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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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77 Offers...

Now with Ea secured and getting the Vimana as a bonus, Shuhang felt a bit happier. He of course had thoughts about Gilgamesh's other signature treasure, Enkidu, but gave up in the end. He just decided to not bother with that one since he could already use top grade Sealing arts. Not to mention the fact that at his current power level; if there are enemies he couldn't over power and his sealing arts doesn't work... this just means he's already pretty screwed so the 'chains of heaven' is useless to him.

Suddenly, Shuhang turned to look at his sword which was floating by his side.

"Tian'er, no 'Raising Sword Art' on you for a month." said Shuhang with a deadly serious voice. Hearing such a devastating thing, his sword which was merrily floating around his body suddenly froze in its track! Before it could whine and complain however, it was sent back to his inner world.

"Now then... who are my next victims? The Matous, or storming Ryuudo temple where Castor and Assassin are at?" mumbled Shuhang to himself. After about a minute or so of contemplation, Shuhang decided to leave the temple alone at the moment.

"Yes. I'll head over there last since it's the site where the grail would manifest to which I could ju-- wait, maybe I don't need to destroy it at all? Yeah... I could use 'that' phantasm and power it up with 'Boosted Gear'. And then... Hehe"

[Oi, Partner! Do something about your sword will ya? It's been whining nonstop to me the moment it got back in! I don't even know what's even saying though...!!]

In the midst of scheming up a new plot, Shuhang was suddenly interrupted by the voice of Ddraig.


"Aren't you an almighty Heavenly Dragon? Just deal with it yourself... You're already baby sitting little White so what's another brat to deal with?" said Shuhang offhandedly.


"I'm hanging up." interrupted Shuhang as he blocked his connection to Ddraig. "Next stop, the Matou estate... As for the 2 sets of 'command seals' I managed to claim... should I use the extra 1 to summon a servant? Is there even a point at this point in time though? All I need now is to get my hands on the last 2 servants at the Ryuudo temple to summon the grail after all..."

Deciding to put that thought on hold for now, Shuhang had dissolved the 'True Illusion' and return to the real world. The first thing that greeted his eyes was an inferno of flames and not much of the church was left. All around, there were a cacophony of sounds as fire fighters rushed about to try and douse the flames.

(Well shit... this must be the result of that energy leakage) thought Shuhang idly even as he hurriedly left the area. The only saving grace was the fact that the energy were contained to only the church area thanks to Shuhang's one-way barrier. (Speaking of which... I should probably remove that barrier too before an investigator from the Clock Tower or the Church are sent.)

With the barrier gone and all traces of his presence removed, Shuhang then moved unhindered throughout the night. The authorities of Fuyuki city will definitely be sleepless tonight as there was a pyromaniac going around town and burning down buildings after buildings. The arsonist is of course Shuhang while those other locations were the backups of that crazy bastard, Matou Zouken.




Back at the Tohsaka mansion, 3 ladies plus an unconscious one stared at one another in a tense silence.

"Are you serious?" said Rin to break the silence as she glared at Illya's face as if expecting her to suddenly burst out laughing and claiming everything was a joke. Sadly, all she received a face of indifference as Illya was leisurely sipping on some milk tea.

"Of course I am. Whether or not what 'Saber' said is true however...." responded Illya half halfheartedly.

Rider on the hand just kept silent as she gently pet the head of the still sleeping Sakura. It seems Rider was no longer restricted as she 'accepted' the situation she's in.

Hearing people referring to Shuhang as 'Saber' made Rin want to snort at them. (What Saber? That guy is anything but a Saber. In fact, I'm not even sure if he's even a servant at all... Sigh. If what this little brat is really true, then this Holy Grail War had been pointless from the start.)

Speaking of being un-saber-like, Rin was reminded of the dreams she's been having since she summoned Shuhang. From her understanding, they were memories that bleeded into her in the form of dreams as a result of their bonds as servant and master. What she saw were really confusing and scary stuff though. It made even less sense as there were 2 different sets of memories.

One of those dreams were that of the life of an ordinary Chinese youth. Well, it was ordinary until he woke up from a fever one day. From then on, his life was anything but 'ordinary' and Rin was able to learn of entities that called themselves 'Cultivators'. It's strange that it took place in 'modern' age however since Shuhang is supposed to be a 'heroic spirit'. Her conclusion at the time was that Shuhang was someone who came from the future rather than the past. The more dreams she saw though, the less she was sure of that conclusion.

The other set of memories was that of bloody wars and endless slaughter. The one she saw in her dreams were always drenched in blood of his enemies while the people by his side continued to decrease as time went on. The was only one person that stuck with him until the very end. Sadly, Rin was unable to make out her facial features. The only thing she could identify were the white hair.

In any case, these gruesome dreams was the main reason why Rin had stuck so close to Shuhang every time she slept. If she does so, Rin would be able to see the more pleasant set of memories, one of the ordinary youth, rather than one of slaughter. This is why Rin had climbed onto the same couch as Shuhang and glued herself to him on that first night he was summoned.

(Who.. what are you really, Song Shuhang? I definitely need to have a long talk with him once this is over... Also, 'cultivators' and 'ancient witches'... how can existences like theirs be not known by the Clock Tower and Mage's Association?)


The running thoughts of all 3 ladies were suddenly interrupted by the banging of the door being shoved open. From it, a beautiful youth was proudly holding up plastic bags and shouted...

"Honey I'm home! And I brought cake!"


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