Odyssey of an Adventurer
3 Chapter 2: Day 1 “Argos“ Part 2
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Odyssey of an Adventurer
Author :Zaelum
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3 Chapter 2: Day 1 “Argos“ Part 2

As I walk to the gates, the people in my surrounding look at me with disgust in their eyes, after all, I look worse than a hobo. Still, the guards at the gate didn't stop me, probably people like this are common here. After all, every city has a slum.

I was walking in the main road to the Adventure Guild, but still observing the people. Some look human-like, other with pointy ears probably elves, some best like humans, cat ears ~drooling~, ahem, also reptilians, dwarfs, giants of 3 meters tall. What a colorful world, hahaha~ no more white, black and yellow sh*t, hahahaha~

When I was walking I begin to listen to the words of the people and looking at the stores.

The stores sell quite a lot of things, from weapons and armor to gadgets and accessories. Books and colorful crystals. Looks like they are speaking about the stats of the weapons, about the level of the skills they have, what are their classes and skills. Quite a lot of words that make you think that you are in an RPG.

Emil Ragnell: "Looks like it really exists, that famous status window."

As I become really excited I began to walk more quickly to the Guild. And after an hour of walking, I reach a magnificent building.

Let's take a look inside.

A pretty cool double door, with carvings of creatures that I don't know. In the inside was quite crowded. Hahaha, its look like a bank. People its talking to cute ladies, probably the staff of the guild. And there its a huge wall filled with sheets, probably jobs for adventures.

As I was looking around like an idiot. A cold looking lady gets close to me. She was pretty as f*ck, dark blue hair, beautiful azure eyes, and pointy ears… An ELF~~~~. I was over excited in the inside, obviously, I didn't show it in my face. Probably she will throw me out, maybe she will hit me. My MASO soul is burning~~!.

Cold Elf: "Hello, welcome to the Adventure Guild of Argos. Are you here for the entrance exam?"

She says after a small bow and a face without emotions.

I… I was dumbfounded, ho..how a cold beauty like her by so warm!. She didn't show his warm personality in her devoid of emotions face, but me! with my years of experience dealing with persons I can completely see that she is worried about me, at least she doesn't look me down. OKAY, I, Emil Ragnell, will make you my first wife!!!. I will try to flirt with her!

Emil Ragnell: "Ye.. yes… I came for the exam"

F*ckkkkkkkk… I am nervous!!! Sh*t, calm down, remember your days of practice! WITH YOUR HAND! F*ck~~~~~

Cold Elf: "Then please, come this way" Then she gives me a piece of paper, looks like a formulary. Then she says " Please fill up this formulary, try your best to be the most honest possible, and bring it to me when you finish so I can take you to the next part of the exam"

Emil Ragnell: "I… I understand" After seeing the paper I remember something. How is that I understand the language they are speaking? F*ck I was really over excited that I didn't even realize this. But most important, its look like I understand the speaking but not the letters! How can I say that I don't know how to read!.

Cold Elf: "Ah!, please come sit here. If you don't know how to read I can help you! Don't worry a lot of adventurers come from normal families, so don't knowing to read its pretty normal, but if have the chance you should learn, its a necessary skill to lives as an adventurer! Please, don't forget about it! You can be scammed by bad persons, and you need to know the details of the jobs! And not everyone will be nice to help you every time! As an adventurer, you need to learn and adapt to your surroundings! If you stop learning your life as an adventurer it's the same as finished!!."

…WHAT A NICE GIRL!. I look at her with a touched face, and with a tear in the eye. I WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!

Emil Ragnell: " I apologize, my lady. It's not that I don't know how to read its that I don't know how to read this language. If you can teach me the meaning of every letter I can easily learn it!"

I say with a prideful expression.

Cold Elf: "You don't need to lie! Lying as an adventurer its a taboo! You can put your life and of your companions in danger! if you do that!, and my name is Celes Illyastiel, don't call me, my lady!."

She says with an angry expression.

Emil Ragnell: "Then let's make a bet!. If I learn to read in 10 minutes of teaching!"

I say with a smug expression to make her angry.

Celes Illyastiel: "How can I know if you really don't know how to read! You can have lie to me from the beginning!"

Emil Ragnell: "You have a point there! Then what about more than one language! You can choose. Obviously, if you are scared, why can say that this never happen!"

HAHAHA~~~.I will get you HAHAHAHA~~drooling~~~.

Celes Illyastiel: "Hmph, let's see if you can continue to lie to me! The first language will be the [Origin Language] that everyone speaks!."

She says with an angry, and smug expression.

Then she began to explain to me the meaning of the letters, and with my heaven-defying talent I learned it pretty easily~. HAHAHA, you will be in my feet, girl, no, better in my bed! HAHAHA~~~

Emil Ragnell: "~smug expression in his full power!~

Celes Illyastiel: "Hmph, you must have learned before! Let's see if you can continue to smile! Next will be the [Elf Language]!."

After ten more minutes of learning, her face looks pretty scary. After all, I learned pretty easily! HAHA~. Well, it was hardest than the [Origin Language], but no my that much for me! HAHA~.

Celes Illyastiel: "How… You... How you learned it!...~shocked and impressed expression~ You know how much other people struggle to learn a language and you!!!... Arghhhh!" Looks like she got that I will win.

Emil Ragnell: "So I win? ~smile~

Celes Illyastiel: "Not yet! I accept that you are a genius! but I don't think you can win with the next language! Its called [Spirits Language], this one of the hardest languages to learn, after all, it lets you speak with spirits and souls!" She says with an I win expression.

Ten minutes laters ~spongebob meme~

Celes Illyastiel: "HOW!... HOW!!! That's impossible! How can you learn it so fast!!"

She says it pretty loud, everyone in the hall was looking us.

Emil Ragnell: "That pretty simple!... you wanna know?"

I ask with a small smile on my face.

Celes Illyastiel: "Yes…" She says almost whispering.

Emil Ragnell: "I can't hear you! If you don't say it loud I won't be able to understand!!" ~grin~

Celes Illyastiel: "...YES! Please tell me!"

She says almost crying, well I was pretty much a bastard. Wow, everyone, it's looking me with a scary expression, probably I will die today... again. BUT IT WILL NOT STOP MY HUNT~ IF I HAVE TO DIE FOR BEING ME, SO BE IT!

Emil Ragnell: " If you want to know…" I said whispering in his ears, pretty close by the way! "You will have to marry me!"

After saying these words, she trembles for a few seconds, and she looks at me with a face devoid of emotions, and a pretty scary look in her eyes, and she says.

Celes Illyastiel: "TRASH" And she punches me in the face, sending me flying through the hall, getting nailed to the wall.

Celes Illyastiel: "HMPH!!!" After that, she left.

Mission failed, comrades! Let's cry! T.T


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