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New Life In Cultivation Chat Group
Author :Noodle_Overlord
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99 Oops...

A couple of minutes before Shuhang went world hopping...

"Well... no time like the present I guess. Although..."

For some reason, Shuhang had the nagging feeling something will happen with Tian'er and Little White as he tracked their flight path with his eyes. As a cultivator, Shuhang had long ago learned to trust any popped up 'nagging feelings' which are referred to as a cultivator's instinct. As he didn't sense anything foreboding however, he still let them go out anyways.

Taking his eyes off the unlikely combination of sword and kitten duo, Shuhang turned his gaze towards the still twitching Doudou a floor down in the living room. He couldn't help but let out a sadistic grin at that picture. (That'll teach that dog to not seek death so blatantly... probably...) thought Shuhang idly even though he doesn't believe it even for a second.

After losing his interest in Doudou's suffering, Shuhang's gaze now turned towards Sixteen's room to find her diligently cultivating... or not. What he found instead was Sixteen making some sort of grand speech with a very impressive and imposing gait. The ones listening to this speech of hers were surprisingly the 4 girls of 'Fate'. (Heh...) Then laughed at his own very lame joke,

Although curious, Shuhang of course didn't listen in on their conversation as he still had some principles left. No matter how much of a troll he's becoming lately. Moving his gaze away, Shuhang had turned his sight towards the last person in this mini mansion, Venerable White. As expected of a 7th Stage Venerable, Shuhang's gaze was immediately induced by the other party and turned their gazes in Shuhang's direction as well with a curious look. Though the fact that Shuhang didn't intend to 'hide' in the first place need not be mentioned.

'I'll be going out for a bit. Take care of the girls for me.'

With his message conveyed, Shuhang received a light nod and a big smile in response from Venerable White. That smile however immediately cramped up with Shuhang's next message.

'Try not tear anything up in the mean time... we just bought them today after all.'

With that done, kaleidoscope magic activated as Shuhang inputted the coordinates to the DxD universe. The only thing left that worried him was the fact that he needed to put all his concentration towards the magic to prevent any accident like the last time he went to that world. Thanks to that mishap, he had to tangle with the twice damned 'Apocalypse Dragon' for disturbing its 'leisurely flight time'.

"Now that I think about it... how did I even survive that fight against [Great Red]? Sure I was using [Juggernaut Drive] but still... According to my calculations, Great Red and Ophis are both existences that are just around the [Heavenly Way]'s level of power, give or take. Great Red especially since he was basically an [Inextinguishable] being since so long as 'dreams' exist, so will it. Maybe it actually wasn't that serious about the fight?"

With his preparations complete, Shuhang shelved away this train of thoughts for the time being. For now though, he needed to make absolutely sure that he doesn't end up teleporting inside the [Dimensional Gap] again. The other problem, although a minor one, is that he won't be able to temporarily hide his presence and suppress his 'charm' for a few moment when he make the jump.

"Hopefully, there won't be too many people in the landing area... and hopefully that tiny dragon-sama won't be able to notice my presence in that tiny bit of time gap before I can conceal myself..."

As soon as his words fell, Shuhang disappeared from this world with a colorful flash as the only proof that he was there. Sensing that Shuhang's presence was indeed gone, Venerable White put up a thinking face. Though he put up a struggling face for a few moments, Venerable White seemed to have given up and resolutely walked toward the air conditioner that he had yet to 'study'.




Once the flashing light fade away, Shuhang was greeted with the sight of a semi-loli with wounds all over her body. What he had initially feared had actually happened as the girl seemed to be in a daze due to his 'charm'. (Oh come on, seriously? Well, at least its only one person... uh?) thought Shuhang in exasperation. Until he noticed her features and the tell-tale signs of a nekoshou. Cat ears, two tails, and passively absorbing the world's naturally energy.

"Huh... 'traveling' is best done without White after all if I don't want anything [exciting] to happen. I didn't even have to start looking and my [Luck] already kicked in."

Surprised that he had already found one of his 'targets', Shuhang couldn't help but mutter out loud. At the same time, Shuhang went full force in concealing his powers, presence, and suppressing his charms down to the absolute minimum he could. Especially since he could sense a group of 'people' were approaching this very location.

The suppression of his charm had immediate effect as the girl was suddenly snapped out of her daze and let out a gasp of horror. Not a moment later, she even tried to drag Shuhang away from what seemed to be incoming threat. Though un-needed, Shuhang appreciated the gesture nonetheless and decided to help her out with one thing if he could. If that help doesn't violate his own principles of course.

And as Shuhang had expected, the approaching presences soon caught up to them. Or rather, caught up to this nekoshou. Surprisingly... they were actually all devils of at least mid and high classes. There was even one that's really close to the 'Ultimate' level among them. Shuhang's power assessment was of course only his comparisons, and in no certain accurate, between this group and his other Devil... 'acquaintances', the 2 sis-con Maous whom Shuhang will not name. Lest they show up somehow.

After spouting some nonsense that Shuhang didn't deign to listen to, the Ultimate class Devil's actually launched himself forward to attack without waiting for any of their responses. Even better, Shuhang himself was also included in his 'target' of attack. Reacting on reflex due to a sudden 'killing intent', Shuhang sent out a slap and unconsciously used a variation of his [True Heavenly Fist] technique.

The Devil's head flew off...

The surrounding area became dead silent in an instant and all the other remaining Devils, the semi-loli included, stood still with a stupified look. Their jaws open wide at sudden turn of event. Their gazes were of course directed towards the still falling body of the Devil that just died.

"Well shit... I hope he wasn't someone important." muttered Shuhang in surprise and broke everyone out of their daze.










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