New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
80 Objections Not Allowed...
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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80 Objections Not Allowed...

Without wasting even a moment, the 'worm' was pulled out of Sakura's heart and placed into a transparent container. As soon as the girls were able to get a clear look at the 'worm', their faces immediately blanched.

"Ugh! Wha... what the heck is that 'thing'!?" shouted Rin after retreating a couple of steps away out of sheer disgust. Heck, even the regal 'King of Knights' had stealthily taken a step or 2 backwards. Shuhang however just ignored their reactions and focused on feeling out Sakura's life-force.

(Hm. It's falling rapidly as expected. Before that however...)

Giving Sakura's body another sweep with his 'Spiritual Sense', Shuhang confirmed that there were indeed no other traces or remnants of Zouken. With a nod, the globule of 'Living Spring' + 'Dragon Pellet' mixture that were floating around Shuhang were directly splashed onto Sakura's open wound.

(Now, just need to fire up the healing spells...)

At one point or another, the rest of girls became completely silent as they intently observe Shuhang while he was at work. Even the shock of seeing Sakura's open wound, heart included, heal at high speed as if time were rewinding couldn't stop them from staring at his face.

'so handsome...'-- they all thought with slightly flushed face. If Shuhang had noticed those 4 pairs of eyes, he sure as heck wasn't bother by them in the slightest bit. He's gone too used to people unconsciously staring after boosting his 'charms' about a year ago after all.

Although it felt like forever and a half due to the tense atmosphere, it only took about 10 seconds at most from start to finish. This even included the time of sealing away the 'crest worm' that is the last remnant of Matou Zouken.




"Well then. I've completed my end of the bargain. It's now your turn, Rider." said Shuhang after making a few last minute check on Sakura to make sure everything went smoothly without a hitch.

"...of course." said Rider simply. What else could she have said? A deal was a deal after all.

"Sigh... if you hesitate to answer like that, it's going to make feel like a bad guy know?" said Shuhang with a wry smile on his face. Seeing a chance to make a jab at him appear, how could Illya let go of this opportunity?

"What is this lolicon saying now at this point in time? Did you forget about kidnapping me earlier?"

Shuhang: "..."

(The hell do you mean lolicon? Aren't we the same age here?) retorted Shuhang in his heart even as he continued to do his intended work. That of course meant taking away the 'command seal' from Sakura and becoming the 'master' of Rider.

After a brief glow, Sakura's seals had disappeared from her arm. Under the cover of his long sleeve, a new set of 'command seals' had appeared on Shuhang's forearm. Immediately, Rider could feel her loss of connection towards Sakura and a new formed between her and Shuhang. This of course gave her a pretty complicated feeling.

Rider's only wish was to faithfully serve the one master she's sworn to yet somehow or another, she got passed onto an unworthy wretch that is Sakura's brother and now once more getting passed onto Shuhang. The culprit of this complicated feeling however were completely unaware of Rider's inner turmoil as he was having a mini struggle within the confines of his mind.

(That makes the 3rd set with two of them being Saber's and Rider's. As for the last and 'free' seal... should I summon or somehow convince 'Assassin' to be my follower? I could use that guy as a sort of combat instructor for my new servants. The question though... would he be willing? If he doesn't comply... I could also use Lancer's spear as a catalyst to summon HIS teacher, Scathach Skadi instead. Having the 'Immortal Killer' as a teacher would definitely be something... Hm. What to do....)


In the midst of his thoughts, Shuhang was shook 'awake' by a sound coming from his inner world. It was specifically coming from area that is the 'Mountain of Blades', that is the result of assimilating EMIYA. As it was related to his inner world, Shuhang of course had to check it out immediately and so he sank his 'mind' inward to check out.

To his shock, Shuhang had found the cause of rattling noise. Moving around as if it were 'alive', a loooong stretch of golden chains were floating to and fro around the edge of the 'island'. This chain was surprisingly Gilgamesh's 'Chains of Heaven'!

(Wtf is that doing in here?! I don't remember taking that from Gil? It's definitely not a counterfeit from EMIYA's ability either and most definitely the 'real' article...) thought Shuhang, completely flabbergasted at the appearance of this new artifact. (Waaait....! Was the reason why those new weapons kept appearing on this island... Gilgamesh's armory!? But... huh? How?!)

After firing his thoughts back and forth at high speed, Shuhang still couldn't come up a concrete explanation of why that was happening. The only new thing that Shuhang found out was that every single 'weapons' that appeared on the island had it's karma connected to him. It was just a faint feeling but some how Shuhang could tell that it was due to his 'right' as the previous owner's defeater. It was his right of 'conquest'.

Suddenly, a possibility had hit him. (Oh! Could it be one of the 'skill' he had as a 'Heroic Spirit'? Well, shit. If it were true... then I must definitely take advantage of his state I'm in!) After thinking that, Shuhang turned towards Rin and gave her the most dazzling 'smile' to date.

(I was thinking before of how to tactfully remove this bond we had as Rin was a 'good girl' but now... Sorry, Rin. You're coming with me no matter what objection(s) you may or may not have. It's not like there's anything that's holding you back here after all... Aside from Sakura that is. I'll 'burn that bridge' when I get there though...)

As if aware of Shuhang's 'malicious thoughts' towards her, Rin suddenly had cold sweat running down her back as her entire body shook in trepidation.


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