New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
75 There Once Was a Spirit Blade Moun- uh wait...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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75 There Once Was a Spirit Blade Moun- uh wait...

"What was that...?" replied the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, with a big scowl on his face. "Just because I was a tiny bit intrigued by the person who could trap me without my notice... To think, it turned out to just be a clown that dared to threaten this King. Know your place, mongrel!"

Just when Shuhang thought that was the end, golden boy over there kept on spewing more nonsense. "I had thought you to be a worthy hero hailing from Huaxia, but it turned out you're just another trash who doesn't know how high the heaven is... hmph."

While Gil was oozing arrogance from his every pore as usual in the face of this strange new 'servant', the fake priest Kotomine was trying to 'stealthily' back away to safer spot. 'Try' was the keyword and Shuhang wasn't about to let him get away. Without even looking in his direction, Shuhang wordlessly raised a single hand to chest level and...


...took a page right out Colonel Roy Mustang and snapped his fingers. Immediately after, sparks came to life Kotonime Kirei burst into flames and reduced to nothing but ash. The King of Heroes who was standing nearby had to jump away in haste in order to avoid damage.

Surprisingly, there was a single piece of him that was left in tact. It was a hand, cleanly cut from the wrist down, that had the 'command seals' on it. This was of course collected by Shuhang with a wave of his hand via a skill called 'Universe In a Sleeve', something only those that had mastery over 'Space force' could use.

Of course, it wasn't Roy's alchemy that Shuhang just performed. He was only doing it for show while the real attack was an extremely fast sword Qi that cut away the collected hand. It then burst into flames to cover Kirei's whole body and turned him into flying ash.

"You dare, mongrel...!?" growled out Gil as he caressed his cheek which was singed by Shuhang's attack just now. The fact that Kirei had just died didn't even enter his mind as all he could think of was make Shuhang pay. The crime was that of rebellion as he actually dared to raise a hand to the King.

"Me, a mongrel? A clown that's seen yet unable to recognize Mount Tai I see..." said Shuhang with a sneer. "You... a mere 'king' of mortals and mere plaything for a bunch of low level 'Gods'. While my very name sent chills down the spine of every head pantheons. You dare to look down on this 'Dragon Emperor'?! aaaAH!?"

After saying his piece, Shuhang's 'True Illusion' ability immediately manifest and enveloped both he and Gilgamesh altogether. Of course Shuhang didn't need something so high a level to beat Gil. This was just a good time to test out the new toy he's received from assimilating a piece of Archer 'EMIYA'. Not to mention, perceiving that he's trapped inside a 'Marble Reality' might actually force Gil to use Ea easier.

What was once a dreary church that was catching fire was now replaced by a tall mountain and a sea of vibrant green that is littered with swords as far as the eyes could see. Instead of a normal blue sky however, all they could see overhead was an endless sea of multi-colored light flowing about. The closest thing one could compare this marvelous spectacle to would be that of the Aurora Borealis.

The one responsible for this sight, Song Shuhang, could be seen atop of the mountain. There, he sat upon a throne made up of various legendary swords from various myths.

(Hm... didn't expect it would take on this form. I can even sense all kinds of new weapons, not just swords, appearing within this world and my mind nonstop as the plane's border continues to expand. And none of them were from the database that I've got from Archer... What the heck is going on here...? Holy crap, is that... a lake that's taking form?)

While Shuhang was pondering over the changes of his new 'True Illusion', Gilgamesh stood trembling in rage. Bringing up his sore spot appear to have done the trick as there were suddenly hundreds of golden ripples appearing behind him. Shockingly, within each of those ripples appeared a different kind weapon. Every single one of them emitted a majestic and powerful aura.

Suddenly, a golden construct with a throne-like seat had appeared to which Gilgamesh immediately sat upon as it steadily rose to the air to match Shuhang's current height. (That thing is more than likely the Vimana? You know, that actually looks pretty nice. Think I'll take that as well)

"Very well, 'Dragon Emperor'. I don't know how you brought me here, but I shall admit you have a vast armory. That it is almost as vast as my own is impressive enough." finally said Gilgamesh as he scanned his surrounding. There were a lot of weapons here and there that Gil recognized, but there are even more that he's never seen before.

(Oya? It seems he doesn't recognize the 'True Illusion' for what it is. A more complete form of the 'Reality Marble'...) thought Shuhang idly.

"Although your armory is vast, but so what?! All of the world's treasure belongs to me in the end. It seems you're nothing but a mere thief!" said Gil as he unleashed his attacks. Immediately, a rain of golden light crossed the horizon and speeding towards Shuhang. The very same moment that Gil had unleashed his attacks, the myriad of weapons laying about on the ground, on the mountain, and even under the newly formed lake, rose up and perfectly intercepted Gil's attacks.

Gil wanted to keep attacking however he was suddenly interrupted by Shuhang who had just finished sipping on hot tea that he had taken out from who knows when.

"It seems you're misunderstanding something here... This isn't my armory you see. It is just one of my many leisure 'Gardens'." said Shuhang in the most snobbish tone he could muster. "Although... don't tell me that was your 'serious' attack after acknowledging me? Seems your collections aren't worth much in the face of merely my garden's 'decorations'. Know your place, King of vermins." said Shuhang in disdain.

"You..!? You dare look at this KING in contempt!?" shouted Gil in fury. To think that someone dared to compare his treasures to mere garden decorations...! "You want to see a treasure!? You shall regret asking for such a thing, Dragon Emperor!"

Suddenly, a red storm appeared around Gil's body which easily tore apart the nearby space. As Shuhang had near perfect over this 'True Illusion' however, all damage were instantly fixed as soon as it appeared. (It seems that he's still not willing to use its full power despite his current rage... no, he can't. Other wise even he himself would die... Or rather, just how powerful is that damn thing? Can't believe how easy it is to damage my True Illusion despite how little of its power was used. My cultivator's intuition tells me that... less than 0.01% of its power actually being used! Much less. Wtf is that thing, really!?)


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