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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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82 Decision

*ba-dum* *ba-dum*

"Hmm~... So? What is your plan now you've taken my 'heart', onii-chan?"

Thanks to Shuhang's powerful healing arts, Illya was able to quickly regenerate her own heart. Even her lifespan of a measly 1 year was increased to 100+ in one go thanks to the Life Spring and Dragon Pellet. Unlike Sakura however, Illya was able to quickly regain her consciousness which surprised even Shuhang himself. What a strong willed girl...

"Shuhang... I really don't want to ask, but I'll ask anyways. Why and what are you planning to do with... that?"

While everyone were starting at the actually still beating heart of Illya's in Shuhang's hand, Rin asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Hm? Ah. I'm going to use it as a catalyst to summon the Grail of course. If 'this' was still inside of Illya-chan, she'd die if I did summon it. There's no way I'm going to let that happen you know?"

As soon as Shuhang had finished explaining himself, everyone turned to look at him as if he suddenly grew a second head.

"Are you MAD, Shuhang!? Didn't you say that the Grail is corrupted?!" questioned Rin as she couldn't understand what Shuhang was thinking and where he was going with this.

"I agree with that assessment, Master." chimed in Rider. Her way of referring to Shuhang with such ease... Shuhang had wondered if Rider herself noticed. It seemed that saving Sakura had actually scored him a lot of favorability points. Whether or not she noticed doesn't matter though as it's a good thing for him either way.

"She's right, onii-chan. Not only that, my 'heart' alone don't have the ability summon the Grail. For that, you would also need a live magus' magic circuit as well. Don't tell me..."

"Haha. It's not what you are thinking Illya-chan. I have just the right thing for this. Also... since when have you been referring to me as 'onii-chan'? It makes me feel a bit uneasy you know? You wanted to use Berserker to main the last person you referred to as 'onii-chan' after all..."

"Fufufu~..." was all the reply he received. The corner of Shuhang's mouth couldn't help but twitch at such a response. (The heck...? What does she mean by that? Why do I feel the chills even though there aren't any malicious intents directed towards me...?)

"Aaaanyways... Let me show you what I planned on doing."

After forcibly changing the subject, a spherical 'stone' the size of his palm suddenly appeared in Shuhang's unoccupied hand.

"Is that... a rock? Shuhang, what does this 'rock' have to do with your plan?" asked Rin in confusion as she couldn't sense anything special from the 'rock'. Even when she used the 'Structural Grasp' magecraft, she couldn't gleam anything out of the ordinary from it. Other than it being a 'rock' that is... Albeit a perfectly spherical one; it's still just that, a rock.

This 'rock' is of course anything but ordinary. This was actually the 'rock' that bumped into Shuhang's head during his first use of the kaleidoscope. Right. It was actually the 'rock' that Shuhang used to experiment on for his 'True Clone / Primal Twin' creation project! Well... one of the rocks anyways as Shuhang went back to find many more of these mysterious objects. Currently, he has about a few hundreds of these in one of his interspatial rings.

As Shuhang suddenly went on that 1 week sudden 'trip' with White however, he forgot about it. Right after that, Shuhang went world hopping and ended up in this 'Fate' world so he never really had the chance to continue the experiment either. Although Shuhang still hadn't found the solution to making the 'perfect' clone of himself, for life insurance purposes of course, it's definitely more than enough to use it for what he intended.

"Mhm. This little guy here will be used to substitute for a mage's magic circuit."

"...really? This thing here...?" asked Rin doubtfully.

Without explaining any further, Shuhang held the still beating 'heart' closer to the 'rock'. Surprising everyone, the 'heart' was actually being slowly absorbed into it! After the 'heart' was fully absorbed, both of Shuhang's eyes and hands started to glow while the sound of could be heard periodically before it slowly started to fade away. Soon, glowing patterns started to show one after another before they started to disappear as well.

"Wha?! Those... were those magic circuits?!"

To Rin's questioning glare, Shuhang only returned a slight smile at her without any explanation. What was the point? It's not like anyone could understand what just occurred. For that to happen, Shuhang would need to explain to everyone on what 'cultivation' is. After that, he would need to explain to them how a 'True Clone' works. Not to mention all the techniques involved as well... Ain't nobody got time for that.

As for the appearance of the magic circuits; what Shuhang did was artificially grafting them onto the 'stone' itself from an example of what the circuits look like. How Shuhang knew what magic circuits should look like was of course due to him analysing Illya's and Sakura's body when he 'healed' them earlier.

"Now that I've got the catalyst, it's time to head towards the Ryuudou temple where the final 2 servants are at. I want to finish this whole 'War' tonight. I got places to be at after all..."

After saying so, was put away as he turned towards Saber who had been VERY quiet since she had gotten here. If it weren't for Shuhang suddenly turning in her direction, everyone else in the room would have forgotten she was even there at all.

As for why this was so... Saber was actually making a decision about the memories of her other selves from multiple timelines. As soon as Shuhang had summoned her, Shuhang wasted no time at all and gave her those 'memories'. On the way back from 'getting cake', Shuhang had told her to think about the 'wish' that she wanted from the Grail.

Now that Shuhang only needed to get rid of the last two servants, he won't wait for her anymore as Shuhang really wanted to get this over with already so he can go back to his own 'world'. This one sucks... it's even worse when 'Gaia' was always constantly trying to 'erase' Shuhang's existence from this world just like all mage craft. The fact that Shuhang was a 'foreigner' made 'Gaia' raise her effort to erase that him that much more than usual. If it weren't for his strength and the Grail anchoring him down, Shuhang would've already 'disappeared' on the 2nd day he was summoned.

"Saber. I would like to hear the conclusion that you've reached. I cannot wait anymore as I will end everything by tonight."

".....Master-- No, Shuhang. Let me be the one-" said Saber as she raised a hand to chest level. Looking closely, it seemed as if she was grasping onto something that is there yet not visible.


With the sudden sweet of the wind, the concealment magic was released and the most beautiful sword, glowing in gold, had appeared before all. The mere sight of Saber holding Excalibur with the sword tip facing upward looked extremely majestic that it captivated everyone there save for the still unconscious Sakura.

"-to DESTROY that abomination!"


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