New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
89 Hmm? So Skillful?
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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89 Hmm? So Skillful?

"Hmm... as I expected."

Currently 'in front' of Shuhang, stood an old man in a daoist priest robe. Even if Shuhang only used his pinkie toe to think, he would still come to the conclusion that this old daoist priest is [Scarlet Heaven]. And true to Shuhang's expectation, he's also currently reciting to the 'little boy' on the workings of a 'sword art'.

After not too much time had passed, Scarlet Heaven had finished his mini lecture... which Shuhang couldn't help but click his tongue in disdain.

(Tch... no wonder this Li Tiansu guy had only managed to reach the 5th stage after so long. This 'inheritance' is just... garbage...!!! It's not like I want to intentionally look down on this gar--cough-- 'inheritance', but come... ON! You're an Eternal Life Being for Ophis' sake! Why the hell are you so stingy!?)

After Shuhang had finished complaining to himself, Scarlet Heaven finally finished his short conversation with the young boy before he frowned a bit.

"Uhm?" muttered Scarlet Heaven as he looked questioningly at young Li Tiansu.

Li Tiansu: "?"

Suddenly, the old broke out into a laughter and picked up a branch. Again... as Shuhang had expected, he showed off the prowess of his 'Heaven Scorching Saber'. This act of his however... actually confused Shuhang a little.

(Didn't this old man showcase this technique only because the 'original' Shuhang had shit talent for the sword while his Saber talent pretty impressive? The current me shouldn't have this problem at all though..?)

As Shuhang was stuck in this dream mode however, there was really nothing that he could do but be a spectator. And soon, Scarlet ran off skyward and disappeared from Li Tiansu's from then on. What Shuhang didn't know is that... the moment his dream ability activated, so did the Grail next to his nascent soul. Why it did... no one knew and the only person that could find out was currently indisposed.




When Shuhang had gone to dream land, Venerable White carried Shuhang off and placed him in the nearest bed almost as if out of habit. He even went to the extra step of tugging Shuhang in and everything before walking back out to the living room.

White's very natural movements of course set off questions in Doudou's and Sixteen's mind. The girl couldn't even help but let out a strange sound at the sight.

Sixteen: "Yi?"

Doudou: "Woof? Why does senior White's action seems so skillful? Almost as if... he's done this so many times before. Didn't they meet only [1 week] ago?"

Just as Sixteen and Doudou were wondering what was going to happen next, Venerable White had walked straight into the kitchen... and carried back a microwave oven with him. Having checked up on Shuhang one last time, presumably to see if he'd wake up or not, Venerable White started to disassemble the microwave at high speed, under the watchful eyes of the 2 juniors as if they weren't even there.

Unable to hold back her question any longer, Sixteen finally spoke up.

"Senior White?"

White: "Hm?"

Asked a smiling a Venerable White. Even though he turned to look at Sixteen, his hands never ceased their movements. Little by little, more and more parts were taken apart.

"Is Shu- senior Song ok?"

When White heard what Sixteen wanted to ask, he just looked back at his current 'work' and lightly answered her. "No need to worry. If I'm not wrong, he should wake up by the morning time."

Sensing that White didn't want talk anymore, she could only give up and returned to her own room while Doudou went to back to gaming with his online waifu. Throughout the night, more and more items were taken apart and 're-assembled' at a fast pace while Shuhang was lightly snoring away, unaware of what's happening the items in 'his' house.


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