New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
85 Moving Houses... Literally
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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85 Moving Houses... Literally

"But still... to think that her Noble Phantasm could be this powerful..." mumbled Shuhang as he looked at the golden light pillar seeming to pierce even the 'heaven' itself. After awhile, the light started to recede. Looking at the night sky above, the vortex of humanity's greed had disappeared along with the 'death' of Angra Mainyu.

"Master-- no, Shuhang." For some reason, Saber called out to Shuhang which in turn also drew everyone's attention towards her.

"Though it may have been brief, I am glad to have become your Knight." said Saber with the most brilliant of smile before turning around, as if to hide her embarrassed face. "With the Grail gone... Us servants will no longer be able to maintain our own existence. Farewell..."

(What the heck...? Did Saber doze off when I was explaining stuff to the rest of the girls earlier? Well, can't blame her I guess. She was probably still distracted by the memories I showed her) thought Shuhang after hearing such an embarrassing line. His face however was calm as a still lake.

As someone who wasn't in the loop, Shirou was actually getting a little emotional. This is most likely due to having lived the life of a 'Shirou' that actually successfully summoned her in a different timeline. As for the others that knew otherwise...

Rin: "..."

Illya: "..."

"--cough-- That...Saber. You won't be disappearing anytime soon. Your existence is being maintained solely by me. So.... yeah." finally said Shuhang after a few seconds of awkward silence.

Saber: "..."

Shirou: "..."

"pfft!" "heh"

Unable to hold back any longer, Illya and Rin openly laughed at the King of Knights while giving friendly jabs here and there. Oh my... looks like she's about to overheat from embarrassment. There's even steam coming out of her head! Let's save her soon before she becomes the 1st servant to ever die from shame...

"Kuhum... anyways. We'll be leaving soon. Shirou-kun."


"Come with us for a bit. It concerns Sakura-chan you see. Seems she's made her decision." said Shuhang as he withdrew his Spiritual sense from Rin's mansion where Rider and Sakura just chatted. Shirou, upon hearing that it's something concerning Sakura suddenly tensed his body as he stiffly nodded in agreement.

"Then..." With a thought, kaleidoscope activated as Shuhang's eyes once more shone in its signature colors. Poor Ddraig that complaints about scale not being red anymore... in actual fact, Shuhang had found out that the kaleidoscope's color would only appear when his power is leaking through. As long as he could control it perfectly, Ddraig's scale would return to its normal red color. Shuhang decided to not tell him that though just because... its funny to see his reaction to being called the 'Disco Dragon'.




One moment everybody was standing on the roof of Ryuudou temple, the next moment they appeared inside a forest (minus Souchiro who was left there unconscious). In front of the group was a western medieval structure.

"Eh? Onii-chan. This is... my castle?" Illya of course wasn't the only one confused. 'Perhaps he was here so that Illya could pack her belongings?' everyone thought. What they saw next made them drop their jaw straight down to the ground however.

In front of them, the castle and parts of the ground beneath it started to shrink at a visible rate. Soon, the castle shrank to the same size as a rice grain which was then sucked in and swallowed by Shuhang. Contrary to the current party's belief, Shuhang is of course not actually 'eating' the castle. What he did was actually moving the castle to his inner world which would be used for something else later on.

Before anyone could voice their surprise, the group was again forcibly teleported by Shuhang as they appeared in Rin's living room. This had of course drew the attention of the 4 people within. Those being Rider, Sakura, and Illya's 2 maids.

"Welcome back, mistress." x2


Ignoring the maids, Shuhang looked straight into Sakura's eyes and said "So, you've decided to stay then?"

".....yes." As she said that, Sakura was actually casting her glances towards the confused looking Shirou. This somehow really ticked off Shuhang a lot. (Damn dense protagonists. fucking cancers I say...)

"Hm. And that's how it is, Hero-kun. You don't mind taking care of Sakura-chan right? Her house along with her last 2 remaining 'family' members had just met with an 'unfortunate' incident after all."

Before Shirou had the chance to say anything else, Shuhang nodded exaggeratedly and began spouting more nonsense.

"Good good! I knew you would agree. As expected of Hero-kun. As her brother, I'm expecting you to treat her well. Other wise... hehe"

Upon hearing Shuhang's laugh at the end, his whole body unconsciously shook like a leaf.

"Anyways, before we leave..."

After gaining the Heaven's Feel, and combining it with his previous knowledge on Ghost Spirits, Shuhang had a bold idea. After double checking it with the Library of Heaven's Path, his bold idea could actually become a reality. This idea was to actually turn Heroic Spirits into Ghost Spirits...!

Without wasting anytime, Shuhang took out the bead that Berserker was sealed in and another sealing bead used for Ghost Spirits. After unsealing him, the form of Berserker had appeared in the room. As Shuhang was controlling him however, Berserker was calm like a tamed kitten.

"Berserker!" exclaimed a pleasantly surprised Illya. Before she could ask any question, Shuhang was already manipulating, and modifying the properties of Berserker's soul. Not too long after, Berserker's body broke down into particles as it's slowly absorbed into the Ghost Spirit sealing bead.





After explaining to everyone what he did, Shuhang did the same to Rider as well as Saber. Rider was successful as expected however, Saber was somehow both a failure and a success. This result is most likely due to the fact that she was actually still 'alive' unlike other Heroic Spirits. If there's a comparison Shuhang could make... then Saber would currently be the same existence as 'Ye Si'... sort of....

After that was over, Shuhang sent both Shirou and Sakura away before putting Illya and her maids as well as Rin to sleep. Afterwards, Shuhang proceeded to do the same to Rin's mansion as he did Illya's castle. Along with the girls of course.

"Now then... isn't it about time you showed yourself, old man?" said Shuhang suddenly.


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