New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
87 What Changed...?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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87 What Changed...?

Before Shuhang had realized it, a magnificent feast was spread atop the dining room's table. Venerable White, who is a foodie, was enraptured just the by the smell alone. The stomach of Doudou and Sixteen who had less control than White rumbled and a bit of saliva could be seen leaking.

(What the shit?! When did I make these?) thought a confused Shuhang. After a bit of thinking, he came to the conclusion that it was the remnant memories of 'EMIYA' that guided his actions. There were only 2 things in life that EMIYA would never give up on... One of them is 'saving' people while the other.... is 'control/ownership' of the kitchen.

(Hm... yeah that's probably it. I cooould get rid of this right now but... meh. It's just cooking so I'll leave it be. Cooking was somehow really relaxing. So much so that I actually forgot about my worries for a bit....)

"Dig in, everyone." As soon as his voice fell, everyone picked up their respective dishes and took a bite. White's face was the picture of bliss as his eyes shone brightly even as he kept shoving in more food at incredible speed. Even though it would normally make anyone look like a total slob to eat at such speed... White was somehow able to make it look extremely graceful and 'beautiful'.

(What an enviable hax... oh wait. I have it too. Nvm)

"Woof woof! How!? How can a mere omelette be this good, woof!?" Even as he was gorging himself out, Doudou had tears streaming down its face in pure happiness. 'Thank god I chose not to eat dog food this morning...' thought Doudou in relief.

"It's better than mine..." Sixteen on the other hand... even though she kept putting more food in her mouth, her face was actually the picture of despair. It's as if her 'truth' had been ruthlessly trampled and shattered by something... or someone.

(Not bad... EMIYA's experience plus the Library's correction is truly a deadly combination... for cooking that is. Food that is 'Perfection' itself huh...)






"Haaa. Good tea. How far are you with the cramming session, Ah White?" While leisurely sipping tea after their breakfast, Shuhang suddenly directed a question at Venerable White who was nearby.

"Fuu. I went through most of the basics. Now, there are only specialized knowledge left." responded an equally relaxed Venerable White. No doubt, he's still bathing in the deliciousness of the meals from earlier.

Off to the side, Doudou could be seen playing on a laptop all the while talking trash into the screen. Occasionally, he was also bragging about how 'awesome' he is to his in-game waifu. Her name is undoubtedly Chuchu. No one knows, not even True Monarch Yellow Mountain knows the origin of Doudou's 'chuchu' fetish.

As for Sixteen... as soon as breakfast was over and dishes cleaned, she disappeared somewhere with a very determined look. All the while, she was muttering something about 'research' as she stormed off.

"Oh. Before I forget..." suddenly said Shuhang as he took out his cellphone and opened up the chatting app."




[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "Fellow daoist @Snow Wolf, you in?"]

Almost immediately, Shuhang received a reply. Everyone who was chatting earlier suddenly went quiet the moment Shuhang sent his message.

[Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "In. What can I do for you, senior?"]

After getting a response from the person he was looking for, Shuhang immediately sent him an invite for a private chat. Afterwards, Shuhang sent Snow Wolf the pictures of Rin, Illya, Leysritt and Sella that he took before hand.

Everyone else went back to chatting once they noticed there weren't anymore messages between the two. Most likely because they're private chatting. Then without reserves, their chatting continued as before.

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "I need identities for these 4 people. Their bios are as such............ As for the price, you can decide it."]

[Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "No need, senior! This is but a small matter."]

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "You have my thanks then, fellow daoist. If you need something from me, don't hesitate to ask. Ah! Speaking of which... have you already finished with fellow daoist White's documents?"]

[Cave Lord Snow Wolf: "Yes, senior. Does senior White need them now? I can send it through one of my subordinates right away."]

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "No need. Just send them along with the IDs of the other 4 when those are finished."]




Only after working out the details with Snow Wolf did Shuhang finally put away his phone.

(Sigh... this 'senior' persona is really tiring to keep up. I should go on more 'vacations' to release pent up stress...) thought Shuhang idly.

"Ah White. Fellow daoist Snow Wolf said your ID will be sent here by tomorrow morning. We can go and get your own cell phone, laptops, and whatever else you need tomorrow. Should be enough time for you finish going through the cramming session."

"Mhm..." mumbled White in affirmative. His smiling face cramped up a bit though when he heard Shuhang's next words.

"Anyways... I'll be doing a quick 'close up'. Try... not to take anything apart While I'm doing that, please. Thanks to that habit of yours, we ended getting chased for a whole day in the 'under-world' by those sis-cons Maous. Even though I was just a passerby...!!! It got even messier when Ophis and that sis-con angel, Michael, and that pervert Azazel got involved...!"

Towards the end of his rambling, Shuhang's body unconsciously trembled a bit. Venerable White was also getting a tad bit paler from the memories. "I'll... try not to..." responded White with the corner of his mouth unceasingly twitching.

After giving White a suspicious glare for a few seconds, Shuhang sighed and returned back to his room. Wasting no time at all, Shuhang sank his mind down to his inner world. On a random stretch of land, a medieval style Castle and a reasonably sized old western style mansion sat a few dozens meters away from each other.

A bit of a distance away, a group of men and women lay unconscious. Ignoring those people, Shuhang's consciousness went into Rin's little mansion and found the 4 girls unconscious bodies as well. Satisfied with their condition, Shuhang's consciousness went towards his own nascent soul. What he found, gave Shuhang a really weird feeling.

It felt as if there was a big qualitative change yet Shuhang was unable to perceive what it was at the moment. As he couldn't figure out what changed, Shuhang momentarily gave up on that and changed his focus to completing his new sword technique.

Currently, it was merely a 'physical' attack. Infinite attacks it may be, it was in the end only a mere physical attack. Against cultivators with all sorts of revival techniques and Eternal Life Beings with all sorts of 'principle' mastery and all sorts of 'Escaping' techniques and laws... a mere physical attack is not good enough.

"Next goal... infuse the 'principle' of Cause & Effect into the [Infinity] technique. Basis of this principle...Gae Bolg!"


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