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93 Un Eventful Shopping Trip
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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93 Un Eventful Shopping Trip

"Anyways! Since you've got your ID, let's go out and buy you a cell phone of your own as well as replacing the stuff you've... studied."

White: "..."

Upon hearing the 1st half Shuhang's sentence, Venerable White's eyes became bright, but they immediately dimmed upon hearing the latter half. He wanted to refute, but the now very bare looking kitchen and missing big screen TV in the living room quickly doused any fire he had. Shuhang on the other hand just rolled his eyes at the changing expressions of his friend.

"Right... how do we do this? I wanted to suggest going on foot but... the last time you and I had a 'walk' together... Sigh. I don't even need to remind you huh?"

Understanding where Shuhang meant, Venerable White's lips couldn't help but twitch. Yes, he was absolutely a very curious person and thought that 'adventures' are fun. When said adventure had both he and Song Shuhang however...

White: "Hm..."

Seeing his friend's hesitation, Shuhang couldn't help but let loose another sigh. It seems the number of times he's sighing has seen an increase in frequency lately... (Hmm??)

Just as Shuhang was about to suggest something, Shuhang spotted his 'Severing Heaven Sword' floating in the background and his kitten, Little White, lazily perched herself on the flat side of the sword. That's not really the strange part though... What actually caught his attention was the fact Little White's tail had actually split itself into 2 rather than the expected 1.

(What in the flying **ck? O_O When the heck did that even happen? How?!) thought a confused Shuhang. His confusion clearly shown on his face as Venerable White noticed this and also turned his gaze towards his sword and Little White.

White: "Oh?"

Having noticed the reason for Shuhang's confusion, Venerable White's face almost immediately turned into one of curiosity, as if he couldn't wait to dissect her to see how she ticked. As far as he knew, it was only supposed to be a 'normal' kitten that hadn't really unlocked it's 'wisdom' and tread the path of cultivation.

To be perfectly honest, White actually still don't know how to feel about this little kitten. Especially the name that his friend Shuhang had chosen to give. There is always this funny feeling whenever Shuhang called it 'Little White' when in his presence. Not knowing how to really react to hearing 'Little White' while knowing that it didn't refer to him, Venerable White could only have the corner of his mouth twitch silently during those times.

"Sigh... okay. One thing at a time. Let's go get them cell phones and laptop first and get that out of the way. Little White isn't going anywhere so I can always check her out later." said Shuhang as he just accepted the clearly very strange development. Suddenly, a random thought came to mind.

(2 tailed cat huh... that kind of reminds me the nekoshous in the DxD world. If I recalled correctly, didn't their race get annihilated down to the last 2 by the devils? The last time I went to that world though, that Rias Gremory seemed to still be a little girl and I didn't sense any [cat] in her castle at all. Maybe... I could go back and there and grab me a couple of hundreds or so 'kitties' before that happen? Aah! But the loli-dragon-sama....!! Tch. I'll think more on that after today's shopping.)

With that last thought in mind, Venerable White, Shuhang, and Sixteen decided to head out. Oh... Soft Feather as well if her Ghost Spirit is included. (Speaking of which... shouldn't she go back to her main body now and start practicing to increase her cultivation? At this rate, Sixteen is totally going to surpass her...)




(Aaah... shit. I got careless due to thinking about the nekoshous and Little White. Completely forgot to shield mine and White's presence... Sigh)

Currently, the trio that went on a shopping trip were sitting inside a bus. To be specific, Shuhang and White were the ones sitting. The reason for Shuhang's sigh could be seen in front of him as little Sixteen is stalwartly standing 'guard' in front of the duo from the mobs of infatuated women trying to come and chat them up. Photos were taken almost nonstop. Incessant screams of the instantly formed fan girls were hear-- Hey wtf! Who threw those panties?!




"Haha... 😅 Look, Ah White. My bad. Really! It wasn't on purpose!--pfft--. Besides, take this a little payback for you breaking all of my appliances. Hahaha"

Now hiding away in an alleyway, were Shuhang who isn't even trying to conceal his amused laughs. Sixteen on the other hand wore a stoic face as per usual. She couldn't really fool anyone there however as her shoulders could be seen trembling from time to time. Even her face was twitching as well. Just another push and she would also burst into laughter as well.

She wouldn't dare however since standing in front of her and Shuhang was a brightly smiling yet very clearly un-amused Venerable White. The casual civilian clothes that he wore were torn here and there while his hair was a mess. There were even lipstick marks all over his hands and face. In other words... White was mobbed by the crazy fan girls. Hm. His face definitely promised 'retribution'...

How this happened... well, as soon as the bus came to a stop at one of their pick up spots, Shuhang had immediately grabbed Sixteen and bolted out of there after activating a [Presence Concealment] ability. Not once did the thought that White not follow his foot steps entered Shuhang's mind. Maybe it was due to his being too stunned to move, or maybe due to him not having any [Presence Concealment] (highly doubt that...), but Venerable White was stuck in the bus full of crazies trying to get a piece of him.

After that, the trio went electronic shopping as planned after cleaning up the mess that is Venerable White. Also, Shuhang didn't forget to shield their presences this time around and all of their shopping went smoothly. Heck they even stopped to win some extra prizes here and there in the shopping district. An extra laptop and a trip to a hot spring just to name a few... The only thing that really unnerved Shuhang a little was the fact Venerable White was quiet throughout the whole trip. The only other constant was his ever bright smiling face... How can such a 'beautiful' smile feel so ominous...?


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