New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
98 Stalking a Catgirl Waifu, Unaware of the Wild Ophis From Behind
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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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98 Stalking a Catgirl Waifu, Unaware of the Wild Ophis From Behind

In a dimly lit room, the figure of an expressionless little girl was currently sitting on what seem to be a throne. Although appearance wise, she would look just any random loli you can find on the street and would appear to be 'harmless' to those ignorant of the truth. In fact, she is anything BUT harmless.

She is after all, the widely accepted #1 strongest in this world's powerhouse ranking. Indeed. This little girl is in fact the [Infinite Dragon God], Ouroboros. Just as said Dragon God was planning to ignore all of the different shady looking people situated below her throne, her expressionless face suddenly warped into one of shock. Or rather... it was a face that of pleasant surprise.

'...found you'

Ignoring everyone that were in what seem to be a heated discussion about one nonsense or another, a dark portal suddenly opened up in front of her. Before anyone could react to the sudden turn of event, the portal had already disappeared, along with the Dragon God herself.




In a forest somewhere in the Devil's Region of the [Underworld], danger lurks and strange creatures roams about as per usual. There was currently a tiny little intruder in the form of a teenage looking girl dressed in all black matching her very own hair. Surprisingly, she actually have cat ears and 2 tails that could be seen from behind her frame.

???: "Shirone...--sniff--"

With tears threatening to fall, she kept muttering this one name over and over again as if the person whom it belonged to was the most precious thing in the world to this girl with cat features. While ignoring all the pain caused by the wounds on her body, said cat girl suddenly perked up as she could hear those in pursuit of her coming closer. Their aim was of course her life.

Deciding to continue running once again, she stood up with some difficulties due to injuries and started moving. That's what she tried to at least when suddenly, a jewel-like light flashed in front of her and the most 'beautiful' existence started to shimmer into existence. Captivated by the sight, the cat girl went into a trance, fully forgetting about her pursuers that were soon to make it to her location.

Blinking a few times after fully materializing, the figure now revealed to be a youth no older than 20 years of age uttered a few words that didn't make any sense to her. It did help in breaking her out of the day dream she started having though...

Beautiful Youth: "Huh... 'traveling' is best done without White after all if I don't anything [exciting] to happen. I didn't even have to start looking and my [Luck] already kicked in."

''--GasP!-- NO!"

After her sudden shout, the cat girl, for some un-explainable reason, decided to grab the hand of the youth and tried to run and taking the youth along as well. This sudden action had of course surprised the youth however, he didn't seem to plan of 'resisting' her pull though.

Not that it would have mattered as not even a couple of steps in, they found themselves surrounded by at least a dozen of 'people' all with very sinister looking faces. The target of their stares, the black clad cat girl, grimaced and lamented her stupidity for not running sooner. Why the heck did she even stood still to ogle the 'scenery' for that matter?

???: "There is no room for your escape, filthy [Youkai]! Obediently accept your punishment and die!"

Not soon after word left his mouth, one of the 'people' surrounding both the youth and the cat girl leaped in for strike. His aim was of course a quick kill, uncaring of the new addition that was with their target. The attacker couldn't even feel a speck of [demonic energy] from that man clad in white, so he was ignored, thinking it was just a lowly [Low Class Devil] that no one would miss even if killed.

That was of course... the last mistake he ever made.


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