New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
92 The Terrified Delivery Man
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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92 The Terrified Delivery Man

The moment that Shuhang had opened his eyes, he couldn't help but groan out loud and complained to no one in particular.

"Ugh... about damn time the dream ended. Sigh, it seems I'll need to go pick up little Yinzu one of these days, huh."

As he finally decided to get up though, Shuhang finally noticed where he was. On a bed and even nicely tugged in as well. (Strange... why am I getting a bad feeling all of a sudden? Something's amiss... and seems very familiar. Almost as if this has happened before...?) he thought as he went down the stairs to the living room. And finally, the kitchen in order to start the day by making breakfast. This time, he decided to challenge himself by cooking with 'high class' ingredients rather than only with the mortal tier ingredients like last time.

As for the 'morning rituals' that normal people do every morning...? He's already stopped doing such things since half a year ago already. Heck, if Shuhang really wanted to, he wouldn't even need to eat anything... let alone cook at that.

In any case, the moment Shuhang set foot in the living room, he was met with a very brightly smiling face of Venerable White. He even gave Shuhang a morning greeting as per usual. There doesn't seem to be aaaanything wrong with that and yet... suddenly frowned and hazarded a guess.

"Ah White.... Say. Be truthful with me. You didn't break your promise with me right? You know, the one about [not disassembling things when Shuhang is forcefully in a sleep induced state]?"

White: "Uhm...😅"

It seemed that Shuhang's guess had been spot on. At least he had the decency to look sheepish and apologetic about his action. Probably. Shuhang didn't doubt for a moment that this fellow would ever stop what he did and has been doing for centuries though. White definitely wouldn't be able to help it. It's called a habit for a reason after all.

"Sigh... you remembered what happened last time right? We swore together that you wouldn't do this anymore! I couldn't believe it when I had woken up in a bed between the little sisters of 2 maous. Why did you even leave my unconscious body on the bed with those 2 little girls as you 'tore apart' their [Evil Pieces]!? With such a satisfied look to boot!.... Or rather, how did we even end up in their castle in the first place? During one of their little sleepovers too..."

The more Shuhang mentioned of their past adventure, the more unconformable White was becoming. He very much wanted to refute Shuhang about that, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything. He did get them into a lot of trouble thanks to his curiosity after all. It was really strange though as usually, he would have been able to 'somehow' avert that 'calamity' before it could even happen. When he was around Shuhang however, his 'luck' always seems to be on the fritz at times while greatly amplified on the other.

From within Shuhang's shadow, the tiny head of Soft Feather's ghost spirit popped up and everything it was hearing were being sent back to the main body. The real Soft Feather on Spirit Butterfly island currently was pouting and sulking at what she was hearing. Even though she had the great foresight of attaching her 'ghost spirit' to Senior Song early on, why is it that she didn't remember that event happening!? It sounded.... really FUN as well! What a shame...!!!

Unknowingly, her daughter-con of a father happened to have passed by and noticed her very unhappy look. (Who is it? Who's the bastard that made my daughter this unhappy?! I'll definitely ****** whoever it is and ****** whoever you are!!!)




After what seemed like hours of Shuhang whole heartedly spewing his complaints, Shuhang finally let Venerable White, who looked stiff as a board, off as he went towards the kitchen and started making breakfast to calm himself down.

(Damn. EMIYA really knows what he's doing. Cooking really is damn relaxing...!)

After breakfast was over, Shuhang suddenly voiced a question aloud.

"Anyways. Have there been any deliveries from fellow daoist Snow Wolf yet? I was told it would be sometimes today..."


"...Speak of devil... wolf... there he is. I'll get it." said Shuhang as he got up to answer the door. It seems his luck is on the 'good' end of the spectrum today. The moment he thought about it, the deliveries actually came. Neat.

"..........and that should be everything, Senior Dragon Emperor. As I have something, I apologize for leaving so soon. Have a good day, senior!" shouted the Wolf as he disappeared into the horizon.

After handing over the documents to Shuhang, this underling Wolf of fellow daoist Snow Wolf fired off words after words in a rapid fire mode and fled before Shuhang could even get a word in edge-wise. This had of course left Shuhang completely speechless as he didn't get even a chance to gift that Wolf a greeting gift, as is customary of the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group very loosely unwritten rule of when a senior met with a 'junior' for the 1st time.

Looking at the slowly disappearing silhouette of the Wolf, Shuhang tiredly closed the door and return to the living room, where Venerable White is sipping tea while leisurely operating Shuhang's borrowed laptop.

"Sigh... Ah White. As of this moment, I've finally... truly understood your feelings. That look of 'terror' as fellow daoists runs away as if the Netherworld Ruler is hot on their tails... This feeling of hurt in my chest. This is new..." said Shuhang while sporting a very complicated expression on his face. Sure his presence had made people veeery uncomfortable before, but to run away with haste like earlier... what the hell happened to have caused that...?

The nearby Doudou suddenly went stiff as cold sweats inexplicably run down its back while he looked around cautiously.

Venerable White who finally understood what Shuhang meant, wordlessly put down his tea cup, went up to Shuhang, and patted his back in a gentle manner. After awhile, Shuhang finally recovered and handed Venerable White his IDs and other documents while Shuhang sent the rest to his inner-world, Rin's mansion, where the girls are at and still 'sleeping'.

"Right. Anyways. Let's go out for a shopping trip. Specially since we need to replace all the missing appliances >.>..."

At Shuhang's slight jab, Venerable White couldn't help but twitch his lips a little.


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