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69 Dreaming of Fire
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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69 Dreaming of Fire


The sound of continuous muffled cries could be heard coming from under Shuhang's head. From her leap, Shuhang had skillfully pull Rin into a hug and shoved face into chest. Even after awhile, she was still trying to 'resist' this forceful embrace. Of course, she wasn't about to succeed any time soon.

(Huu... Okay. After bullying her a little bit, I've managed to release some of my stress from earlier. Now, all that's left is to sort out what the hell just happened...) thought Shuhang as he spread his senses throughout the whole mansion. Not a moment too soon, he found the possible goddamned culprits of why his kaleidoscope magic got re-routed. It seems to be something that was inside that chest in the basement.


(There. Hm? If I'm not mistaken, that seems to be the 'Jeweled Sword - Zelretch'? Oh? That weird un-readable thing must be the kaleido-stick 'Ruby'. The hell is that thing doing there?) thought Shuhang with a frown. Rin on the other hand seemed to have ceased struggling. He wasn't about to let her go though as it doesn't seem like she was lacking air or anything like that.

(Goddamn it. Two items created that troll~ish vampire in one place! Did it somehow cause a resonance with my own kaleidoscope magic? Rin doing the 'summoning' ritual at the same time as my 'transfer' must have been the final cause of why I got re-routed to this world. Yeah... that's the only possible explanation I could think of... Why pull me though? I'm not even a heroic sp-- Hm?!)

In mid thought, Shuhang could see a faint wisp of karma thread connecting him to his 'master', Tohsaka Rin. That in itself wasn't strange at all as they were now connected through their 'master' and 'servant' bond. What was strange however; there was another karma thread connecting Shuhang and extending into the void. After concentrating on said connection, a faint picture of Saeko hugging the katana he's given her had appeared in his mind!

(W-what? Why did the connection re-appear? Is there someone out there playing a trick on me!?) Little did he know... his thoughtless question was actually spot on...

The sudden event though had greatly confused Shuhang once again and sent his mind into a whirl wind of thoughts.

Tohsaka Rin on the other hand... the reason she stopped struggling wasn't because she had given up. The real reason is that she was currently in shock at what she's seeing! One of the privileges granted to a 'master' in the Grail War was the ability to see the 'parameters' of one's own servant at anytime. Servants parameters were both dependent on the abilities of their own masters and the class that they are summoned in. What Rin had saw though almost gave her a heart attack!


[Class: Emperor]

[Name: @#@$ *%&#!)^]


[Strength: EX++++++]

[Endurance: EX++++++]

[Agility: EX++++++]

[Magic: EX++++++]



[Noble Phantasm: UNKNOWN]

[Skills: UNKNOWN]


Currently, Rin's head felt like it was about to explode. EX... EX....... EX!!!

(W-w-w-wha-!? What the heck is this 'Emperor' Class!? And why is there an 'unknown' parameter!?) thought Rin in great confusion. The more she think, the more tumultuous her heart became however. This was only a natural reaction as the existence of her 'servant' broke just about every rule there is in the grail war! Other than the 'unknown' Noble Phantasm and Skills sections, just the Cheat Like Parameters alone can pretty much guarantee her as the winner of this whole Grail War already...

(Just what the heck did this genius me Summoned....?!) thought Tohsaka Rin as she recalled once more the beautiful visage that is 'her servant'. Her thoughts were interrupted however when she felt her restraint lessen. She didn't immediately get up and back away though and continued to comfortably stay where she is.

"Have you calmed down yet?" asked Shuhang.

"...mmm" was the muffled reply from Rin.


If you've calmed down, then why aren't getting off of me...?




After some shuffling around, Shuhang had 'restored' the entire living room back to its previous state with a literal wave of his hand. Currently, both he and Rin were sitting face to face on the sofa and having a 'civil' talk.

"--cough-- Anyways. My name is Tohsaka Rin. I'll be your 'master' for the remainder of this 5th Holy Grail War. You are...?"

"Right. I'm... you may call me 'Dragon Emperor'. As for my name... well, you wouldn't know it anyways so it doesn't matter. My class is... Emperor...?" said Shuhang unsuredly at the end.

(Yi? The fuck is an Emperor class? Never heard of this one... Eh. Whatever. I don't want to stay here too long though. As soon as all the other 'servants' are summoned, I'm goddamn steamrolling everyone. Destroy those 'Matous' shit along with that shit 'priest' and Gilgamesh as a side quest. And maybe steal some of the servants' Noble Phantasm while I'm at it. After that, I'm getting the fuck outta here. Since I've already found this world, I can also easily use the 'marker' as a starting point to find the 'Moon Princess' later.)

"In any case... Let's pick this up later tomorrow. I'm tired now since it's my bed time."

After saying such, Shuhang immediately plopped down on the sofa and closed his eyes. Seeing such a scene, Rin didn't actually get mad and only rolled her eyes at Shuhang. (What nonsense is this guy saying? How can a heroic spirit even get tired =_=...?) She didn't fight it however as she herself was getting tired seeing as the clock was about to hit 4 AM. Without putting up a fuss, Rin left towards her own bed room and turned off the living room's light on her way out.


Once Shuhang heard Rin closing the door to her own room, he finally fell asleep for real. It seems the stress of the many confusing turn of events today finally got to him. It wasn't his physical body that got tired, it was his mind that took a hit... To be honest, he still couldn't fully make heads or tails about what had just took place.

Of course Shuhang wouldn't get any rest even when he fell asleep. One moment he was awake, then he was inside the body of a little kid at the next! Seems whoever he possessed this time was currently walking through literal 'hell' on Earth. Fire... goddamn fire and death as far as his eyes could see...

(Oh come on... don't tell me I have to live through this little asshole's shitty life story!!) thought Shuhang as he was just about to break into tears at any moment now.


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