New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
81 “Accidental“ Meeting?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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81 “Accidental“ Meeting?

"...what is it?" Seeing Shuhang's sudden dazzling smile and feeling that sudden chill, Rin couldn't help but ask warily. The fact that Shuhang's smile got even brighter after that didn't help matter at all!

"Well then. It's your turn, Illya-chan. I didn't get an actual answer from you since Rider had interrupted us earlier."

(He... he ignored my question just like that!? Curse you Shuhang! You're definitely planning something aren't you!?) thought Rin as the gears in her head turned at a rapid pace.

"...I want to change my condition. Not only must you not harm Leysrit and Sella, they must be able to come with me."

Without missing a beat, Shuhang simply snapped his finger and...


the sounds of two somethings colliding with the floor rang out within the room. This of course had surprised everybody in the room. Even more so with the new 'guests' that suddenly appeared here.

"!!?" "Kuh!"

Immediately on guard, both 'maids' pulled their weapons from 'somewhere' and scanned the room. The moment they located Illya, they jumped to her side without missing a beat.

"Ojou-sama!" "..."

The hostility could be felt in the air as both Saber and Rider narrowed their eyes and grips were on their respective weapon. Although on guard as well, Rin was the only one who didn't really put too much stock on the new comers.

"Shuhang... just how were you able to bring them in just like that? Did you hide them somewhere or something?" asked Rin carelessly as she didn't expect him to really answer her as she nonchalantly took a sip of her tea. To her surprise however...

"Huh? I didn't tell you? I'm a 'Magician' you know. Of the 2nd True Magic to be exact. The ability to manipulate space is sort of the 'basic' pre-requisite."

Though surprised, neither Saber nor Rider showed much reactions towards that revelation as they continued to monitor the maids for any sudden movement. The same couldn't be said about the 2 Magus within the room, Illyasviel and Rin. Rin especially showed the most exaggerated reaction.


By spitting all the tea in her mouth that is.

"You're a what!?" shouted Rin as she had yet to reach that far into the 'dreams'. Or rather... it actually seems that everything related to Shuhang's 3 'cheats' never once appeared in the dreams for some reason nor were Shuhang's 'meetings' with the loli goddess. As for Illya's maids, Sella and Leysrit; the moment they heard Shuhang's claim to be a 'magician', despair could be seen in their eyes.

"Sigh... Sella, Leysrit, stand down. Onii-chan isn't our enemy. Even if he is, we couldn't hope to overcome his status as a 'heroic spirit'. Not to mention his other status as a 'Magician' now too... Really. Even if the Grail wasn't corrupted, we had no chance whatsoever in the first place huh? Hehe... heh..."

Hearing the depreciating laughter of their mistress, both the maids lowered their hostility, though not completely, before re-positioning themselves to the rear of Illya. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, they actually pulled out their own 'tea set' along with treats. 'wao! super maids!' Shuhang thought idly.

"Now then, Illya-chan... Since you've agreed to 'following' me, I will be borrowing your heart for a bit. No worries. I'll give you a new one in it's place."

After saying such, Illya suddenly lost her consciousness while her 2 maids were immobilized. Then before anyone could react, Shuhang placed a hand over Illya's pitiful chest... and plunged straight through to grabbing her still beating heart before pulling it out.




Back at the Emiya estate, Shirou who is not so soundly asleep is sweating buckets while intermittent groans could be heard. His skin occasionally lit up like LEDs as Shirou unconsciously activated his magic circuits. The reason Shirou is in this state is of course due to Shuhang's intervention which he did on a whim the moment Shirou's memories were altered.

Currently, Shirou is watching the memories of his Counter Guardian EMIYA's self through the dream... no, nightmare.




A couple of blocks away in a multiversal scale, a senior high school girl stood in silence atop a roof top as she peered out into the darkness covered streets. Held in her hand is a katana with a kaleidoscopic jewel embedded into the sheath. Whatever went through her head is unknown to all however as she didn't really seem to put much stock into her 'night-watch' duty.

"Sigh. It's been 3 months in the blink of an eye since 'his' departure huh..."

A few moment after her words fell, the clouds above slightly parted and moonlight fell onto her figure, revealing her identity. Surprisingly, this girl is actually Saeko Busujima! Although it had only been a few days from Shuhang's perspective, more than 3 months had actually passed by in this part of the multiverse.

During these 3 months, Saeko noticed a few strange things with the gift that Shuhang had given her. Most notably is the rainbow jewel embedded into her katana's sheath for it occasionally started to glow. Strangely however, it usually only occurs when no one is around or when none were awake/conscious.

The strangest thing though... whenever that jewel started glowing, Saeko would at the same time be able to see a transparent projection of a 'fairy'. Said fairy had very beautiful blond hair and the most mysterious eyes of blues which seemed to contain the very stars themselves. Had Shuhang been present, he would definitely be able to recognize this... 'fairy'.

It's actually the figure of the loli-goddess that gave Shuhang his cheats! When this 'fairy' appears, it would start imparting different knowledge onto Saeko. Things such as 'cultivation', sword arts, and even things such as magic! And thanks to the life style that this zombie infested world force Saeko to live, she was actually already on the cusp of opening her heart's aperture! Truly a miracle considering the lack of resources and her missing the best age to cultivate. Just a bit more 'push' though....

Still in the midst of 'day-dreaming', Saeko was woken up due to the sudden glow of her katana. Unlike 'normal' however, the little fairy didn't appear this time and instead, a powerful suction force could be felt. Before she could even feel surprised, let alone 'resist', Saeko's body already disappeared from that desolate roof top. In her place, a letter placed under a very attention catching jewel had mysteriously appeared. On said letter, the name of Saeko could be seen.

One moment she was standing on a roof top, the very next, Saeko stood inside the living room of a western design. It even had a fire place installed! More importantly however were the people that stood in front of her!

2 men and 3 women stared at the high school girl who suddenly appeared in their house. Of those 3 women is a heavily armored blond hair teenager that fits the template of a 'knight'. The 2nd one is a middle school girl dressed in a witch's attire and was wearing an eye-patch. The none covered eye showed a pupil of deep crimson in color. The last of the women is a beautiful blue haired girl in a blue dress while holding what appear to be a bottle of booze.

As for the men; one of them is a teenager wearing a green shabby attire and looked extremely 'shady' for some reason. His gaze was completely drawn towards her chest area and ogled without shame. The final member was a blond hair middle aged looking man. The most eye catching thing about this middle aged man is the really cute looking rabbit pouch he wore on his waist.

"Huh...?" x6


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