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74 The Hunt Begins...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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74 The Hunt Begins...

In the midst of traveling, servant Rider who was in astral form, suddenly felt a ripple of power in front of her. Yet, there were not any actual sign of an ambush attack as she had initially thought. Due to her experience as a 'heroic spirit' however, Rider would put up her guard anyways just in case her initial threat assessment was erroneous.

Not that it would help her though... Almost as soon as she felt that ripple, a horrifying suction power had appeared and Rider was unable to resist it at all! One moment, she was in mid-air while roof top jumping, the next moment she was sitting upon a classy looking sofa. What made it even worse was that... she wasn't able to do anything at all except moving her head around.

So, with her strength completely restricted and 0 access to prana, Rider did exactly the only thing she was capable of. That was of course to look around and find out how she even got here in the first place. Where ever this place was...

To Rider's surprise, she instantly found a white haired little girl who was pretty much in the same situation as her to her immediate left. It was actually Illyasviel von Einzbern, the little loli that was 'guided home' earlier by that strange, yet beautiful, 'Saber' servant! For some reason, Illya appear to be sporting a look of utter concentration before changing to a neutral one.

(Einzbern...? I've been captured by 'Saber' as well? But how!?) thought Rider in annoyance at her own carelessness. Somehow or another, she actually fell into Saber's trap without even noticing it! Pushing aside the self ridicule with a head shake for a later time, Rider continued her observation of the room. Or at least she tried to, when she suddenly felt a weight upon her right shoulder.

Tense from the sudden contact while in a defenseless state, Rider hurriedly turn her head towards the source of that weight. To her great dismay and horror, it was actually someone she knew! Originally a daughter of 'Tohsaka', the one leaning on her shoulder is actually Matou Sakura, Rider's true 'Master'!

(WHY!? WHY IS SAKURA HERE!?) thought Rider in extreme panic. The fact that Sakura appear to unconscious didn't help her calm down at all either! Even though she doesn't appear to be hurt at all appearance wise, one couldn't be too sure when mage craft is involved. When she was thinking of ways to escape from this predicament, Rider was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open.


"Huuu huuu Huuuu."

Looking at the source of the loud entrance just now, both Illya and Rider saw the ragged appearance of Tohsaka Rin as she gasp for air. She did ran pretty far after all so it isn't strange that she's out of breath. As the 'master' of 'Saber', their captor, Rider was instantly put on guard. Illya who was also a captive was strangely calm however as Rin slowly entered the room.

Seeing Illya who was 'guided home' by Shuhang earlier, Rin wasn't surprised by her sitting there. Rin was instantly alert however when she saw purple headed woman in a very kinky outfit and masked eyes. She came to a pause wanted to immediately question the reason for her presence before she noticed another person in the room.

"S-Sakura...!?" exclaimed Rin in shock. Before she could say anything else though, the door behind her slammed itself shut. Not a moment too soon, glowing runes appeared all over the room and Rin felt... 'suppressed', by something. Everyone did.

(A bounded field!) thought Rin in surprise. Of course she is. This was HER mansion after all. Just when the heck was this 'bounded field' setup? All without her knowledge at that! Her thoughts that were currently in great disarray from the appearance of her estranged sister, Sakura, and the sudden appearance of this 'bounded field' was interrupted by a voice laced with indifference.

"It's useless you know? Don't bother trying anything. We're all trapped here for the time being." said Illya as she threw something in Rin's direction. Surprisingly, Illya's movement wasn't restricted like Rider was. Catching the thrown object by reflex, Rin discovered that it was folded paper with writing on it.

Though she was a bit wary, Rin decided to read it anyways as it's probably an explanation of why they're all in this situation.

'Dear Rin,

Be a good little girl for me and stay put for a bit, okay?

Ah. No need to worry about me. I'm just getting snacks

from a nearby convenient store. Take care of our guests

in the mean time. Thanks!


Your beloved

Song 💖 Shuhang.'


"That didn't explain anything at all! And 'convenient store'? Who the heck would believe that!?" shouted Rin with a tick mark on her head. "And who the hell is my 'beloved'!?" Irritated, she crumpled the letter and threw it to the floor. Rin then proceeded to mercilessly stomp said letter repeatedly in anger.

At this moment, Rin was reeeeaally tempted to summon Shuhang with the command crest just so she could beat him up. Thankfully, she still had a bit of self control left as she successfully reined in her temptation. Rin then did the next best thing and turned towards the one person who seems to be in the know, Illyasviel von Einzbern. Rider who had noticed her calm demeanor and lack of 'restraints' also came to the same conclusion and looked towards her for an explanation.




Back at the church where they Rin and Shirou were at less than an hour ago; there was currently a tense staring contest between 3 individuals. Well... only one of them was actually 'tense' though and it was the one in the priest attire. Standing on the same side of said priest was a blond haired man sporting an arrogant look.

The last person who stood alone at the entrance of the church was a Daoist Robe wearing Shuhang. Suddenly, Shuhang smirked and sent a look of utmost contempt towards the blond hair man. Whether or not it was a planned action, it seemed to have work in putting a scowl in the blond man's face.

"So... which of you MONGRELS wants to die first?" said Shuhang afterwards.


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