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70 Will You Please Die For Me?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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70 Will You Please Die For Me?

It's already been a few days now since Shuhang was 'summoned' as a heroic spirit. Currently, both he and Rin are standing on the roof top of her school building as she was looking at a carved rune. After destroying said rune and complaining her head off about it, she decided to mess with the plan of whoever was the mastermind behind after hearing an input from Shuhang.

Suddenly, Rin could hear a voice from above her.

"What, you're going to erase it? What a waste..." said a spear wielding man in a blue jump suit. No matter how anyone look at it, this guy was obviously the 'Lancer' servant, Cu Chu Lain.


"You...!?" before Rin could say anything else though, she picked up the sound of Shuhang's voice. "You're a servant!?"

"Oh? If you know that I'm a servant, then I assume you to be my enemy?" said Lancer nonchalantly.

Not giving the chance for Lancer to do anything else, Rin suddenly turned tail and activated 'reinforcement' magic on her legs away as quickly as she could. She then jumped off of roof and was finally carried off by Shuhang safely towards the ground. Barely a moment had passed, Lancer had also appeared as well with his spear ready to poke a hole or two into Rin's 'defenseless' body.

This attack was of course parried of Shuhang which greatly startled Lancer.

"Who are you!? Show yourself!" shouted Lancer. Even Shuhang wasn't even 'hiding' and was there the whole time, it seems his senses wasn't able to pick up on Shuhang's presence at all. This would explain Lancer was so startled by the 'sudden' intervention.

Also, the reason Shuhang hadn't destroyed Lancer yet was because not all 7 servants had been summoned yet. Plus he needed Emiya Shirou to witness this fight scene for his own 'death scene' to occur. Shuhang wouldn't be able to approach him otherwise and take away that shiny 'Avalon' off of him.

Of course Shuhang had wanted to just go and take the damn thing and Shirou wouldn't even notice anything. The only problem was that Rin wouldn't let Shuhang out of her sight at all! She was acting veeery clingy for some reason! After chasing Rin away to bed, she for some reason had returned and snuggled into the sofa he was sleeping on whilst he was living through EMIYA's life.

After that, she started pestering him so much that she was somehow able to dig out Shuhang's real name even! Now, she would only address him as such and not by his preferred Dao Name, Dragon Emperor.

Speaking of that 'dream session' though... maybe it was partly due absorbing a piece of Archer EMIYA's soul, and partly from living through his shitty ass life, Shuhang had his [Unlimited Blade Works] into his dantian. Now there is actually a new huge ass piece of land appearing within his inner world... with ALL the weapons included. From then on, Shuhang could feel that he would be able to bring out 'tiny world' inside his inner world any time he wishes through the 'True Illusion' ability.

How something like that is possible... Shuhang came to the conclusion that Archer's [Marble Reality] was just a weak ass version of the 'True Illusion' ability. Since Shuhang had lived out complete life of counter guardian EMIYA, Shuhang was able to incorporate that in his own 'True Illusion' ability. It was a surprising boon for all this annoyance that Shuhang is going through so that's one plus at least... Another surprising thing was that he also gained the ability to passively scan any 'weapon' and adding to his [Marble Reality]... no 'True Illusion' as well. Sweet...

"Shuhang! I'm counting on you!" Rin, who was standing behind Shuhang shouted suddenly which brought him back from his little reminiscent field trip. He also took this chance to reveal himself to Lancer.

"Mm!?" grunted Lancer in surprise as a new figure suddenly appeared before his eyes. This new figure was of course Shuhang that's wearing a Daoist robe while loosely holding the 'Severing Heaven Sword' in his right hand.

(Shuhang? Is that this heroic spirit's name? No... such a name doesn't exist in the Grail's given information. And the dangerous aura released from that sword... he must be the 'Saber' servant!) thought Lancer with a shit eating grin. He was currently really happy right now as he would be able to fight a formidable opponent.

The only thing that really displeased him was his damnable of a 'master' putting a limit on his power level! Just as he was about to say something to 'Saber', he was interrupted by said servant's voice.

"No need for small talk." The moment Shuhang had finished talking, he suddenly disappeared and once again reappearing behind Lancer. This gave him a big scare as he could barely follow Shuhang's movement.

"Hrn!" with a grunt, he turned around and swiped with his spear to block a strike from Shuhang.

*DING!* (Nngh! What a heavy hit...!)

The following few minutes later was the sound steel meeting steel as Lancer 'fought' Saber on 'equal' grounds. This amazing 'fight' was of course interrupted by the intrusion of 'Emiya fucking Shirou which was immediately came a halt.

"WHO'S THERE!?" shouted Lancer before quickly disappearing in order to chase after and silence the 'witness'.

"Shuhang! Let's go!" shouted Rin as she quickly disappeared into the school building to which Shuhang grew a slight grin before his figure disappeared as well. When he next reappeared, Shuhang looked down at the corpse that is Emiya Shirou with a gaping hole at his heart area.

(Good job Lancer. I'll make sure end you as quickly as possible so you won't suffer any pain... After I take your 'Cause and Effect' spear that is.) thought Shuhang with a wicked grin as he bent put his hand on Shirou's cooling corpse. With a 'push', a golden light appeared to which Shuhang wasted no time shoving that into inner world, which for some reason had appeared on the lap of his nascent soul despite Shuhang's intention to put it elsewhere.

Not a moment too soon, a Tohsaka Rin who was gasping for breath had appeared which then slowly walked towards Shuhang and stood next to him.

"Shuhang... please follow Lancer. We need to at least learn the identity of Lancer's master. Otherwise, none of this would have been worth it..." whispered Rin with a sad tone. Shuhang of course didn't really need to as he already knew of the identity of Lancer's master and exactly where he was at. He wasn't about to tell her that though and just wordlessly nodded in acceptance before disappearing from view.

(Well... once Rin revives that hypocritical prick, he should go on to summon the final servant. Who would he summon though since I 'borrowed' his summoning catalyst...?) thought Shuhang before just shrugging the question. No matter who appears, Shuhang was determined to end everything by tonight. Or at the very least, end this whole thing by the next moon rise.


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