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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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84 Wish

As soon as Shuhang made it up the stairs and into the main temple ground, he found the girls standing in circle of a defeated Caster. She was absolutely 'rekt' though judging by her burnt and torn robe. Lying unconscious right next Caster was the defeated form of her master, Souichiro, a teacher at Rin's high school.

For some reason or another however... there is one Emiya Shirou standing a bit to the side as well.

"Oh? I'm actually surprised Castor is actually still alive and kicking. Then again... this is her 'territory'. Or rather! What's little 'Hero-kun' doing here anyways? 🤔"

Although Shuhang acted 'surprised', it was actually part of his plan to not kill Caster immediately. He just conveniently 'forgot' to tell the girls the rest of the plans though...

"Shuhang? Done with your talk?" asked Rin not really expecting an answer. As soon as Shuhang's presence was noted by everyone, all eyes were drawn to him.

"'Saber'...." also responded Shirou. Even until now, Shuhang couldn't figure out why the heck this guy was here... Also. NOT Saber. Unaware of Shuhang's question, Shirou continued on blabbing away.

"Those dreams I saw... it was your doing, right?"

(Ooh? He went through all those memories I implanted already? Isn't that a little too quick? Wait. Maybe it's due to them being 'HIS' dream that there's a high compatibility rate? Still doesn't explain why his ass is here though...)

Just as Shuhang was about to answer Shirou's question, the defeated Caster gained a glint in her eyes. Then silently, a jagged ceremonial dagger appeared in her hands then lunged at the real Saber that was closest to her.

"You're mine!"

Unbeknownst to Caster however, Shuhang had purposely drawn everyone's attentions towards him on purpose to let their guards down. This in turn provided Caster with this window of opportunity to do a 'final' sneak attack.

In truth however, Shuhang's spiritual senses were always locked onto Castor's form even when he was fighting against Assassin. This is of course in order to make sure she doesn't actually 'die' for real nor have time to escape.

"Yeah, I don't think so." said Shuhang with a grin on his face. In the midst of the girls' plus Shirou's surprised reaction, he instantly appeared next to Castor and 'borrowed' her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker. After getting the final thing that Shuhang needed, he wordlessly finished off Caster.

"Kuh! To think that I let my guard down...! I've shamed my title as a knight." All the others had said one thing or another that's similar to that as well.

"Haha. Don't worry about it Saber. Anyways, with Caster dead, that makes 4/7 Heroic Spirit's worth of Prana needed to summon the Grail. With my 'gear' though... Everyone, stand back!"

Slowly, Shuhang had taken out a spherical 'rock' out of his needlessly big sleeve. Then with a thought, his special ability activated. (BOOST!)


This sudden resounding heart beat made those present felt as if the world had come to a sudden pause. From within the 'rock', an impossible amount of grotesque flesh erupted forth. In the sky above, a circular tear in space had appeared and from it, filth and taint poured on down seemingly endless.

Before anyone could get hit however, Shuhang picked everyone up with his spiritual energy and landed on the roof. While at it, he also erected a barrier to make sure nothing could escape beyond the range of the Ryuudou temple's ground. Before long, the lump of flesh grew to the size of a tower as it kept being bathed in sludge and miasma poured down from above.

"T-that thing is..." said Saber "...the Grail? What the hell..." finished Shirou.

While everyone was busy making a disgusted face, Shuhang just noncommittally hummed and not at all impressed.

"Hm... so that's Angra Mainyu, 'All of the World's Evil'? That thing is complete garbage compared to that time I activated 'Juggernaut Drive' though... All of Ddraig's hatred from an infinite number of existing realities is no joke..." mumbled Shuhang as his body unconsciously shivered when the memory of the '1 week trip' with White suddenly surfaced in his mind.

(Aaah...! No good! Don't think about that time! I certainly don't have any loli-dragon-sama as a stalker! Nope!)

"Onii-chan?" asked Illya as she noticed Shuhang's face turning a bit pale. After quelling everyone's doubts and worries, Shuhang took out the 'Rule Breaker' that he borrowed from Caster and 'boosted' it's power by several folds. After that was done, 'Rule Breaker' was shot toward the lump of flesh and stabbed into it.

Shuhang wasn't disappointed as judging by the shrieking, Angra Mainyu had been successfully separated from the Grail. This shiny cup was of course quietly collected by him before everyone had noticed.

"Well then, Saber. All yours."

The King of Knights didn't need to be told twice as she suddenly gained a determined look and her sword was revealed to the world. While Saber was doing her thing, Shuhang was going through another self contemplation.

(Now then... with the non-corrupted grail, I should be able to safely make my wish. Preferably the 5 'true magic' of course. 1st Magic, 'Denial of Nothingness' is useless to me though since I could either use 'projection'/'True Illusion' then 'boost' the object's [existence] until it becomes permanent. 2nd Magic, 'Kaleidoscope'... no brainer there since I already got the damn thing. 3rd Magic, 'Heaven's Feel', soul manipulation is the most intriguing out of the bunch. 4th Magic... forget about it. No one knows what it is. 5th Magic... 'Time Manipulation I think it was? No need to waste a wish here either. For that one, I could go to the 'Date A Live' world and grab me 'Spirit', Kurumi. Hmm. Looks like my decision is made. Heaven's Feel it is...)


As soon as Shuhang made his decision, the dark night suddenly turned bright as a pillar of golden light erupted forth.


While everyone were still blinded by Saber's Noble Phantasm and put all their attention to it, Shuhang quietly made his wish upon the Grail and obtained the '3rd True Magic'. The moment that Shuhang had gained knowledge of the 3rd Magic, a startling change occurred within his 'inner-world' while the 'Grail' quietly made its appearance in front of his nascent soul instead of dissipating like it was supposed to.


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