New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
90 Tyrant ****** 2
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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90 Tyrant ****** 2

My name is Joseph Guy Maupassant. I've always had a passion for 'authentic Chinese martial arts' since young. Just as I was about to give up on this dream of mine, I was fortunately able to meet a 'True Master' and became his disciple.

....I'm sorry. I lied. I'm actually only a 'trial disciple' currently according to my master. As such, I don't even have the right to learn of his great name yet.

As for how I know that master's 'martial arts' are real... I actually happened upon his training with the 'mistress' when I visited my daughter in her college campus. I was, and still is, in great awe at their great strength. Sadly, I wasn't able to learn of her name either. One day... I'll definitely earn that right to finally learn of their names!

In any case, master's strength is even greater than what I could have imagined. What? Even more powerful than those shown on TV that could walk on air, and split apart boulders like tofu with just their Chi? An exaggeration? I wish I could say the same. For you see... my master's so powerful that he was able do send me to another world.


I'm not crazy you know! Really!

Anyways. Sent to another world. According to the notes master had left for me, I'm to train here using the resources he gave me and 'gain experience' in this world. Although I'm worried about my family back on earth, master had assured me that I can return back to the point of when I left, regardless of how long I stayed in this world.

As such, I can only keep doing my best and answer my master's expectation of me. My 'homework' only requires me to keep taking the 'body tempering liquid (mortal edition)', master the foundation technique's form, and finally start the real foundation building training to open up my heart aperture. This shouldn't take too long at all. I'll work hard and be back home in a flash.

Also... it seems I'm supposed to switch to a different version of 'body tempering liquid' every time I feel the 'current' one having little to no effect at all. The different versions of the body tempering liquids from weakest to strongest are 'mortal', 'original Song', 'Medicine Master (revised), 'Regular', and finally the 'Dragon' edition. I'm of course only able to take the 'mortal' edition currently. It seems that the 'Mortal' and 'Dragon' editions are master's original creations.




I'm sorry for being arrogant...!!! I knew that it wouldn't be that easy, but I still only expected it to only be around 2 weeks at most and 3 weeks at the absolute maximum. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's already been 1 month already since I've been in this world. And yet... I've only been able to finally 'master' just the form of the foundation building technique...! I haven't even started on the actual training! It seemed so simple yet...sigh.

Master's homework aside, I've also been working as an adventurer for the past month as well. Apparently, my master not giving me any of this world's currency was part of the training.... So in order to not starve to death, I had to sign up as an adventurer to earn food. The one plus side to working as one is the fact that I get fight monsters and 'gain experience' just as Master expected of me. At least I think this is what he meant...

One surprising thing about the 'Guild Card'... other than allowing people to 'learn' new skills, it can also strengthen our 'stats' as we 'level up'. And the higher my 'level' went from killing monsters, the more my body is strengthened. Currently, I'm already using the 'Original Song' edition body tempering liquid way before I even get to start my actual 'foundation building' training. Was this the real reason why master had sent me to this world? I'm in awe...!




Before I knew it, It's already been 3 months since I've been sent to this world as a part of my training. I really miss my wife and cute daughter...😭 Though I was lonely at times, I was able to not think too much about home from taking on questions with my new friends and trying my best to open that heart aperture.

Speaking of friends... I was surprisingly able to meet a young teenager that claimed he was from Earth as well. Although Mr. Kazuma is cree--cough-- a bit... unique, I was able to able to 'heal' myself whenever we talk about 'back home'. For some reason however, he was always changing subjects when 'school' is brought up in our conversations and became depressed.

Oh by the way, around the 2nd month I've been in this world, I was actually invited by Mr. Kazuma to join his party. I was even invited to live in the house they got somehow. How embarrassing... As an adult however, I had to refuse his offer. We do party up occasionally though whenever the job couldn't be done solo which got less frequent when I had moved to the capital to find even stronger monsters there.

Due to how 'enthusiastic' I am from adventuring, I, Joseph Guy, am now over level 70 according to my adventurer card. Somehow or another, I've surpassed the level of a very well known 'hero' in this world! His name was... something yuuya or another and was only around level 50~... I'm not really sure.

Due my always using Master's foundation building technique (true heavenly fists) to fight monsters, the other adventurers that happens to witness started to give me the strange title of 'The Tyrant' for how overbearing and gruesome my fights always ended up. It's not my fault that the monsters always end up in pieces as they blow up you know!? T-T

Oh yeah! I've also completed my foundation building and opened up my heart aperture! Thanks to the stat boost from leveling up however, I ended up not using most of my body tempering liquid. Especially the 'Dragon' edition ones.

Why am I still in this world even though I already completed my 'homework' you ask? It's because there is a 'demon lord' in this world of course! I definitely will not call on my Master until I save this world from the so-called 'demon lord' and his minions!

As a side note... a girl who claimed to be the 'wife' of master suddenly showed up one day. No really! She literally popped up out of nowhere in front of me when I was hanging out with Mr. Kazuma and his party members on one of my rare 'break' from the adventuring. Also, her name seems to be Busujima Saeko and same age as my daughter.

I have a dilemma... As a father, I REALLY don't want him to meet my precious daughter. But... he's my very respected 'master' though.... I don't know what I should do...!?


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