New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
73 Heh... Look What I found?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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73 Heh... Look What I found?

"..." "..." "..."

Rin, Shirou, and Illya just stared wide eyes in utter shock and confusion. The only thing in their collective minds were 'What just happened?'. Who wouldn't be? it went from a tense atmosphere, to polite small talk, then suddenly it started to literally rain blood suddenly after all.

What they saw next were glowing rings of runic symbols floating around the Berserker servant that was regenerating at high speed. Barely a breath of time later, he was covered up and condensed into a small looking marble and collected by the assailant.

Every move made by him were precise and graceful in every way even though he just blatantly committed murder right in front of their eyes. So much so that the watching trio couldn't help but be captivated. Shirou even went a step further and questioned his own sexuality within the confines of his own mind.

Only after Shuhang had turned around and started to nonchalantly walk towards Illya that they finally woke up from their trance. Illya being the first of the trio. Her expression then went from shock to a mixture of both trepidation and fury.

"What... what have you done to my Berserker!?" snarled the little princess. Were it anybody else, Illyasviel von Einzbern would have blown an even bigger fuse than just now. She might have even torn the offender to pieces with her mage craft already.

The only problem was... this offender is a 'heroic spirit' in her point of view. He even effortlessly slaughtered her own 'heroic spirit'! What would then be the point of retaliating if it is useless effort in the first place?

The biggest reason that she didn't try to do anything is because of the floating runes that circled her own body. Though they were fewer in numbers compared to when they surrounded her Berserker. Even if she didn't know the precise function of these runes, her experience as a Magus told her that they were some sort of sealing 'mage craft'.

And she was right. The moment they imprinted themselves on her body, Illya was no longer able to draw upon her prana at all! No access to prana means no mage craft. And no mage craft means that currently, she is just an ordinary little girl!

Whatever thoughts were running through her head was interrupted as Shuhang wordlessly lifted Illya from the ground. He then proceeded to sling her over his shoulder as if he was carrying a sack of potato. Afterwards, he continued walking towards the still silent duo until he reached in front of Rin all the while ignoring the struggle and protests of Illya.

"Rin. it's pretty late now. Let's go home." said Shuhang with a refreshingly beautiful smile. Even though it looked so beautiful, but to Rin as of this moment, it looked reeeeally annoying! So much so that just wants to up and just smack him then and there!

"Alright. let's go hom--...💢 THE HELL WE ARE!" snapped Rin finally. "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO!?"

"That's right! What are you doing to that girl!?" clamored in Shirou in support. This only served to irritate the current Rin even more though and it immediately backfired.

"SHUT YOUR FACE SHIROU!" 'hiiii..!!! s-sorry!'

Faced with the murderous aura being emitted by Rin, Shirou could only yelp pitifully and tuck his tail in fright. He then proceeded to make himself look as inconspicuous as possible, hoping to avoid her asura-like stare.


After dealing with pitiful Shirou, she then turned her wrath towards Shuhang who still had the gall to don an 'innocent bystander' look.

"Eh? What do you mean? I saw a loli wandering around alone at night so I did the most obvious thing. I am kidna-- uh, guiding her to her home where she should be."


Hearing the latter end of his sentence, the still struggling Illya had started to put up an even more fierce struggle than before!


"Rin. You should calm down. Too high a blood pressure is bad for your heart."


At this point, not only Rin was screaming bloody murder, she was also ruthlessly stomping her foot on the innocent concrete ground. Shuhang could even see cracks starting to form. All without her even using reinforcement mage craft. Such was the height of her current anger.

Ignoring both the struggling Illya and the fire breathing Rin, Shuhang turned to speak to Shirou.

"It's pretty late right now. I bid you a good evening, Emiya-kun."

After saying such, Shuhang started to walk in the direction of the Tohsaka mansion in an even pace. Being spoken to all of a sudden, Shirou could only dumbly return a 'h-have a good evening' of his own.


"Wha-what are you doing!? Stop it! Let me go!" shouted Illya as she try and fail to free herself even as she kicked and flail around.

"No matter how much you scream... no one will be able to save you! MWAHAHAHA!"

Hearing such a villainous line, Illya did the most obvious thing and screamed even louder than before. "CRIMINAL! KIDNAPPER! BEAST! LOLICON!! HEEELP!" Shuhang who was still calmly walking away made a leaping motion before suddenly disappearing from view.

"AH!? GET BACK HERE SHUHANG!" Rin all but demanded in futility as she activated reinforcement mage craft on her legs and dashed away towards her own mansion. Shirou who was literally eating the dust that Rin left behind could only stand there with a dumbfounded look.

Everything that happened just now was so ridiculous that he couldn't even react properly. It was to the point that his 'heroic tendency' didn't activate at the face of the kidnapping that just occurred in front of him.

"Hm... When I get back home, I'm going to need about half a bottle of Ibuprofen then take a nice looong sleep." said Shirou as he started to walk in the direction of the Emiya estate.

Perched upon a roof some hundreds of meters away was servant 'Rider' who saw everything taking place. The question floating around inside her head was 'How... do I even report what just happened..?'


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