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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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96 Chuchu Heaven

So warm. Haa, so comfortable...

(Woof? What I was doing again?)

With that last thought, the 4th Stage monster dog cultivator finally opened its eyes. The first thing that greeted its vision seems to be a... tub? full of cloudy looking, warm, and very comfy water. There seems to also be steam rising which is telling of this tub of water's current temperature.

(Wait... why am I suddenly bathing inside a tub of warm water, woof?) thought the dog monster. Also, it might just be its imagination, but the water seems to still be getting warmer and warmer as time passes...?

*ToK!* *ToK!* *ToK!*

Suddenly, it heard the sounds of foot steps which seems to getting closer to its location. For some strange reason however, it couldn't bring itself to put up any guard towards this new comer despite the strange situation. Perhaps it was due to the comfortable bathing(?) water, but it's been in the most relaxed state since who knows how long.

Finally, the dog monster turned its head towards the source of the approaching sounds of foot steps. (Woof? I can't sense their cultivation? Ordinary mortals?) thought the dog monster as studied the 2 new comers, both of which are delicate looking girls seemingly still in their teenage years.

One of those girls was wearing modern day clothing befitting what a normal high school girl would wear. This seems to agree with the dog monster's initial guess that they were ordinary mortals. It almost immediately dismissed that thought however when he saw the 2nd girl that came into the room.

Her attire is definitely what one would describe as a [Fairy Maiden's Immortal Clothing], and the few enchantment arrays it could see inscribed was an almost definite proof. Although still lacking despite the very... very strange situation it's in, a sliver doubt and wariness finally appeared in his mind. There is now another possibility as to why it couldn't send their cultivation levels. They were vastly more powerful than itself.

(Woof? Why did these two suddenly appear in this room while I'm bathing? Speaking of which... this room strangely looks like a modern day... kitchen?)

Towards the end of its thought, the dog monster suddenly got a bad feeling and cold sweat flowed down its back. Or maybe it was due to the ever increasing temperature of the bathing(?) water. Who knows at this point. The strangest part though... whenever it thought about 'wanting to leave the bath(?)', why does it's own body would refuse to obey!?

???: "Senior Sister [Chuchu], do you think its ready yet?"

(NANI!? Chuchu?!)

Hearing a certain name, the dog monster's ears immediately twitched itself as the dog monster turned its gaze towards the one being referred to as 'Senior Sister Chuchu'. It was actually the one in the modern day mortal clothes that was the 'senior'. (Woof?! Now that I think about it, this extremely 'charming' young lady somehow seems to be very family? Not her appearance, but her 'charm' itself as well as her very 'atmosphere' that seems familiar. Hmmm?)

Senior Sister Chuchu: "Hm. Almost there~ I just need to add in a few more stuff."

Before the dog monster could say anything, 'senior sister Chuchu' tossed something into its bathing water(?). Upon recognizing what were being thrown in, its body unintentionally shook as its bad feelings grew even worse by the seconds.

(T-those were... cooking ingredients? Carrots, onions, potato... there are even watercress?! W-wait a sec--)

Just as it was about give a shout out many questions towards these 2 unknown yet strangely familiar girls, another one showed up.

(Senior White!? Or not...? This one clearly is a girl. But that unmistakable charm... what's going on?!)

Senior Sister Chuchu: "Oh, Chuchu? Did you need something from the kitchen? The Hotpot is almost ready so just be patient."

(WOOF?! HOTPOT!?) exclaimed the dog monster, now clearly starting to panic. Only now does it realize that it actually couldn't say anything even if it wanted to. Heck, it couldn't even move its own body even a tiny bit. It was so panicked that it didn't even react to the fact that this new comer is also named 'Chuchu'.

Chuchu #2?: "No, it's just the others were looking for you, so I led them here."

Before 'senior sister Chuchu' could say anything, another 4 girls now entered what the dog monster definitely recognize as a kitchen. One of them was a regal looking blond westerner girl around the age of 16~. The 2nd was black haired twin-tails Asian beauty wearing a red turtle neck and mini-skirt. The 3rd was perhaps the most eye catching due her very 'sensual' body, by human standards, wearing a face mask that covered both eyes completely. Lastly, it was a silver haired loli that was very cute yet there was somehow a very 'dangerous' atmosphere around her.

Blondie: "Master, is the food ready yet?"

Face Mask: "Master Chuchu"

Twintails: "Chuchu, I'm hungry!"

Loli: "Onee-chan~ I'm bored!"

One by one, the 4 new entries talked to the 'Chuchu' that was currently stirring its bathing tub--...no it's definitely some sort of pot used for cooking! The fact that 2 of 4 that entered started to salivate as they stared at its body like its some sort of 'meat' was very disturbing...! Aaah! Help! Bastard Yellow Mountain, your master Doudou is about to be eaten!! (T^T)

What 'senior sister Chuchu' said next sent the dog monster enter the height of both despair and bliss at the same time.

Senior Sister Chuchu: "Great timing Saber Chuchu, Rider Chuchu, Tsundere Chuchu, and Loli Chuchu, why don't you girls help me setup the table and plates. Tonight, we're having dog meat hotpot. Look forward to it :3"

Tsundere Chuchu?: "Who the heck's a TSUNDERE!?"

Although she retorted, she still actually followed instructions anyways... begrudgingly.

(D-dog meat... HOTPOT!? Woof woof! NOOOOO! Even though this great me finally got the chance to meet so many 'Chuchu' in one place, I'm about to get eaten!? I'm sorry for running away from, stupid Yellow Mountain, senior White, senior Dragon Emperor. Please come save meee~)

Suddenly, this 4th stage dog monster noticed something coming out the shadow of the 'senior sister Chuchu. (Woof? T-that's actually that lass Soft Feather's Ghost Spirit!? Heeelp!) inwardly exclaimed Doudou as it was trying its best to signal for help. It looked like it was thinking about something at first, probably how to get it out of this hell? It despaired even further however, when Soft Feather's Ghost Spirit took out what looked like a mini bowl and a pair of chopsticks as it too began to salivate.


Further thoughts were cut off as 'Senior Sister Chuchu' began to submerge Doudou under the soup water and started increasing the heat even further. The process of adding spices, and vegetables were repeated. Soon, the entire were transported to the table where everyone gathered. When Senior Sister Chuchu took out a terrifyingly sharp blade, which looked suspiciously like the 'Severing Heaven Sword', ready to cut its dog monster body up, Doudou finally lost 'consciousness'.


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