New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
76 Shamed By Own Teammate...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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76 Shamed By Own Teammate...

Although the spatial storms looked extremely deadly at first glance, it was actually nothing in comparison to his world traveling via kaleidoscope. Shuhang concluded that was only so due to Gil only use the barest of the bare minimum power output possible for Ea. Just as soon as he wanted to quickly snatch away Ea however, a sudden ringing sound could be heard from his inner world.

Shuhang didn't even need to check to know that it is his sentient 'Living Item', the 'Severing Heaven Sword' that 'spoke' out to him. (What..? You want to eat it? That's not candy, oi.) sent back Shuhang with a sweat drop. Immediately after, he could 'feel' the disappointment that was radiated off of his own sword.


Barely a breath later, this childish sword of his seemed to have changed its mood. Now, it seems to want to have a head on clash with it. After thinking about it for a moment, Shuhang agreed with imitated Gilgamesh's way of bringing out weapon. That is, via a shining ripple of course. In Shuhang's case though, it wasn't a golden ripple but a kaleidoscopic one instead.

"Rejoice, 'King' of Heroes, for you received this once in a life time opportunity to feast your eyes upon a TRUE treasured sword. Come, Tian'er" The moment its nick name was called upon, a sword handle appeared from the ripple behind Shuhang. Wasting of no time, Shuhang of course pulled the sword out.

The moment it was held in Shuhang's hand, it's aura was immediately unleashed. The words 'Sever' and 'Heaven' carved upon its blade began to shine brightly and immediately suppressed all of the weapons that exist within this 'True Illusion'. Gilgamesh who happened to have laid his eyes on the 'Severing Heaven Sword' felt a stabbing pain in his eyes.

(Nuh!? What weapon is this? Is it so sharp that one could be cut from a mere glance?!) thought Gilgamesh as he averted his eyes and looked at Shuhang's calm visage. As if they had agreed on it long ago, both Gilgamesh and Shuhang had taken their eyes contact as the starting signal. Without any warning, both raised their 'treasured swords' heaven ward and chanted their attack's 'activation phrase' out loud.

This would be Shuhang's first time doing so however there were never anyone strong enough that requires it. The only reason he was doing so now is just to indulge in the whims of his sword which doesn't seem to want to lose to Ea in terms of splendor and majesty. For that, a cool activation phrase is absolutely required!... or so Shuhang felt coming from his sword... (great, my sword is a chuunibyou....)



As soon as both voices fell, their devastating attacks were unleashed upon each other as they swung downward. One stood atop a golden flying construct while the other atop a mountain of blades.

From Ea, a literal storm of chaotic energy ground to dust the surrounding space-time as the beam of red death traveled towards Shuhang. To any mortal witnessing this sight, it would seem like end of days, Ragnarok, had arrived.

From 'Severing Heaven Sword', a beam of multi-colored sword Qi traveled true to meeting heads on with Ea's attack. Everywhere the light beam's traveled, every thing were 'severed' and torn apart without mercy. Not even the structural wall called space, something that holds this reality together, were spared. Chaotic energy could even be seen leaking out of the spatial tear even as damage repair itself as soon as it appears.


Maybe due to it's pride, but his sword, Tian'er, had decided to use the same amount of output as that of Ea. The moment both attacks had met each other, a great pressure was released as the 2 storms of energy try to over power the other assert dominance. They seem to be stuck in a stale mate however both attacks had the same energy output. Even their underlying 'principle' were very similar to each other.

Where as one tears apart space with brute force like that of a blunt weapon, the other was a sharp blade with infinitely fine point.

Shuhang who was trying to his best to make sure the 'True Illusion' wasn't collapsed due to the clash of energy was starting to gather sweat on his forehead! (Ah! shit.... a little big of energy had leaked out into the real world!) thought Shuhang unhappily. Even that 'tiny' bit of energy leakage could have catastrophic effects! Hopefully, Fuyuki City hadn't disappeared from the map once he left this 'True Illusion'... That would be pretty bad...!

Even though the clash felt like an eternity, it in truth only lasted no longer than 3 breaths of time! And as Shuhang had expected, the clash ended in mutual destruction. It just wasn't possible for 2 Principle level attacks with similar power output to overpower the other after all... or so Shuhang thought.


His sword actually 'cheated' at the last second! It actually use it's connection to Shuhang and drew forth extra power from alternate realities and gained 'infinite power' for but a single instance! This of course lead to Ea's chaotic energy being torn apart while the multi-colored energy continued going forth. The King of Heroes who at most expected their attacks to mutually collapse wasn't able to prepare for what was coming next.

*SWOOSH!* "Argh!"

Cut cleanly from the armpit, the arm that held Ea was cleanly separated from his body! Seeing such a childish action, Shuhang was left flabbergasted. So much so that he almost forgot to collect Ea via space manipulation and sealed it before it's automatically retrieved by the 'Gate of Babylon'.

"What have you done to MY treasure, DRAGON EMPEROR!?" asked Gilgamesh as he applied pressure over his torn limb. As all treasures were connected to his Gate of Babylon, which was connected to him, of course he would feel it if a treasure was suddenly 'missing'.


For awhile, Shuhang didn't have the face to look at Gilgamesh as he was too ashamed that it was HIS party member that cheated in a competition. Then, Shuhang resolved himself to something and looked at the seething King of Heroes.

"Uh... I'm sorry about this, but there can't be any witnesses...." said Shuhang completely serious.

(What? Witness?) thought a confused Gilgamesh. His question never received an answer however as Gil was suddenly able to see a figure standing upon HIS Vimana, right next to a headless body! (Wha-....?) Then, his view was slowly enveloped in darkness.


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