New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
94 High Class Dinner
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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94 High Class Dinner

"Now that I think about it... where is your life bound weapon, Ah White?"

Finally in the comfort and 'safety' of their own home, Shuhang randomly blurted out this question as White was setting his new toys. At the same time, Shuhang took out his phone to contact True Monarch Yellow Mountain to invite Venerable White to the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group in a little bit.

White: "Ah. While I was closing up, a fellow daoist from the thieves sect took it."

Shuhang: "Right... 🤔?"

After sending True Monarch Yellow Mountain the message, Shuhang also took the time to scroll through the... hmm? thousands of messages he apparently missed between now and last night. (The hell? Did something happen last night?) thought Shuhang.

Intrigued by this, Shuhang continuously scrolled all the way up to his last seen message. After awhile, he found the reason and needless to say... dog meat hot pot was going to be today's dinner.

(No wonder that troublemaker of a dog went outside as soon we left for our shopping trip... It's also no wonder that little subordinate of Snow Wolf ran away in fear of me as if the grim reaper was upon him. Too bad for you, Doudou, I've secretly installed a mark on you on that 1st day we've met. Hehe... Also, that Three Waves fellow. Seems I'll have to get rid of his 'death seeking' itch one of these days. Otherwise... he just won't feel comfortable huh?)

With such a sinister looking face and that ill omen laughter, it would of course catch the attention of Venerable White even when he was joyfully playing with his new cell phone and laptop.

White: "Hm?"

Shuhang: "Ah. Let me show how to accept the invitation to the chat group. But first... read through this. Thanks to a certain dog... it seems there were quite a few victims last night. Hehe..."

After saying so, Shuhang readily handed his phone over to White to peruse through the thousands of messages from last night. With their current levels though, that can easily be done within minutes. Less if they were to reeeaally put some effort into doing so... Although confused, Venerable White accepted the phone and did exactly as suggested by Shuhang.




[Stupid Yellow Mountain's Owner has uploaded a picture!]

[The reason why True Monarch White never accepted the advances of any fairy maidens revealed!]

Along with the White 'embracing' Shuhang, it even came with an eye catching click bait worthy caption. Almost immediately, according to time-stamp, the chat exploded in activity and the number of downloads quickly rose. Not too soon after, many messages with the 'coughing up blood' emoticon were sent by those lurking. Mostly the seniors of course as they were the ones that had a high enough will power to 'resist' the devastation of what they just witnessed.

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "👍"]

Northern River, the first of the 'victims' as he is the widely accepted eternal online warrior, sent his thumbs up in approval. He did so after recovering from spraying blood all over his laptop of course.

[Mad Saber Three Waves: "👍+1 Something so beautiful... I sent it to all my friends and juniors!"]

Being the death seeker that he is, Three Waves immediately spilled more oil to make the 'fire' even bigger. It was mostly thanks to his actions actually, that there would be so many 'casualties' on this sleepless night.

[Su Clan's Seventh: "This fool Three Waves... wait until senior White and senior Dragon Emperor saw the chat log... Also, 👍+2"]

Afterwards, continuous streams of messages along with their thumbs up flooded the screen.




[Venerable Seventh Path: "How many of our juniors have fallen so far?"]

[Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather: "Nearly 1/3 of the juniors on this old man's island went comatose. About half within those number almost had a 'deviation' in their cultivation."]

From the way that message was written, anybody could tell that it was the daughter-con father using his daughter's to give casualty report. Although he felt aggrieved at the situation, deep in his heart, Spirit Butterfly was also somewhat happy thinking that his lovely daughter wouldn't fall 'prey' to this senior Song that she's always talking about.

Apart from Spirit Butterfly, other seniors within the group were also reporting in the 'casualties' within their own group. The one that had the worst of them all are probably is probably the 'Profound Abbot' and his monastery's monks. It seems that a lot of their 'faith to Buddha' had been shaken up a lot tonight.

[Lychee: "Tch. Thanks to that accursed Three Wave's spreading of the picture, many of our juniors were affected. The female juniors seems to have taken less 'damage' compared to the male juniors though... Also, those that left their sect/clan to experience the 'outside world' seems to have been put into the hospital as well."]




Every time a report was given, more and more devastation were revealed thus giving major headaches to all the seniors. As for the main culprits which are Doudou and Three Waves, they had of course been 'silenced' for a whole week. The only person that didn't actively participate in the chat was of course Yellow Mountain who's wise enough to not blatantly seek death. Suddenly...

[Northern River's Loose Cultivator: "Oh no! We can't let senior Dragon Emperor or senior White see these messages! Flood! Start flooding the chat!"]




White: "...."

Wordlessly, Venerable White handed Shuhang's cell phone back to him while the brightness of his smile went up a couple of notches higher than when they went shopping. As he looked towards Shuhang, he received the most welcoming of words from Shuhang.

"Hm. I've placed one of my hidden marks on Doudou in case he ever runs away from home for whatever reason. I can instantly [Summon] him whenever... where ever... even if he went to the edge of another universe. We're having dog meat hot pot tonight."

After saying so in a matter of fact way, Shuhang showed Venerable White how to set up his own accounts for the chat group and got him to accept the 'invite' from Yellow Mountain. Before going to investigate on what's going with Little White, Shuhang went back online and left a pretty ominous message.

[Kaleido Sage, Dragon Emperor: "That was a pretty nice picture. So much so that I had to share it with 'Venerable' White. Hehehe.... 😃😃😃😃😃"]


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