New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
72 Good Evening and... Good Bye
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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72 Good Evening and... Good Bye

After listening to Rin's nonstop ranting for close to half an hour, Shuhang whose face was now full of saliva, decided it was time break the on-going scolding.

"Haa. Say. Shouldn't you be taking care of your friend over there? You know, the one you tried so hard to revive?" suddenly said Shuhang as he walked up to the still unconscious Shirou. While pretending to 'wake' him up, Shuhang stealthily activated 'Memory Reading Magic - White's Edition' and modified everything that involved him a moment ago in Shirou's memory.

After he wakes up, from Shirou's point of view, he would only remember the 'Blue' guy reappearing once more while another one suddenly showed up in front of him. Afterwards, both parties began their fight to death which ended up in mutual destruction. Shuhang who was otherwise the true culprit gets to pretend that he only showed up at the end of the aftermath. Everybody wins! Sort of.


After 'lightly' slapping him in the face, Shirou once again rejoined the world of the living.

"Ugh... I... wha-?!" slowly said Shirou before he sudden sat up with a start! Although he initially went on guard the moment he laid eyes on Shuhang, said 'guard' immediately evaporated the moment Tohsaka Rin came into view.

"😌 Good evening. Emiya Shirou-kun."




A few moments later, they were relocated to the living room of the Emiya estate. After having the mess created from earlier scuffle fixed by Rin that is. During their entire talk, that is to say, Rin dumbing everything down for Emiya 'Slow witted' Shirou so that he would understand the situation that he's currently in. Said situation is of course being a 'master' which lost both 'servant' and 'command crest', thus his right as a 'master' and is in need critical need of seeking shelter from the church. The reason for that is because said church is a neutral party that acts as the officiator in this 'Holy Grail War'.

Shuhang paid no attention to the talk however as he continued to lazily sip his hot tea. After the talk devolved some more, it finally got to the point that Rin convinced [Emiya 'Summoned and Lost His Servant Within The Same Hour' Shirou] to go talk to that creepy priest.

Hearing the keyword 'priest', Shuhang finally perked up from his tea sipping mode. Quickly casting his senses towards the church, Shuhang picked up only 1 presence within the church.

(Perfect. I should be able to finish those 2 soon. I just need to.... get over there and stealthily lay a trap or two...) thought Shuhang in glee as he continued to plan different ways of getting away from Rin and trapping those 2 shit heads in one place. (Now, I just need a way to force Gil to bringing out 'Ea'. Speaking of which... can't wait to get my hands on that. Problem is... how to get that arrogant prick to actually take out, let alone 'use', the damn thing.)

Shuhang's secret planning was finished just time for Rin and Shirou to suit up and getting ready to head out.




"So, this priest is actually also a mage?" asked Shirou in surprise. In turn, Rin's returned a sarcastic reply as she opened the door and made her way inside with Shirou in tow.

"Yes, he is without doubt, a fake priest."

Shuhang on the other hand refused entry and went 'invisible' as soon as the church's entrance door had closed.

(Heh. What better time than now to lay that 'one-way barrier'? You can come inside the church, Gil, but you can forget about leaving it.) thought Shuhang with a smirk. With that final thought, he went to work and diligently, and carefully laid down his trap. Just need to make sure nothing triggers that damn priest's alarm seeing as he should still be jumpy over the sudden loss of his 'Lancer'.




About 10 minutes or so later, both Rin and Shirou had left the gloomy church. The former had put on a neutral face while the other was sporting a very noticeable scowl.

"Hm? What happened in there, Rin? I thought Shirou was supposed to be seeking asylum or something like that? Why did he also came out with you?" asked Shuhang in 'wonder'. He of course was only pretending to be curious as he was actually eaves dropping on their conversation the entire he was laying down the 'one-way barrier'.

Hearing Shuhang's probe only served to deepen Shirou's scowl while Rin just gave a big sigh.

"Aah. Let's just say that they had a... disagreement."

"Ok... then. Where to next? Your house?... His house?" as if he had just 'realized' something, Shuhang put on a very 'shocked' face and gasp. "R-Rin... don't tell me. You're going to HIS house? You're going to betray me already!? I thought we had something special going on between the two of us!"

For some reason, Shuhang had started to like trolling people more and more the longer he immerses himself in the 'kaleidoscope' magic. At the rate he's going, he might actually become present day 'Block-head Song'. (A good thing Soft Feather's Ghost Spirit was incapacitated the moment he came into this world. She doesn't need to know this side of me... Not yet at least.)

The only response Shuhang received for his non-sense is a tick mark, gritted teeth, twitching eye, and a raised fist which was unceasingly trembling. It looked as if that fist was ready to rain blows on some unfortunate fool at anytime...

Just in this fashion, the trio continued midnight stroll when Shuhang suddenly ceased his step. Noticing the abrupt stop, Rin and Shirou looked to the place Shuhang is looking at. What greeted them was a Snow White 'loli' and a humongous beastly looking 'Berserker'. Illyasviel von Einzbern is actually a fake loli though since she's actually the same age as Shuhang himself, currently at 18 years old!

"Hehee. Good evening, onii-chan. This is the 2nd time we've met isn't it?" said Illya towards Shirou with a light smile. After saying so, she began to take light steps forward, getting ready to introduce herself to Rin. That plan didn't come into fruition however as Shuhang appeared directly in front of Berserker before anyone could react.

His reputation as the 'strongest' servant in this 5th Holy Grail War wasn't undeserved however as he immediately danger. He was even able to raise his 'stone sword' to block. Not that it would do anything though as Shuhang's 'Severing Heaven Sword' sliced through both sword and Berserker in one go.

Under the stunned gazes of all those present, blood rained down at the expense of one of Heracles' life.


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