New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
78 Why? Isn“t It Obvious? o.O
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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78 Why? Isn“t It Obvious? o.O


As soon as Shuhang had appeared, Rin had wordlessly attacked him with her very own signature move.

"UohH!? The hell was that for?!" shouted Shuhang as he 'hurriedly' dodge out of the way in 'distress'.

Not that anyone currently in the room were fooled however since an attack of that could dodged by ordinary humans. What more to say of Shuhang, a 'heroic spirit'.

Seeing his reaction, Rin only clicked her tongue in annoyance at him. Illya just plainly ignored him while Rider was the only person that put up their guard. They are still technically still enemies after all so it was better to not trust everything that the other party said. Seeing the reaction of each girls towards his presence, Shuhang couldn't help but twitch his lips.

(Well... it kind of was my fault for stuffing them here forcefully without a proper explanation after all...)




After giving each person, minus Sakura, their share of cake, Shuhang let out a small cough to get their attention.

"Well then. Here is my proposal--"

"Hold on a minute..." "Wait!" "Before that..."

He couldn't get out what he wanted to say however as all 3 of them interrupted his speech. Looking around, Shuhang could see that they each have questions of their own. Of course, they would...

"Hm? What is it?"

"What do you mean 'what is it'?! Explain who that person is!" shouted Rin as she pointed her finger at the person standing beside Shuhang. Right. When Shuhang had returned, he wasn't alone. Regally standing just a bit to the side of Rin's and Shuhang's sofa was a blond haired, emerald green eyes, and clad in blue battle dress maiden. If not for Shuhang's earlier warning, she would have already rushed up to cut down that Rider servant the moment she had entered this room.

"Oh... While I was out buying some cake, I happened to walk across this 'Matou' family house you see. Imagine my surprise when the whole building suddenly burst into flames! This HANDSOME, KIND HEARTED me, happened to have heard the most AGONIZING screams of 2 people still trapped in the house. I had of course HEROICALLY jumped into the flames to save the day! And then.....




...And so! At the end of my perilous journey, I have had made it all the way towards of the source of that pitiful cry that I heard on the surface but suddenly.......





And THAT was when I accidentally stumbled upon a mage's circle. Before I even knew it, the magic circle lit up by itself then 'poof' and appeared my waif--- uh, this shiny new 'Saber' servant! Ta-daaa~!"




Speechless. Currently, not a single person there had the energy to even rebuttal Shuhang at all. All Rin did was ask for an introduction yet somehow, it had turned into an hour long speech on some ridiculous adventure! Then this guy even had the gall to act all proud of his, most likely, nonexistent 'accomplishment'!

💢 "'Tadaa~' your head! All I wanted was to know who she is!" shouted an extremely irritated Rin which couldn't help but knock Shuhang at the back of his head. Rin wished she hadn't however as it felt like she just smashed her knuckles into a friggin steel wall! The other girls didn't say anything but they all felt the same way seeing as veins had appeared on their temples.

"Eh. Everything I said just now was true though? Especially that last part." responded Shuhang as if it were a matter of fact. Of course, everything that Shuhang were complete bullshit. The only part that was true was the magic circle bit. This accidental discovery somehow led him unwittingly summon forth a servant. It was almost as if his destiny was forcefully guided by some unseen 3rd party group watching his every moves.

In any case, what's done is done and Shuhang can't just un-summon the servant. Well.. he could, but Shuhang could feel that it would be a shame to do so seeing as his servant was the legendary King of Knights, Arturia Pendragon. Her experience as a general on the battle field and as a King could prove to be valuable in the future.

"You filthy liar! There is no way anything you said for the last hour were true!" responded Rin in a shout. "Besides, how can a servant summon another servant!?"

"None of that really matters to me. Return to me my Berserker." Most unconcerned with the drama the things happening in front of her, Illya looked straight into Shuhang's eyes and demanded the return of her most trusted servant.

"Oh? Does that mean you agreed to becoming subordinate?" asked Shuhang in surprise. Let alone agreeing, he didn't even think she would do it this fast!

"....if the memories you've shown me are true, then yes. Besides, it doesn't even matter if those memories were false since I am unable to resist you anyways. But you must not touch Leysritt and Sella just like you promised!"

Hearing Illya's response, Shuhang couldn't help but gave Illya a gentle smile and said "how kind of you..."

"Nn!" "!?" "Kuh!" "Eep!"

Caught off guard by Shuhang's sudden smile, the girls' hearts couldn't help but skip a beat or two. Were it his normal nonsensical smile, none of them would have been affected... much. This time however, it was a genuine smile from the bottom of his heart. It even contained a hint of his 'charm' that was leaking out. And seeing the concerns she had for her maids even when she claimed to 'have no emotions', Shuhang couldn't help but be moved.

(Seriously... what a confusing little girl. Either a remorseless killer, or a kind hearted person; just pick one and stick with it, damn it!)

"--cough!-- So? Do we have a deal or not!?" said Illya forcefully to hide her blush. At this, Rin and the 'Saber' couldn't help but stare at Shuhang with judgmental eyes. 'What kind of deal could he possibly make with this little girl...?' they both thought. As for Rider, her emotions couldn't be judged since most of her face was obscured.

Before Shuhang could reply to Illya's inquiry, he was interrupted by Rider.

"Before that, tell me the reason why I'm here. With Sakura no less!"

Amused by her question, Shuhang slightly raise a brow and answered her question. There was no doubt whatsoever in his tone of voice. Shuhang was absolute serious!

"Hm. Isn't it obvious? it's 'you' that I want, Rider."


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