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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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91 Sword Fairy 1

My name is... Saeko. Age 18 and a senior high school student. At least I used to be... until something that should have only been possible in movies happened in real life. It came so suddenly. The end of the world as I knew it that is. I still remember as if it were only yesterday. What progressed as a normal school day, suddenly ended as the first scream of horror rang out in front of the school gate.

It was surreal. It was something that shouldn't have been possible at all. And yet... I could hear the miserable screams of my... school mates, as their flesh were being ripped and torn apart by their used to be friends. This cycle continued and repeated itself until there were nothing but death and chaos all around. This situation... it excited me so.

I wonder if that made me a horrible woman? Yes. I do not doubt that I am. I wonder when I started to notice to notice this ugly side of me? Was it ever since I have started practicing the way of the sword? Or was it that time I was... assaulted (attempted) back then? Yes... I remember it very well back then. I remembered how I reveled in my punishment... and how I was intoxicated as I 'tormented' my would be 'attacker' in turn.

Even now... the side of my mouth couldn't help but curl upwards every time I felt my sword smashing, and stabbing away at every zombies that lunged at me. Unfortunately... or maybe fortunately, I was interrupted before I lost myself too far in joy at my new found... situation. A few promising kouhais met up with me along with our school nurse on the way. In a way, I was very glad that I met with them. As there were eyes on me almost at all time, I was able to suppress my... urges.

That didn't mean I wasn't scared of being found out though. In fact, I was so... so very scared that I might accidentally let it slip one day. Before we knew it, night had arrived which was also... the first time that we... that I met him.

Back then, Takashi had foolishly... no, heroically? went out of his way to save this sweet little thing, Alice-chan. As comrades, we couldn't have let him go out alone now can we? ...Or so I say. Deep down though, I was honestly just gladly there was another opportunity for me to do some... stress relief. Sigh... I really am a truly horrible woman aren't I?

It was all well and good when I, along with the rest of our friends, drove our way towards Takashi and little Alice's location. To be honest, I was so captivated by the sight of 'him' that I almost fell off from the roof of the HMMWV. Or maybe I did... I don't want to remember that embarrassing part. I mean... how is that even fair? I didn't even know that a man could be so much more 'charming' than even the most beautiful of super models that I see on TV and in magazines.

One strange thing however, was when he introduced himself as 'Song Shuhang' to everyone. That in itself is not strange, but for some reason, whenever I focused on Shuhang, the words [Dragon Emperor] just crept in the back of my mind. I could also somehow feel that those words definitely referred to him yet at the same time, I felt that he wasn't lying about his name either. It's really weird! As I wasn't sure if everyone else were like me however, I chose to keep it to myself.

In any case, we somehow ended traveling together with him, with Shuhang. After traveling for a while, we had some how or another decided to head towards Saya's house. Before long, we were in a disadvantageous position of being surrounded by the Zs. The worst part of it all...? I heard the devil's whisper. [don't hold back] it said. [show me your 'true' self] it told me.

Before I knew what was happening, a terrible grin made its way to my face. SMASH. KICK. STAB. BASH. It was so... soooo very satisfying. I had no idea when, but I started hearing manic laughter escaping my very own lips. I was so very terrified. The gazes of my friends, I could feel them all. For some reason though, I couldn't stop myself and this act of savagery. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY?!




It's over... the side of me that I never wished to see the light of days was witnessed by all of my friends. Or so I thought. It felt like days had passed but nothing truly happened since then. No one tried to confront me about my previous state either. Even so.... I couldn't help feel anxiety. Before long, I could no longer hold myself back and confronted Shuhang about it. I am glad that I did...

I said it before, but I'll say it again. I, Saeko, am a horrible woman. When Shuhang came in my room to... talk to me, I guilt trip him into accepting me. All of me, be it physically or otherwise. By the looks of it, he definitely knew what I was trying to do too. For some reason though, he still went along with me anyways. I have no idea why even until now.




Before I knew it, months had passed since Shuhang had left us and when he offered to take me along as well... I for some reason had rejected though. I wonder why I did that...? Really. As for regret?... Of course I did. The surprising feature of the gift that Shuhang had left me however, didn't really give me much time to bask in the misery of my prior decisions. Through it, I was able to start 'cultivating', just like Shuhang is.

Then, I was suddenly 'teleported' to another world one night. It happened so suddenly too. The surprising part... one of the person I first met in the 'new world' turned to be a 'disciple' of Shuhang! Just what is this coincidence?! Strange. Too strange!

That aside, it was thanks to Mr. Joseph actually that I was actually able to finally cross the final threshold and opened up my heart aperture. It was actually thanks to the body tempering liquid (Dragon Edition) he had on him actually, that I was able finally cross the last barrier successfully. An even more pleasant surprise, when I took the 'Dragon Edition' medicine, I for some reason could feel a 'connection' forming. It was something that I could have sworn I lost when I refused to go with Shuhang that day. I'm not really sure what all that meant however since I am still new to the world of 'cultivation'....

The last surprise, my hair started to turn snow white and even my face structure changed somewhat. It wasn't too drastic a change, but unless one were to really study me, none would have been able to connect my hair and face to 'Saeko'. I wonder why that is....

In any case, it finally happened one day. I finally met with Shuhang again. It happened during our confrontation with the demon lord's army which was assaulting the capital. As Mr. Joseph and I were overwhelmed with the enemy commanders, Mr. Joseph did... something, then a sudden flash appeared on the battle field.

Right there in front me, stood Song Shuhang in what he had called a daoist robe. He did bore a face of confusion for a moment when our eyes met, but he definitely didn't recognize me. That for some reason really upset me. I was even more upset however, when I noticed another 'beauty' getting summoned along side him. 'She' hadn't talked much and pretty much looked confused at 'her' situation as well. However... However...!! That hussy better not think about stealing what's mine!

...Sadly, before I get a chance to properly talk with Shuhang, he and that [White] fellow seemed to have been forcibly teleported again somewhere. I knew it as so when I noticed his [constipated look] as he hurriedly grabbed on to that 'home wrecker' White and, quite literally, flashed and disappeared under the gazes of all those present.


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