New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
68 Not So Great 1st Meeting
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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68 Not So Great 1st Meeting

A few minutes earlier; before Shuhang's 'explosive' entrance.




Within an endless expanse of white, a white haired beautiful goddess was staring at an open 'portal'. In it, a conversation between mortals was taking place.

'Saeko... are you sure about this?' asked a black hair youth as he glanced at 'Saeko' who was listlessly stroking her katana with a vacant look. This sudden attention towards her caused Saeko to pause in her action as she stared at the multi-colored jewel encrusted upon it's scabbard.

Seeing as Saeko wasn't willing to say anything, the black hair youth left her alone to keep vigilant eyes on the road once more. The voyeur goddess that saw this scene however.... she just hummed and mumbled to herself.

"Hmm... well now. As a woman myself, I can't let you run away from your 'responsibility' now can I, Mr. Shuhang?"

With that, she flicked her finger once and a ripple could be seen on the open 'portal' which then disappeared without a trace.




Back to Shuhang who is now in transit; he suddenly felt that something was off. This of course startled him greatly as mistakes during use of kaleidoscope could be deadly. What he found out, Shuhang definitely wasn't happy at all. It appeared that his destination was being re-routed!

(FUCK! What now?!) thought Shuhang with gritted teeth. There was nothing he could do at this point except mentally preparing himself however.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Shuhang had successfully exited the space-time tunnel and... collided with a person! With a quick glance, Shuhang could see that the person he collided with had white hair, tanned skin, and red clothing.

Due to him still being a bit 'high-strung' from the previous world's encounter, Shuhang reflexively lash out an attack which 'broke' the white haired guy into pieces.


Before he could even finish acting startled, the nascent soul within his inner world shook a little and opened it's mouth. Instantly, the scattered 'pieces' of the person Shuhang just attacked were completely absorbed with no chance of the opposite party resisting at all!

(The hell? That was... a soul? Wait, those features... why do they look so familiar?) thought Shuhang in a bit confusion. Before he could finish his train of thought though, Shuhang was suddenly bombarded with 'information' from who knows where. The things he received were the information regarding something called the 'Holy Grail', a magi war, and more stuff about the 'modern world' so on and so on. After the information transfer finished, his body was ejected from this space and materialized to the 'real world'.



Speechless. After fully digesting the information 'upload', Shuhang could only continue to lay where he was and stared at the ceiling with life-less eyes.

(What... the fuck? How did this even happen? I mean seriously. What... the fuck?) thought Shuhang as he once more began to curse the 'kaleidoscope' and his supposed high as fuck 'LUCK' which put him in this situation. Seriously. Did his lady luck decide to take a sudden vacation these past couple of days or something?

As a myriad of thoughts ran through his head, Shuhang suddenly heard the sound of someone running up the stairs before shoving open the nearby door. Shuhang ignored this though as he finally realized WHO it was he 'bumped' into.

(Seems I somehow intercepted Archer's summoning and became a 'Heroic Spirit' in his place... That little girl whose standing stock still with a wide gaping mouth must Tohsaka Rin, my 'master' for this Grail War...)

What Shuhang didn't realize was that due to continuous shock from the sudden circumstances, he had forgotten to suppress his 'charm'. This is the reason why little miss Rin over there got a flushed face and panting really hard. It looked as if she was about to 'pounce' on him at any moment now.

That didn't happen however as she somehow gathered her will at the last moment and gritted her teeth. She then proceeded to grasp the arm that had the 'crest' and proceeded to... activate it!

"By my command as your 'master'... I order you to stop using your 'charm' ability!" shouted Rin at the top of her lungs. As proof of successful activation, a red glow spread from the 'crest' and enveloped the still despondent Shuhang.

Suddenly feeling a very feeble power covering his body and 'suggesting' Shuhang to stop using his 'charm' ability had successfully drawn his attention. The only thing that did was annoy him though as Shuhang figuratively swatted the 'suggestion' away like a fly and finally laid eyes on his 'master'. Of course, he didn't forget to rein in his 'charm' either which gave Rin the illusion that her 'command' had succeeded.

"Ugh..." grunted Tohsaka Rin as she averted her eyes from Shuhang's. Even though her 'command' had succeeded, she had still taken the full blown effect at a very close range so she was still affected just by his mere presence.

Seeing that Rin wasn't willing to start the conversation, Shuhang just sighed very loudly on purpose to annoy her. This of course had the effect that he wanted as he was able to somehow 'see' the tick mark that appeared on her head.

"What kind of a FAILURE magus are you? To use the 'command crest' for something as silly that...." said Shuhang putting a very big emphasis on the word 'failure'.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" 💢💢💢💢


Seeing her 'servant' once more giving a very long sigh, Rin was somehow even more offended than before. She just wasn't sure of why she was offended though so she could only repeatedly stomp her foot in anger.

"AAARGH! YOU.... YOU...!!!!!"

"Careful there... you might burst a blood vessel." said Shuhang in 'concern' towards Rin's health.


"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU KNOW!?" screamed Rin as she used both hands to pull at her own hair. Were she to use just a biiiit more strength, she might actually succeed in ripping off her own hair.

"Me...?! What did I do?" 'Shocked' at the accusation, Shuhang questioned Rin with an 'innocent bystander' face. It looked as if he had been greatly wronged by the world. This of course only served to infuriate her even further. It seemed that last act was the last straw that broke the camel's back as Rin, genius magus, and a 'master' of the 5th Holy Grail War, leaped towards her own 'servant' ready to bite and claw his face off.


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