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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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97 Catnapping

Currently seated on the dining table were this house's original residence, Shuhang, Sixteen, and the new face, White. Joining them at this hotpot dinner were 4 new faces, Saber, Rider, Rin, and Illya, whom Shuhang had just released from stasis earlier today. The hotpot is of course not dog meat, but rather some monster beast meat that Shuhang in his earlier days of traveling before joining the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group.

As for Doudou, he is currently writhing about in pain, as if experiencing an extremely terrible nightmare off to the side of the room. Shuhang of course wasn't going to actually turn Doudou into food. If he did, what could he actually say to True Monarch Yellow Mountain? Even if Doudou did wrong him and White... no matter how much wants to do it.

What everyone just experienced was a combination of hypnotism, True Illusions, and a bit of the 'False Reality' ability of 8th Stage Cultivators that Shuhang got a tiny glimpse of during his 'Sage Seal' condensation.

Rin: "Say... what was that thing with 'Chuchu' about? Oh~ delicious! <3"

Shuhang: "Ah that? Well... Doudou is a really (in)famous troublemaker in our group you see. And so, he's actually very used to most forms of 'punishment'. But Doudou has this 'Chuchu' fetish you see... hehe"

Illya: "Hee~? That's pretty nasty of you, Onii-chan. What did he do to make you give him such a cruel punishment?"

At that, Shuhang chose not to give an answer and only gave a faint smile. Venerable White who was sitting next to him gave out a dark chuckle "Hehe..." which gave everyone goosebumps. (Never get on the bad side of these 2 bishounens!) were exactly the thought of the 4 girls. In the background, Doudou's occasionally murmurs and moaning could be heard.

'woof.. so many chuchu. so beautiful. hot pot... scary, woof. chuchu... scary...'

Hearing the talking dog's words, everyone other than Shuhang and Venerable White gave it their best to ignore the sweat dropping from their foreheads as they focused on the meals in front of them. They even tried to chat normally while trying to steal the cooked meat from each other. The only one not really saying anything the whole time was Sixteen as she occasionally stole glances at the 4 new girls that her 'Senior Song' introduced literally out of nowhere, when he summoned them.

According to Shuhang, the blond girl seems to be the Ghost Spirit of the twintails girl, Tohsaka Rin. Why does she 'feel' like just a regular 'human' in that case...? Hearing her query, Shuhang gave the short answer of 'Saber was still alive... therefore she can only become a half Ghost Spirit half living existence' without further elaboration.

As for the face mask wearing beauty, Rider, it seems she's become the Ghost Spirit of Shuhang himself. The reason she possess a physical body is due the 'soul materialization' ability of the 3rd True Magic, according to Shuhang. Again, he didn't elaborate any further. Lastly, the little girl name Illya, short for Illyasviel von Einsbern, who is referred to as his 'little sister'. Apparently, she also has a Ghost Spirit of her own in the form of a hulking giant, Berserker.

(Their strange names aside... just who the heck are these girls? They seem strangely close to Shuhang for someone that had only met him for a couple of days according to Shuhang...) thought Sixteen all throughout dinner. And just like that, their meal was over and Illya, Rin, and Saber were sent to one of the guest room to turn in for the night. As for Rider, she de-materialized and went inside of Shuhang's body, more specifically his inner world.




Shuhang: "Now then... this is an interesting development."

Now with everyone in their room and doing their own things, Shuhang finally got the chance to finally study the changes in Little White's body. As far as he could tell, Little White was now unconsciously absorbing the world's energy after her tail split in 2. A special term in certain worlds... it would be called 'natural energy' that the 'sages' use.

Shuhang: "Seems I'm not wrong when I suddenly thought of the nekoshous in the DxD world. She's really turning into a nekomata in Japanese folklore. Nekomata, cats that have lived for centuries which suddenly split their tails and become some sort of demon-like existence. Strange... as far as I know, Little White is definitely not over a year old much less a century. Is it because I accelerated her 'growth rate' from my 'Boosts'?"

Staring at Little White who is purring in content from Shuhang's light petting, he started to ponder to himself.

(Hmm... if she really is turning into one, then I really do need to go kidn-- uh, bring over a couple nekoshous from the DxD world. Although the Library of Heaven's Path has pretty much everything that is 'cultivation' related, I doubt it includes anything nekoshous 'natural energy' usage. Or as they call it, senjutsu. I mean, it's even a technique, more like their natural ability they've got from birth after all. This is a situation of 'how do you teach someone how to breathe' kind of thing...)

Shuhang: "Guess I'll take a look. Last time I went, I don't think the nekoshous haven't been exterminated by the devils yet. Alright, Little White, go and play with Tian'er. I have to make a visit some place a little bit... or rather, where did that 'sword' of mine go...?"

As soon as Shuhang had mentioned it, said 'sword' suddenly flew in from the open window. Shockingly, it actually started to talk in human language in the voice of a young girl.

"Master~! I can take Whitey and go play?!" said the 'Severing Heaven Sword' excitedly. As it is Shuhang's Living Item, and most likely due to it receiving the 'Raising Saber Art' from Shuhang since the 1st day that he's got it, the sword had gained spiritual wisdom around the time Shuhang just got promoted to 6th Stage, True Monarch realm. It still didn't condense an actual 'human form' yet however as it... she couldn't decide what form to take as of now.

Shuhang: "Uh... sure. Just don't go too far and be discrete. Your strength at 7th stage+ should be enough to deal with most things, but be careful anyways since Little White is still weak. Take care of her, Tian'er"

Tian'er: "Okay! Come on, Whitey~"

And with that, Little White promptly jumped onto his sword Living Item which immediately flew out of the window at high speed.

Shuhang: "...right then. Where was I? Oh yeah. DxD world and cat girls. Hopefully I can get in and out before Ophis notices me..."


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