say something before she got interrupted by a crushing hug from behind. "That's right! We'll be with you, Saya-chan! fufufu" The culprit was none other than the busty, blond nurse, Ms Shizuka. Before they could get anymore sappy though, Rei broke everyone up and ushered everyone to continue on their journey lest the zombies surrounded them once more.




Else where on a deserted roof top, Shuhang had already activated the kaleidoscope. His target is of course to go back 'home'. As much as he wants to continue searching for the 'nasu-verse', that thing he saw earlier was enough to some what deter him. He needs a break or two first before beginning the search once more. Not to mention the zombies that he's going to need to do some experiments on. Maybe do one or two pranks on 'White'...

Soon, the magic had fully activated and Shuhang was about to transition towards the chosen 'marker'. For some odd reason though, Shuhang felt the need to curse the kaleidoscope over and over for bringing him to this damnable world.




Else where in a different reality, inside the basement of an old western mansion, inside a buried trunk; 2 different objects started to gain a bright, multi-colored glow as if reacting to something. One of those object was a sword made of jewel. The other was a a circular object the size of a palm with a star in the middle and wings protruding from the outer circle.

"Hmmmmm?! mu mu mu? Master?" muttered the 'object'. Shockingly, it was actually sentient! It was capable of speech even! Alas, no one could hear it 'talking' as the trunk it was locked inside was somewhat special as it was magically 'sealed'.

In this same basement, there stood a twin tails girl wearing a red turtleneck shirt, mini skirt, black high knee socks and shoes. She appears to be uttering an incantation like one would expect of the occult.


I here by swear

That I shall be all the good in the world.

That I shall defeat all the evil in the world.

You seven heavens, clad in the three great words of power,

come forth from the circle of binding....

Guardian of the Scales!'


At the conclusion of her incantations, wind swept throughout the dreary basement and sparks scattered which messed up the room even more.

"Huu huu huuu. That was flawless!" After some light gasping, the girl suddenly shouted before performing a little bit of self gloating. After noticing that she was alone in the room though, she donned a look of confusion. Suddenly...


"Why...!!!??" shouted the girl as she quickly ran up the stairs and forcibly opened the jammed door connected to the living room. The first thing that greeted her eyes was a very... very 'beautiful' youth wearing the casual clothes of a teenager. In that moment, the world itself lost it's color where as the youth was the only thing in existence that retained colors.

Said 'youth' was completely sprawled out upon wrecked furniture and staring at the ceiling with lifeless eyes. Whatever thought ran through his head was unknown to all except him. This youth is of course... Song Shuhang!


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