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83 Failure to Recrui
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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83 Failure to Recrui

After getting Saber's answer, everyone save for Rider also wanted to tag along as well, Rin especially, as they also wanted to see the conclusion of the 5th Holy Grail War. Rider was the only one that didn't really want to go as she wanted to stay and watch over Sakura for now. Most importantly, she wanted to know whether or not Shuhang had any plans pertaining to Sakura. This is because she no longer have any place to go to since her 'family' were burned to death according to what Shuhang elluded to.

"You're wondering about my plans for Sakura-chan?"'

After hearing Rider's question, Shuhang answered with a question of his own, not expecting answer at all. As this was something that was concerning her own 'sister', Rin's body was unintionally stiffened up as she perked her ears to hear of what Shuhang had to say.

"Well... why don't we Sakura-chan herself? She had been awake this whole time after all. Even before I 'healed' her that is..."

Soon after his voice fell, Sakura who had been lying down motionless for quite sometime suddenly jerked her body a little. As for everybody else, Heroic Spirit especially, they were completely surprised about this as they actually fooled by Sakura's act. Either it was due to Sakura's 'training' with the Matou or Shuhang's intention, Sakura had actually 'woken up' almost as soon as she was brought here to Rin's mansion. Shuhang didn't really have the patience to wait for Sakura to drop her act though.

"Well... there really are only 2 choices for her. Either she comes with me when I 'leave'... or she stays. Should she choose to stay however, I'm sure that Shirou-kun or his guardian, Taiga-san, would happily accept her. Rider. You may stay with Sakura and discuss with Sakura about this as you were her previous.... partner. Everyone else, we have a date with a 'fake' Samurai and a Witch."




The moment their group made it all the way to Ryuudou temple, servant Assassin came to greet them as expected.

"Well well.. What do we have here? We weren't expecting any visitors~" Assassin said in an amused tone as he faced the group. His back however was drenched in cold sweat as he could felt the pressure that Shuhang had released on purpose. Next to Shuhang stood his 'master', Tohsaka Rin, Illya, and Saber.

"Hmm. You girls can go ahead and greet Caster first. I need to have a little chat with Mr. Samura here. After hearing that, everybody just wordlessly climbed up the strairs of the temple while ignoring Assassin. The Samurai however didn't ignore the group because he wanted to. Rather, he couldn't afford to pay them any heed as he felt that he would instantly perish the moment he tried to make a move on the women.

"Well? It seems you wanted to have a chat with this humble one?"

"...I'll get to straight to the point. How do you feel about breaking relations with Caster and come with me instead? I have an extra set of command seals to spare."

"Hahaha~ Here I thought it was something serious. Turned out it was a mere recruitment. I must disappoint you however as I don't have any plans to do any such thing. I only have one purpose. That is to face to strong opponnets and validate my own 'existence'."

"...Sigh, It was a fruitless effort after all. At least I tried. Very well. Come, 'nameless Samurai'! I'll beat you up until you agreed to come with me."


As soon as his voice fell, a sword randomly selected from Gilgamesh's collection had appeared in his hand as Sasaki charged with his own 'daigatana'.


Every swing delivered by Assassin were effortlessly blocked by Shuhang's own sword. Low sweeps, wide slashes, even a seemingly 'random' backhand swing was perfectly countered by Shuhang. The more their swords clashed, the bigger the frown appeared on Sasaki's handsome face.


With a 'final' clash, both combatants were separated as Sasaki lowered his own daigatana.

"Why are you holding back, Saber! Do you look down on me this much?!"

Facing Sasaki's furious howl, Shuhang expression was calm as a still lake as he stared indifferently at his 'opponent'.

"Come at me with your strongest, Samurai. Only then will you get the answer you seek from me. Also, I am not 'Saber'. That would be the lovely young lady that went passed us just now."

"You speak nonsense! Someone of your caliber with the sword isn't 'Saber'? Do you take this humble me for a fool?"

"Hehe. So says the 'Assassin'..."

At Shuhang's jab, Sasaki had no refute as he could only furrow his brows in response.

"Very well. I can only force the answer out of you!"

Immediately, Assassin's 'presense' shows a perceptible change. No doubt that he's about to use his signature technique, Tsubame Gaeshi. A move where he cut at a target 3 consecutive times simultenously. An 'inescapable move' so to speak. Not so for someone like Shuhang however.

"Tsubame Gaeshi!"

In a flash, Shuhang's eyes started to glow in his signature color, of the kaleidoscope. In the instant that he saw this move, he was reminded of his own 'killer signature move' that he had been working for awhile now. His own original technique that is based on the concept of 'kaleidoscope' itself.


Sasaki Koujirou: ".....I'm speechless. To think that the culmination of my whole life's goal was so easily deflect."

His daoist robe not even a bit ruffled, Shuhang stood in the same spot since arriving. Sasaki on the other hand sported a despondant look on him he despaired at his inability to even make his opponent move even a single step.

"Sight... Must you really go through with this, Samurai-san? I really do want to hire you."

"Unfortunately. You probably already know this, but I am nothing but a false existence. My story, fame, and legend is nothing fiction. It is already more than a miracle that I stood before you."

Most probably due to the butt wooping that Caster is receiving by the girls, Sasaki's body was turning transparent. It seems he was about to disappear soon.

"...a shame. Then let me you send you off with my own original move. As it is still a work in progress, it has a temporary ineligant name of 'Infinity'."

Then wordlessly, Shuhang had for once got into what looks like an 'Iai' stance.

"You shall be the first to have witnessed this move..."

*!!!* "INFINITY!"

Immediately, Sasaki's vision was turned black and white. The only thing he was able to see were countless sword strikes from all possible directions closing in on him. Then, every turned into darkness.

"...nk... u"

With a faint words of Sasaki, the sword that Shuhang was holding rapidly broke down and dissipated just as the last of Assassin servant had finally disappeared once more into his 'myth'.

"Sigh... I really need to perfect this move soon. As it is, there's no way I can use 'Severing Heaven' as it would literally destroy her. A sword that attacks from all levels of 'reality' simutaneously and instantaneously..."

Paying one last respect to his opponent, Shuhang wordlessly walked up the steps of the Ryuudou temple in order to meet up with the girls.


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