New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
88 Well Shit... What Just Happened?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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88 Well Shit... What Just Happened?

Only when it was around midnight's time did Shuhang finished his training. With the aid of the Library's ability to find 'flaws', Shuhang was able to quickly perfectly integrate the Cause & Effect principle within the 1st hour into the training. The rest of the time, Shuhang meditated on the effect that the 3rd True Magic, Heaven's Feel, had on his own soul as well as his inner world itself.

Also, Shuhang fixed any flaws in the magic while he was at it. During this process, Shuhang had put extra effort and cut no corner at all since it involves his 'soul' and all. Not just nascent soul either, but his actual 'True Soul'.

"Huuu. Wow... the 3rd True Magic is a pretty crazy piece of work. After the 'flaws' were fixed, it got even better. Now I'm pretty much immune to any soul attacks. The only people that can successfully pierce my soul defense would be the 'Heavenly Dao' and their 'Nine Serenities/Nether World' counterparts. Until I break through to the next realm that is..."

After stretching himself a bit from 'meditation soreness', Shuhang teleported himself to the roof.

"Yo! Drinking tea under the moonlight eh? Not bad.. allow me to join you! 😊" said Shuhang as he sat down without bothering to ask the other person. Said person is of course Venerable White who just took out another cup for Shuhang with a smile.

For a moment, both Venerables sat silence as they enjoyed the tea.

"Can't sleep?" asked Shuhang suddenly.

"Mhm" To Shuhang's simple question, White's answer was even simpler. Afterwards, silence once more enveloped them. Although neither are saying anything and just quietly enjoying their tea, it wasn't awkward at all but actually felt quite comfortable instead.

Suddenly, both White and Shuhang turned their gazes into the same direction. With their powerful visual prowess due to their high cultivation realm, both were able to identify whatever was flying towards them even though it was more than a kilometer away.

It seems there was a cultivator in green robe flying straight in their indirection. Judging by the fluctuation of energy, both judged them to be around the 5th Stage, Spiritual Emperor. Doubtful of this visitor, White put on a look of contemplation as he and Shuhang waited for this 'cultivator' to reach their location.

While Venerable White frowned a bit at this unexpected 'visitor' of unknown intention, Shuhang had a different thought in his mind.

(Hmm. Green robe... 5th stage... why does that sound so familiar to me?)

Around 30 seconds later, the green robe cultivator arrived at their location and... proceeded to smash into the barrier that Shuhang had lain down at full speed. It was as if a bird flying blindly into a thick glass window as it knocked itself out.


Afterward, both White and Shuhang could hear a squeaky 'oww...' as this cultivator slid down the barrier slowly in an awkward manner and pose.

White: "..."

Shuhang: "..."

Before he could slide far enough, Shuhang waved his hand and brought this cultivator in before he and White. Looking at this cultivator's condition, Venerable White put on a frown as this person way basically already dead. Shuhang on the other hand widened his eyes a little as he thought of a possibility.

"You... what is your name?" asked Shuhang to confirm.

"Loose Cultivator, Li Tiansu...." right after squeezing out this much with immense effort, he passed away. Every inch of Li Tiansu's body started breaking down into motes of light.


After his body dissipated, an old bronze ring fell down and hit the roof. Before it could roll away however, it was caught by White's quick hand. Suddenly, the Grail that was next to Shuhang's nascent soul suddenly started to glow as it drew in the motes of light outside instead of completely disappearing from this world.

On the other hand... Shuhang's look of recognition, and of sadness was immediately replaced by one of surprise the moment he noticed what was happening.

Upon noticing that Shuhang hurriedly went into a meditative state, Venerable White wordlessly took out 'Meteor' sword as she stood up to act as Shuhang's protector. (An unexpected accident? I hope nothing too serious happened...) thought White as his spiritual sense spread out to detect any possible danger.





With intense concentration, Shuhang was glaring at everything that's happening inside the Grail. What was once a great amount of motes of light quickly joined together inside the Grail into a single ball. After awhile, split into 2 while one stays in the Grail and the other was spat out.

(Uh...?) ignoring the one staying in the Grail for the moment, Shuhang immediately sent his spiritual sense to the one that's spat out and investigate. What he found, although surprising, was still as he thought it'd be. (A clean but 'empty' soul. Huh) thought Shuhang he watched the 'empty' soul get swallowed by his own nascent soul. Soon after, the soul was spat out once more before finally getting absorbed by this 'world' itself. (O....kay? The hell was that...?)

After getting his answer, Shuhang once more cast his spiritual sense inside the Grail and investigate the other piece that stayed behind. He barely made it too as it was actually 'disappearing' at a rapid pace. The quick glimpse Shuhang had managed to catch had enough information to let him know that this piece contained all of Li Tiansu's memories.

(The hell...? Did the Grail just 'ate' his memories? Although creepy, my cultivator's 6th sense is telling me that this is actually something 'good'. Hmmm....) pondered Shuhang with a frown on his face. Even after a studying the Grail for a long while, Shuhang wasn't able to figure out what exactly just happened.

"Sigh... for fucks sake. It's just one thing after another. Hm. now that I think about it, the Grail reminded me of something." After saying so, Shuhang finally returned his consciousness to the outside and end this meditative state. Just as he was about to take out Rider and Saber's ghost sealing beads however, Shuhang's mind was suddenly hit by a wave of sleepiness.

(Ah crap. My 'dreaming' ability...!)

"Karma... is such a bitch...!" spat out Shuhang forcefully before he completely fell asleep. Just as Shuhang was about to fall over, White who was keeping an eye on him caught Shuhang in his arms almost like lovers embracing each other.

Unfortunately, this suggestive scene was caught by Sixteen and Doudou who came out to see the commotions. As soon as she saw this, Sixteen's mind suddenly went blank as her body froze in place. Doudou on the other hand, he unconsciously took out a phone and took a picture and even smoothly uploaded it to the chat group.

Everything was done in one smooth motion quickly and very swiftly. That night, none in the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group were able to train, meditate, or sleep with a peace of mind. Those with weaker mental fortitude even nearly died due severe loss of blood from excessive nose bleeding.


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