New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
71 And Then There Were 2 Less...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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71 And Then There Were 2 Less...


Emiya Shirou suddenly woke up with a start.

"Huu Huu. What.. just happened?"

Gasping for breath, he struggled to stand on his feet when he suddenly stumbled and found a red pendant lying on the ground. Without thinking, he grabbed onto it and stumbled away into the dark and empty school hall way. His destination, is of course his home.

The moment Shirou had reached his home's living room, he couldn't hold it anymore and fell onto the floor face up.

"Hu hu. Those guys in Blue and White... Just what exactly were those monsters? There's no way they're humans!" mumbled Shirou aloud to himself as he unconsciously move his hands the spot that was stabbed in.

"I was no doubt 'killed' back then. Yet, here I am. Somehow still alive... Did someone came to save me afterward?" said Shirou as he sat himself up. Even after having experienced death once, Shirou only regretted that he couldn't thank the person that came and saved him. Suddenly, his house's 'alarm' rang. Looking up by pure chance, Shirou had noticed 'Lancer' materializing above with a spear once more aiming for his life!



Locked in confrontation, neither Shirou nor Lancer had noticed Shuhang who was nonchalantly drinking tea on the roof of Shirou's shed. This shed is of course the 'workshop' of amateur magus, Emiya Shirou.


After getting thrashed around a few times, they somehow made their way towards the shed yet still unable to notice Shuhang's presence.

(Hm. Rin is probably going to spew fire out of her mouth and piss lava once she realized I had ditched her midway... Wonder if she had figured out she's still talking to empty space?) thought Shuhang in amusement. Whatever he was thinking was interrupted however he could the sound of another mini explosion occurring just under him, inside of the shed.

(Yup. Shirou sitting on his ass. Lancer is about to pull the finishing move and that 'magic circle' is glowing like a light bulb. How the hell is Lancer not not noticing that shit?) thought Shuhang in interest as he continued to sip on his tea, brewed using his 'Living Spring' water.

'Don't think too badly of me, kid. This is the end for you.' declared Lancer with a neutral face.

'Screw that... there's no way I'm going to die. Not like this... and NOT TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU!' shouted Shirou in a last ditch defiance. Lancer didn't care though as he, for the 'final' time, thrust his spear. In that instance, the 'magic circle' inside the shed glowed at its maximum brightness as a new figure suddenly appeared just in front of Emiya Shirou, narrowly saving his sorry ass.

"Wha-?!" exclaimed a very surprised Lancer.


As quickly as this new figure appeared, two sudden strikes were lashed out just as quick! Lancer who was in mid attack was barely able to parry in time yet he was still knocked out of the shed anyways.


Shuhang who saw the figure of this newly appeared servant, spat out all of the tea in his mouth and openly gawked.

Lancer who was just pushed to the entrance of the shed, got his face sprayed by Shuhang's tea and saliva. This in turn caused him to openly gawk at the perfectly timed coincidence and also the fact that he didn't realize the servant 'Saber' was watching everything this whole time. While nonchalantly sipping at that!

As for the newly summoned servant, the moment he turned around to look at his 'master', he also openly gawked as soon as he realized what their identity is.

As for the 'still confused about life Emiya Shirou', he just openly gawked because of the strange shit that kept happening around him.





Suddenly there was an awkward silence and a sudden lull in tense atmosphere as 'master' and 'servant' openly stared at each other while Lancer stared at Shuhang. Shuhang on the other hand was staring at the newly appeared servant.

(WTF!? Is... isn't that... Counter Guardian EMIYA!?) Shuhang shouted within his heart. (But... but how...!? Hold on a sec... when I took away his 'Avalon', I had assumed that he no longer had a catalyst to use for his summoning. But I overlooked something. Rin's pendant! Since both 'present' and 'future' EMIYA had the pendant, that instead became the perfect catalyst, thus summoning Counter Guardian- nay, Heroic Spirit EMIYA!) thought Shuhang as he was suddenly enlightened as to what had just occurred.

Suddenly, Shuhang picked up the presence of Tohsaka Rin speedily heading towards this location. By the look of it, she's extreeeemely pissed!

(Uh oh. Better finish as quickly as I could while they're all still in their stunned state...) As soon as this thought had passed, Shuhang instantly brought out his full capabilities and lashed out at an unfathomable speed! At least unfathomable for present parties. And the first target is... Lancer!

*PUCHI!* "!!"

Before he even knew what transpired, Lancer's head was already flying through the air and 'Gae Bolg' seized by Shuhang which was immediately sealed and placed in his inner world. Shuhang isn't sure what changed, but something did the moment he absorbed the spear.

Not even half a breath had passed, Shuhang had appeared behind the back of Archer and lashed out at full speed.


And just like that, Archer was split into and he was no more! While both body of Lancer's and Archer's was still in the process of disintegrating, Shuhang finally proceeded to knock out Shirou and usurped his 'command crest', which he had plans for later. Whether or not that plan came into fruition though, was very unlikely.

And just like that, everything ended as soon as it began! About half a minute later, Tohsaka Rin finally appeared in court yard even as she gasping for breath and sweating buckets load.

"SHUUUUUHAAAAANG....!" growled out Rin with one of her eyes rapidly twitching. Most likely due to extreme anger. (That... cannot be healthy.) thought Shuhang idly as he waited for Rin to finally blow a fuse.

"Yes, dear?" replied Shuhang with a serene and beautiful smile.




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